Sunday, October 17, 2010

Royal Town Ubud - WW

The breathtakingly beautiful Pura Taman Kemuda Saraswati

The main street of Central Ubud was crowded with tour buses and tourists from all over the world the morning I was there.We were all captivated by the magnificent view of the lotus pond and the Pura Taman Kemuda Saraswati temple,.We couldn't help posing for lots of photos.:P


Many visitors were also checking out Ubud Market where a wide variety of souvenirs and Balinese wares were sold. I wasn't interested in shopping so we proceeded to Ubud Palace, also known as Puri Saren Agung.

We were told some royal descendants still live in the palace. Parts of the palace were reserved for tourists booking and are off limits to the public, but entry to the rest is free.

We saw two groups of young children practising their Balinese dances in the courtyard, Ubud's best setting for dance performances.Ubud has dance and shadow puppet performances every night.

Ubud is surrounded by small villages, scenic rice fields, ancient temples, palaces, art and craft communities, cheap accommodation and unique luxury hotels. It's easy to travel from Ubud to the mountains, beaches, and major towns due to its central location.

There is so much to see in Ubud. Make sure you spend a few days for your visit here and take your time to explore. I stayed for just two days, and regretted having little chance of understanding much of what was going on around me.

The movie Eat, Pray, Love was shot in and around Ubud, Watch the movie to have a glimpse of how Ubud looks like. :)

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  1. Ubud will be of interest to fans of the EPL film

  2. Just when I think that you couldn't possibly come up with any more photographs to top the previous magnificent offerings, you prove me wrong! These are truly wonderful and how beautifully peaceful. It must be wonderful to be able to almost breath the beauty in. These are sights that could change a person forever.
    The children dancing are just gorgeous. It is all so perfect that it could almost be straight from a fairytale.

  3. i have visited Ubud, and always want to come back to Ubud :) Ubud very beautiful

  4. Love the photos of the children dancing.

    Would love to visit Ubud one day. The place sure look interesting, judging by yoour photos, ECL. :)

  5. Wow...the culture lives on with these cute children huh! Good. :D

  6. Ubud has every thing what a tourist looks out for. Btw, what was your husband doing in the middle of the lotus pond. Practising tai chi?

  7. Pura Taman Kemuda Saraswati temple is magnificient! It looks like the Angkor Wat...

    There are such many interesting things and culture you have experience during this trip!

  8. Fabulous pics - and such adorable kids.

  9. Capt Picard,
    Locals of Ubud have confirmed there is an increase in the number of foreign visitors, mainly single white females. :P

  10. Kloggers/Polly,
    There are more magnificent pictures of Bali in my later posts. It's such a beautiful place, you have got to visit it yourself.

    I watched the children practising their dances that morning. They were concentrating very hard, performing the same dance routine again and again. The little girls were so adorable, I felt like bringing one home. :D

  11. the diary,
    I want to go back to beautiful Ubud too. :P

  12. Lina,
    It is not so far from KL. Fly by budget airline is cheap.

    There is lots to see, shop and eat. :D

  13. Tekkaus,
    These children, who are training to be Balinese dance performers, are not only adorable but they have a dream.... to not only keep their tradition alive but to be the best Balinese performer.

  14. stanley,
    He was trying to do the Balinese dance after watching the children perform. haha....

  15. Michael,
    As Ubud is where the old palace and Royal family lives, it still retains much of its Balinese culture and tradition.

    Despite its commercialization, the native Balinese are very warm and kind.

  16. Hi ladyfi,
    You find the kids adorable too, eh. :)