Friday, August 21, 2009

Create Ripples when Cheerleading - PhotoHunt

PhotoHunt theme : Ripples

Oh my gosh!!*gulp*

Some time back, a friend who was the organiser of a charity event forced asked me to be a member of a (Aunties) cheerleading team.

An instructor was hired to train us. When we were first shown the moves, we were stunned and felt sorry for ourselves. We could end up with broken bones!

Luckily we were not asked to perform the difficult stunts. Ample measures were taken to prevent unnecessary injuries. *phew*

We learnt how to use waves and timing ripples when cheering. We created some ripples with our performance. :P

I watched this video clip on cheerleading tips. You may want to surprise your husband/ boyfriend with these moves. haha.....

Note : The above photos are not from our performance. I lost them. :(

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  1. oh wow...cheerleading's not my cup of tea. can't afford the prancing up and down.

  2. Wow! You have the experience to cheerlead? Don't worry we are never too old to perform some moves. Just make sure we take enough calcium. LOL :D

  3. y no photo of your performance ? Paiseh to show izzit ?

  4. Mei Teng,
    Congrats! You are my first commenter!

    Need to be very fit to perform the moves. :P

  5. Tekkaus,
    Just play play only.... :P
    It's just one of the items for a charity event.

    I won't recommend cheerleading for ladies over 40. :P

  6. boh tak cheh,
    I can't find the 2 photos that my friend gave me.

    I think for our group of matured ladies who performed cheerleading, we did very well. Bravo to the mamas!!

  7. Ai ... and I thought you were the one in yellow dangling upside-down.

  8. Buzzing J,
    haha.... you're not the only one thinking that.

    I'm not that good lah!! I would probaly end as a heap on the floor. hehe....

  9. wow. I can how great the performance is.

    I never go to Singapore though I live in Johor Bahru for 10 years.

    Now I live in Kuala Lumpur the capital of Malaysia.

    Hope one day I can go to Singapore and see the events and visit the places of interest there.

    Congrats for this great post.

  10. Ah, it's quite fun. I went for a few of the cheerleading contests that one of my brothers took part in, and some stunts are really challenging.

    That brother of mine is a certified cheerleading coach, so I was wondering if he was the one who had taught you.....but maybe not.

  11. ECL,
    how come no photos of the Aunties cheerleading team? :D

  12. Must be a fun experience for you and the rest of the ladies to cheerlead, kan? :)

  13. I wouldn't like to learn the moves seen in the first photo though! LOL

  14. It is also a good form of exercise for aunties. Happy weekend!

  15. whew, i thought you were the one in red skirt!:P

    i suppose these moves would take a lot of courage and flexibility. as for exercise, i'd prefer to run/brisk walk everyday.:P

  16. What a sportive take on the theme, ECL!!
    love to watch the cheerleaders :)
    Happy PH!

  17. hi ECL that first photo the guys have to be very careful LOL . Have a great weekend.

  18. Hmm... interesting pose...

  19. Excellent, what a unique take on the theme.

    Have a nice weekend.

  20. Ecl this is just wonderful!! I am so glad you are back.

    Tammy was a cheer leader and as the tiniest of the group and trained gymnast she was always the one on top of the pyramid.

    Oh wow it was amazing to watch. We were very proud, but, we held our breaths every time they tossed her.

    This is really a very demanding activity and requires great athletic ability.

    I don;t think they are ever truly appreciated as much as they should be.

    Oh thanks for the memories and the lovely photos!!


  21. now this is an interesting take on the theme. and about the moves, i may as well not, or my bones will snap :)

    happy weekend.

  22. Wow! Cheerleader huh? If you hadn't say, I would have thought that's your photos. Well anyway, I'm sorry to say this but... the first photo looks so wrong. It looks like a standing 69. lol! Ooops.. Am I supposed to be discrete?

  23. haha you naughty ECL! lemme see the vids? *lol*

    happy weekend!

  24. A creative and fun take on this week's theme! Singapore being an island, I was expecting more conventional ripples from you but seems you made the effort to be really original this week! :D

  25. The first pic is really interesting. Thought you were the one on the right holding on yr dear life to the poor guy legs..ha.ha.

  26. Great take on the theme! And sounds like a fun activity!

  27. Oh that is beautiful i enjoy watching like that hehehhe. happy PH and weekend my friend. TC

  28. i don't have the desire to undertake such a tough challenge. like you said, we could end up with broken bones!

  29. i did water ripples this week.

    have a great weekend ECL.

  30. I'll bet you caused a sensation.

    Lost the photos. Likely story.

  31. That's what I was going to say---likely story!! I would never even try to be a cheerleader---well, not now that I have kids and they have ways of posting my photo on the Internet. Haha!! But good for you---it's athletic and fun to watch.

  32. You never stop to surprise me.
    But one thing I know for sure:
    It's allways high quality;-))

  33. Great contribution to the theme and I'm sure you would be the greatest cheerleader!

    Happy weekend :-)

  34. Cheerleading is not easy. Must salute you for performing the cheerleading! But no photos? That's a pity! : )