Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Eastcoastlife, The Amah - WW

Endless household chores..... %@&*#





Taking care of the young master.....

Taking care of the old Master!?

Is giving my Master a massage part of my job!? -_-

Got to ask the Ministry of Manpower.

In Singapore, we used to call a female servant Amah. Now we don't see these ladies who would always be seen dressed in white and black.

First Commenter - Mei Teng


  1. I believe today's maid is the equivalent of the amah..haha :)

  2. I still miss my family's ma-jie :( Like a real grandmother to me.

    p/s: Buy those vacuum-storage bags for the winter wear :P Save space!

  3. I certainly hope you'll have a great Wednesday!
    Come see my Wednesday moment if you have the time!

    life's beautiful!

    ~fickle in pink

  4. Was it you dressed up as amah? Nowadays we don't see such hard working amahs in Singapore just like samsui women.

  5. Mei Teng,
    Yes, but the maids these days not as loyal and hardworking as the amahs.

  6. Sandy,
    You're absolutely right!
    We are working 24/7, have endless chores and worse.... not paid a salary. :D

  7. napaboaniya,
    Wah.... you got ma jie. Only the rich could afford one those days.

    Nowadays a hawker or a clerk can afford to hire a maid.

    Oh yeah, I should get a vacuum storage bag. Why didn't I think of that?

  8. stanley,
    Yes, that's me dressed up as an amah.
    hehe ....

    Nowadays which lady wants to be an amah? Even wives who don't work also want to hire a maid to do the household chores. Endless mundane work at home.....

  9. Current maind cannot compare with amahs of yesteryear.

    ECL, wah you are one hardworking amah there! LOL

  10. Hi ECL, a great reenactment of an "amah"

    Work at home is so endless! I remember that coal flat iron...

  11. amah so patiently doin her job

    A smile from SJ =)

  12. I wonder who palyed the prt of the AMah, Bet you are happy it was just fro dress up and not day after day. :) Poor amahs probably had to go home after work and do their own chores unless they lived in, in which cse it was from the time they got up until they went to bed. Yeah lots like being paid to be a housewife.

  13. Lina,
    Yah, poor amah eastcoastlife is working very hard to take care of the household. :P

    It's better to be without a maid. Less headaches.

  14. Ebie,
    I never seem to finish the work at home, dislike staying at home. :P

    I look convincing as an amah? :)

  15. Hi SJ,
    Have to slowly do my work, do so fast for what. Lagi more work if finish chore faster. :P

  16. Sukhmandir Kaur,
    I'm the amah in those pictures. :)

    I'm no better in real life, work non-stop. Endless work to be done daily.....

    Most of the amahs and even maids these days live in, some do have to work from the moment they wake up until they rest at night.

    There will besome maids who have better lives than their employers. They get to enjoy the house, have time to watch TV programmes, find boyfriends and hold potluck parties in the house when employer is away. :P

  17. Maids are still common in our part of the world. As you said they get to enjoy more. ;)

  18. I hardly can find maids who want to do all household chores nowadays. If they can cook they usually refuse to do the laundry or take care kids. And that's so true, some maids can have better lives than the employers, lol

  19. Thanks for sharing your culture with us. I used to have a sweatshirt that said, "A woman's work never ends." So, so true.


  20. Indrani,
    There will come a day when only the rich can afford maids. Those who have young children and/or sickly elders will suffer the most. :(

  21. Hi Evan's Mom,
    The maids have their rights too, they would bargain with their employers these days.

    You win some, you lose some. When my son was very young, I told the maid her priority was to look after my son, household chores could wait.

    She literally took my word for it. When my son took a nap, she slept When my son watched TV programmes, she would watch with him. To the point that even when my son asked for his milk, she would shooed him to keep him quiet while she finished the show.

    I came back from work so tired yet have to clean and iron my own clothes. :D

    I employed a maid but got a worker Boss. :P

  22. Hi Tasha,
    Yup, I never seem to finish my work while my hubby can read his papers and do community work. :(

  23. Ha ha ha I love the Amah cooking, like real only! :)

  24. I oso like the cleaning picture with the lady boss sitting down there lol! :) When u wan come clean my house la Amah?? :)

  25. Mariuca,
    aiyohhh... I cannot even complete the cleaning of my house, how to clean yours?

    Saya bukan orang mudah, tidak bisa cepat. Berapa tahun lagi, saya mau jadi nenek. :P

  26. Poor Amah; there are so many things to do.

  27. Looks like a BUSY life indeed ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,

  28. haha...amah got uniform o? nowadays i think no more gua...:)but amah with uniform looks cool.hehe...

  29. A highly entertaining set of pictures. Well done, ECL

  30. Hi ECL!

    I think today's moms are the Amahs now =) I do all those things around including massaging hubs! soon I'll have small one to take care off.

    I didn't know you went to Phils already, I should've known you that time so i can tour you around and eat in jollibee with you too! hahaha

  31. ah, i didn't know they were called amah. here, we only called the old females amah. :)

  32. nice pictures!

    an all-around house help is indeed very hard to find nowadays, tsk,tsk,tsk.

    wish I could do those things like in your pictures, that would help me lose weight. lol!

  33. We used to have a charcoal-fed flatiron like that when I was a kid!

  34. First I must apologize for being so far behind, blizzard, hubs home and underfoot, grandkids spent a night, and gingerbread houses have left me little time on the computer over the last few days.

    It looks like an exhausting day! I think she deserves the massage at the end of the day.

  35. In my last life, I was the tai tai in that red feather boa. LOL

  36. I want amah! To do all the washing, cleaning and ironing for me! Where to find in Malaysia? Of course not finding from Singapore, after charge Singapore dollar how to afford?!

  37. Actually, I'm really tired of all the household chores! Is there a robot that can do all these including giving me a nice massage? : )