Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hot Spring in Singapore - WW

I knew about a hot spring in Singapore two years ago but I was not that curious to want to check it out.

As I was going for an ankle surgery on the 5th day of Chinese New Year, I chose to look for this hot spring on the morning of Chinese New Year eve. I was just so glad to hand over the responsibility of cooking Reunion Dinner to my son Jaymes that day.  

It was not easy locating this hot spring. It took us more than 2 hours and after asking many residents in the vicinity. Oddly, there are many residents who didn't know about this hot spring too.

We were told not to expect a luxurious hot spring resort. :) It is such a simple set up, with just some taps and lots of plastic pails.

There weren't many visitors as it was supposed to be a busy day for all the Chinese. We met several regulars and it was lovely talking to them. They shared whatever info they had and showed us where to get our basins.

The water from the spring is very hot. We have to wait for almost an hour before we could soak our feet in it. awww.... it feels good.

I brought some eggs to cook in the hot spring water. We had perfect half-boiled eggs for breakfast. :)

One can still see the well which is locked.

The water is free for all to use but some visitors were clearing abusing it when they brought pails of dirty laundry to wash and even hoarding taps for their own use. A couple washed their hair and had their bath right in front of us. Then they washed their clothes and hung them to dry while having a snack wrapped in their towels! Wow.    

There is no signs along the way leading to this hot spring except for the one erected just outside the entrance. We missed it 3 times on our first visit. It wasn't noticeable from a moving car.

Location : off Gambas Avenue near the junction of Sembawang Road and Gambas Avenue, along Jalan Ulu Sembawang.

First Commenter - Lina


  1. ECL,
    I can't wait for our trip to a hot spring come September. :)

  2. wah, you had your own tamago onsen (egg cooked in hot spring) there. :)

    Pity there are those who use the hot spring with nary a thought about others. :(

  3. Very interesting. I love taking note of the differences in human behavior. This post was quite educational. :-)

  4. Ya I know of this hot spring but think its too ulu :(

  5. This looks interesting.. In Malaysia, with the resorts and everything, it's more relaxing I suppose. But believe it or not, I've never tried before! HAHA

  6. I hope the visit to the hot springs helped your ankle. The only time that I have experienced hot springs was on Iceland. It is a volcanic island in the North Atlantic and they use the (geo-thermal, I think it is called) heat from the hot springs there to heat their houses.
    There were swimming pools with little round pools with warm water. You sat in your bathing suit in this pool with five other people.
    Interesting post!
    Does this mean that there is volcanic activity in this area?
    Best wishes,

  7. There were news on people doing their laundry there, in STOMP.
    The authorities should developed this place so the public could enjoy this place , after all this is the only hot spring we have!

  8. May you heal well and soon. Ah, I wonder if the spring water there has healing properties to help people recover faster from surgery.

  9. I don't think I've ever seen a real hot spring. That must have been pretty cool. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  10. wow. it must have been very relaxing to have your feet soaked in hot water like that. too bad people tend to abuse the use of the water. last year we've been to a natural hot springs place in the US, i can literally see the hot water coming out of the ground. it was amazing. then they have this man made pool of hot springs water in the park, i get to touch the water you know just to see if its really hot, hahaha. it was indeed hot! but yeah, i hope you'll recover fast. it's no joke not to be able to walk around freely without having to depend on a wheelchair but im actually impressed, you're doing good.

  11. A hot spring will do your ankles a lot of good.

  12. Oh wow! Didn't know Singapore also got hot spring though the setup is obviously very interesting. How much did you pay?

  13. I like hot spring soak for the feet. It's soothing...esp for aching feet.

  14. Aiyo! The couple hoarding the taps so selfish! Having a snack wrapped in towels? LOL!

  15. Oh! Can boil eggs! I've boiled eggs at a hot spring before and it's fun! : )

  16. I love the eggs and the springs look so amazing!! I love all the things you show us!

  17. Ecl-where exactly is this place?

  18. Wow interesting place to visit, I love a good foot soak glad you enjoyed your day!

  19. oooo, I love a hot spring. we go to the mineral springs and baths in St.Thomas in Jamaica and it's a three day affair. we get there, get a hot soak in the whirling bath at the edge of the rapids.

    then we go check into our hotel; go eat. after a lil rest and walk around we go back to the springs for a lil evening soak. then go out that evening. the second day we get a massusse and have a massage after our soak - right there at the springs. we then go to the rapids near the edge of the springs to sit on the hot rocks for special thermal therapy. this is the best thing for any pain. oh I love that day. I sleep so good. the third day we go get a good soak early and then return to the hotel, have breakfast and then go home. God makes such wonderful things.

    the only thing I dislike is the consistent unappealing smell of sulphur. but for the benefit I can take it. early on I learned to bring a small bottle of white vinegar with me to wipe over my body after leaving the springs to get the smell of the sulphur off of my skin. it works instantly.

    so you back on the good foot, great.

  20. nice, I have not been to Sg. not try any hot spring with eggs

  21. Its nice to rejuvenate in hotspring water. Most of our hotspring here are being made into holiday resorts. Wow! son cooking and mummy go lepak. Lucky Ecl.

  22. Wow.. what a great breakfast.. :) Where's the roti bakar? :P

  23. lina,
    Yeah! Isn't it cool!? Cooking tamago onsen in Singapore!? I still can't believe I did it!

  24. Lina,
    So envious.... no, jealous of you!! i want to go to Japanese hot spring too leh. Can I shamelessly beg to tag along? hehe....

  25. Hi Jacqueline,
    Human behaviour is still a very interesting subject for discussion. I always wonder why people who feed on the same type of rice can have such different personalities and behaviour?

  26. Sg short stories,
    Ulu... very ulu. Not easy to access it if we didn't have a car. Another problem is parking, have to walk quite a distance.

  27. Bella,
    Is there any hot spring resort in Malaysia? I don't know, I would surely visit if there is one.

    I would love a holiday in a resort. Need to relax and enjoy life. hehe....

  28. Anna,
    I would love to visit the hot spring you mentioned. I once visited a hot spring resort in Seoul in the winter season and it was such a wonderful experience.

    My trip to the Singapore hot spring was taken before my ankle operation. The hot spring water did sooth my aching ankle.

    I was advised not to soak my feet in the hot spring water after my surgery as it would be harmful to the healing wound.

    There is no volcanic activity in the area. The hot spring has existed for decades but the Government has no plans to further developed it, which I think is a pity.

  29. Jama,
    What you saw and read on STOMP was chicken feed. If readers have witnessed what some people are doing with the precious hot spring water, they would probably be furious.

    I sincerely hope the authority should have a plan to develop this place. It is rare to find a hot spring in tropical Singapore and its potential should be realised.

  30. oceanskies,
    Some of the regular visitors whom I interviewed swear that they have benefited from the properties of this spring water.

    There were some visitors (they are diabetics) who were seriously hurt after soaking the water.

    I have no knowledge if it is beneficial for my ankle after a surgery but I will not take the risk. :)

  31. Cascia,
    I'm surprised, there are hot springs in USA. Probably they are in other states.

    I have visited hot springs in Indonesia, South Korea, China, Taiwan but this was the first time I visited one in my own country! And it was in existence for decades! *embarrassed*

  32. jenn,
    It felt good soaking my tired, stressed feet in the HOT spring water.

    I enjoy the fresh outdoor air and cool weather and made friends with several visitors.

    I would love to visit the natural hot springs you mentioned. It must be a great experience for you then. I couldn't believe that the water was so scalding hot, it could cook eggs! :D

  33. Captain Picard,
    Not when I have a surgery done. :P

  34. Doreen,
    I didn't believe it was a natural hot spring too.

    It's own by our Ministry of Defence and they allow public access between 7 am and 7 pm daily, at no charge.

    Anyone can go enjoy the hot spring water.... and I hope they will be civilised and spare a thought for others using the place.

  35. Mei Teng,
    Can't agree with you more on that. The hot spring water is truly good for soaking tired feet.

  36. Tekkaus,
    hahaha.... I use the hot spring water to soak eggs.

    I didn't eat the eggs there, I brought them home for my son.

  37. achmatim,
    It is FREE.

    No entrance fee, no charges. Anyone can go. There are many basins and pails left behind by kind visitors, so you don't even have to bring your own.

  38. foongpc,
    It was discovered in 1909... and I didn't know. *embarrass*

    You get to see lots of selfish behaviour everywhere. They do it openly, irregardless of the glares and sarcastic remarks from others. Nothing we can do about it.

    One would not be deemed as having gone to a hot spring if they don't cook hot spring eggs. :D

  39. Heidi,
    Thank you!
    And I love to show you my discoveries on our little island.... :)

  40. stanley,
    I have posted the location on the post.

    It is not easy to locate the sign at the entrance when you are driving.

    You have to park your car at a HDB carpark quite a distance away. Check the latest road directory (I bought one just to locate this hot spring)for the exact location.

  41. moorebloglife,
    I had a wonderful day and a good soak for my tired feet. :)

  42. entrepod,
    Wow.... it's nice to have a hot spring resort holiday. You get to soak in the water so many times, it should do your health much good . :)

    I'm not walking on my feet, this hot spring trip was taken before my surgery. I'm still recovering.... I'm an invalid. Poor me. :P

  43. T.H.,
    I don't know if you would enjoy this rustic hot spring. :)

    The hot spring eggs are perfect though.

  44. Sweet jasmine,
    There are hot sprigs in Malaysia? Where? If in a resort, I lagi wanna go!

    My son has graduated from culinary school, so he is a chef now. :D
    *proud Mommy*
    *shake legs*

  45. criz,
    The next time I should bring a BBQ pit there. :)

  46. I wish we had hot springs around here... especially in winter. It would be lovely to soak in the hot water while snow falls around us... Sigh. It doesn't look like you can sit and soak at yours but in other places they have pools to bathe in.

  47. How cool and well documented by great pics - thanks for sharing!