Monday, October 18, 2010

Modern Cafe in Ancient City of Bali - RT/WW

The moment I alighted from the car and saw this, I laughed.What an unusual spot for a Starbucks!

It was located right in the centre of town, amidst the old palace and temples. Some call it progress,

Starbucks makes an attempt to look like the neighborhood they are in, partly due to criticism about its coming in and ruining what was once a unique place.

After a heavy lunch and also to get some relief from the humid weather, we went in to have green tea frappucinos with whip cream and was surprised that there is no air-conditioning. duh..

Next to Starbucks Cafe, you can also dine the Asian way, seated on bamboo mats,  overlooking lotus flowers in bloom.

And for 5 days a week (Monday, Tuesday,  Thursday, Saturday and Sunday), you can dine while watching performances of traditional Balinese dances and gamelan orchestras. If you are lucky you may hear musicians in practice or witness one of Ubud’s frequent temple ceremonies in progress.

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  1. Dining while at the same time watching performances of traditional Balinese dances can be an exhilarating experience.

  2. War...enjoying starbucks at a very authentic way huh! ;D

  3. perhaps the appearance of Starbucks could be another tourist trap.

    it's such a delight to dine in a relaxing ambience of nature.

  4. Sure look different from other Starbucks outlet we see. :)

  5. but they have made the building like part really of ancient architecture... things like this is really irresistible... development as they say...

    Ruby Tuesday Here

  6. I would have laughed too. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day. :)

    Wordless Wednesday

  7. stanley,
    If the price is not too expensive and the food is tasty. :D

  8. Tekkaus,
    Did not enjoy the time in Starbucks Ubud because it was so stuffy and warm inside with no air-conditioning and my drink was diluted. :(

  9. Life ramblings,
    It is a familiar sight for the visitors from the Western countries. I still prefer my teh-si at a kopitiam.

  10. Lina,
    They try to fit in with the neighbourhood. Which is good. It would look out of place if it builds a spanking modern cafe in the midst of these ancient buildings.

  11. Vernz,
    They didn't change the building into a ultra modern cafe. I like the ambience though. It is some progress for the locals. They need the tourist dollars in order to improve their standard of living.