Sunday, August 23, 2009

Executive Chef Series : Eric Neo - WS

Eric Neo, Executive Chef (Crowne Plaza Changi Airport)

Katong Community Centre's Executive Chef Series invited Eric Neo, Executive Chef of Crown Plaza Changi Airport to conduct a cooking class on 22nd August 2009.

Chef Eric Neo has worked in some of the best restaurants in Singapore. He is the honorary treasurer of the Singapore Chefs Association.

He taught two dishes - Ayam Panggang (Malay-styled Baked Chicken) and Shanghai Lion-head Meatballs.

He used a lot of local spices for his Malay-styled baked chicken. The result was a fragrant and uberlicious chicken dish that can either be pan-fried or baked. When fish fillet or squid is added to the paste used for marinating the chicken, you could have another dish. Cool!

Pan-frying the marinated chicken

Chef Eric was patient and most importantly, ever willing to share his cooking tips and accept feedback. Whenever there is a suggestion to use a different type of meat in his recipe, he would gamely take up the challenge to test it in his kitchen. He promises to email his findings to the participants.

Executive Chef Eric spooning gravy over the meatballs

Chef Eric's Shanghai Lion-head meatballs were so tasty, the ladies couldn't help going for a second serving. :P They tasted like the filling of my favourite xiaolongbao (小笼包 pork dumplings). Chef Eric mentioned a Claypot version which I will review in a special post on Shanghai Lion-head Meatballs.

His recipes are so easy to follow, anyone can cook like a chef at home! Can't wait to try them soon. :D

Executive Chef Series
Katong Community Centre
Tel : 6345 8258

Next date : 12 Sept 2009
Chef Hiew Gun Khong, Executive Chef at Cherry Garden, Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Fees : S$25 (member)
S$30 (non-member)

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  1. I love the chicken! I have never attended a cooking session before but Chef Eric Teo looks like a pleasant fellow :)

  2. it's always fun to learn simple but great-tasting recipe. this makes me hungry again---i just had my afternoon snack!:P

  3. Wow...quite expensive huh the course o. But I thing it is well worth iy huh! :p

  4. Wow! So nice you get to eat dishes prepared by a chef!

  5. His shanghai lion head meatballs tasted like xiaolongbao? Wow! I want to eat it! Can you cook and courier to me? LOL!

  6. Wow that looks good ECL. i wish i was there to eat some.

  7. Hmmm! I can smell the aroma. Waiting for you to share to us the recipe. hahaha

  8. wow, i am drooling just by looking at the cooking procedures. fried food seemed to do that best. :p

  9. nothing like a fat (oops) chef to add credbility to the demonstration...

  10. ive never been to a cooking show! but i really love eating those special freshly cooked food!

  11. That chicken frying looks so tasty and yummy! I love pork dumplings and your entry made me crave for a taste right now.

  12. sounds so yummy the way to explained things ecl...hungry now.

    happy monday

  13. I love your cooking posts! I want to be there and have a bite. lol!

  14. I didn't like the lionhead meatball when I was in Shanghai but you make it sound really delicious here :). I think I'll give the Singaporean version a try.

  15. Hi ECL,

    That looks like fun :) And that looks so delicious now am hungry huhuhu :) anyways hope you are having a great week :) xoxo

  16. I love watching people cook and make it look so easy! Somehow mine never turns out quite the same ;)

    BTW - there's an award for you over at my blog.

  17. The food looks good and the chef looks friendly, good to learn from him.

  18. haha.. how i wish i can cook like a good chef, if not like chef eric.. cooking is nice, provided we know the ingredients and methods.. =)