Saturday, September 26, 2009

Twisted ECL - PhotoHunt

PhotoHunt theme : Twisted

All twisted!

At last night's Singapore F1 Night Race, while the guys fixed their eyes on the F1 races, we bored ladies have to amuse ourselves telling twisted stories :

I was given this topic :

Sex is not the answer. Sex is the question. "Yes" is the answer.


ECL's twisted answer :

Hubby : Sex?
ECL : Yes!!!

Before a medical checkup, I have to fill in a questionaire.
The good-looking, young male doctor asked me without lifting his head, "Sex?"
ECL (can't believe her good luck!)  : Yes!!!

aiyahhh...... twisted minds!  This young doctor is not sex starved, blind nor bold. He was asking if I'm still having an active sex life. :P

First Commenter -Marzie


  1. So creative ur twisted theme this week, good post sweetie! :)

  2. My internet so damn slow past few days, couldn drop EC also! :(

  3. But am here today and I hope ur having a good weekend! :)

  4. I don't know what to say. Anyway, happy weekend!

  5. you have a very active sex life huh! How twisted could that be? Enlighten us! :p

  6. Would you just look at that Marzie? She's out little Internationally famous top first chopper!!

    But also a sweet heart!! Hi ECL, I love it, as always very interesting, funny and a great photo.

    I am almost positive you are on my blog roll already. But, I will officially be removing my widget at midnight tomorrow night if they don;t change things by then.

    So I am spending today making my last rounds....making sure I have all of my favorites rolled.

    You my lovely lady are most definitely one of my favorite blogs and people!!
    Happy weekend!

  7. That is why I love this site. I love surprises! LoL!

  8. The photo you have put up on this post reminded me that I have to check up on a good place to learn self-defence. I have been thinking of doing so for quite a while, and I guess it's time to act on the thoughts.

  9. Now, this time I really liked your twisted contribution to the theme - no question about that! :lol:

    Btw1: Wish I could see the young male doctor's face after your answer!

    Btw2: I had a guided tour with a Singaporean in Oslo last week (you may read our adventures in my last post). I hope you will be one of the participants next August!

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  11. Ms. ECL, you are so funny, good laugh! Such an interesting post!

  12. hahaha very funny! there was a story of a man who filled up a form--in the Sex box, he answered, M,W,

  13. Why do you have to approve commments here? Don't worry, I won't leave twisted comments! : )

  14. hey I like that kind of twisted! We used to do that during taekwondo class!

  15. you have just given away the status of your sex