Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Police K-9 Unit - WW

Sergeant Lee and Charlie

At the Home Team Exhibition 2009, visitors have a rare opportunity to see our police dogs in action. Adults and children were immediately attracted to these smart canines. They are the unusual heros in the search for suspects, location of victims or to detect narcotics, illegal immigrants and explosives at our land, sea and air checkpoints.

sniff..., sniff...., sniff....

Sergeant Lee, together with his canine partner 5-year-old Charlie, demonstrated how they locate missing victims. Both were part of the rescue team at China's Sichuan Earthquake last year.


Members of the audience were invited to go on stage to participate in the demo. These two brave kids were hidden in one of 4 huge cardboard boxes. Charlie found them!

Kids were attracted by the cuties and queued for pictures with them.

First Commenter - stan


  1. I will defintiely queue up w Sprite to take pics w the dogs!

  2. stan,
    The police dogs were pretty friendly, they don't bite.

    One of them was so shy, it hid behind its handler..... and it searches for explosives! O.O

  3. I understand that the dogs can also be trained to smell out pirated discs.

  4. stanley,
    Really!? I will try to verify that if I have a chance. :)

  5. What wonderful hard working dogs. It must ahve been fun to see them in action

  6. i love dogs!!

    haha the shy dog sounds really really cute and sweet xD

    Vicissitudes of Life

  7. I would love to see those dogs in action. I admire the intelligence and dedication of police dogs.

  8. Those dogs are cute, I won't suspect them to be some criminal buster. =)

  9. Police dogs are fascinating. I would have liked to see that.

  10. I'm sure my kids would queue up too to have their pictures taken with those amazing canines.

    Happy WW.

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  11. Oops...
    police dogs they are not friendly
    Fantastic post for WW :)

  12. Great post! They are not only intelligent, they are bery cute too.

  13. What cute dogs! Smart too :) Happy WW ECL!

  14. Awww the dogs look sweet and dependable.I'd like to give them a hug.I love dogs.
    However... they sniff out illegal immigrants?I hope they're not trained to bite or attack them.

  15. They look cute to be police dogs actually. I'd expect a big dobberman or something;)

    Oh do visit me when we finally move to Palawan...it's really amazing there! You will see another way of life which is simple and yet fulfilling;)

  16. These 2 doggies look more friendly than those ferocious ones which we often see.

  17. i can imagine they must have been picked for their intelligence. the kids r not afraid of them n they seem quite disciplined. amazing training by the unit

  18. I love those dogs! It just goes to show how amazing and smart they are.

  19. ah, they are so adorable! i feel like taking photograph with them too. :D

  20. Ooh, the dogs look cute! And the kids were brave! : )

  21. But these dogs are not guard dogs right? So not fierce dogs, that's why so cute! Hehe. I don't like fierce dogs like those dogs that bark at me and show me their teeth when I pass them : )

  22. these dogs are heroes indeed. And they look so cute posing with the kids.

    Wouldn't want to be near them though. :D

  23. Hi ECL!

    Just got back from Cameron Highlands this afternoon, and doing my eounds reading all my regular blogs. :)

    Had a blast there. When are you coming up there?

  24. This is so adorable!

    Happy Wednesday!
    I played too!

  25. it must be great fun to witness those police dogs in action ECL. i admire the guts of the kids, how cool.

  26. such exhibitions featured are really interesting indeed.

  27. I've allways been impressed by dogs trained for such purposes.
    And here we have dogs that can find people after avalanches.
    It's amazing. And I also admire these dogs trainers.


  28. Hey, was at the Home Team Convention too. They are Civil Defence Dogs not Police Dogs. These are the dogs that went to places like Sichuan to help to search for people trapped under the rubble. Plus, the dog handlers wear Civil Defence uniform, they have their rescue helmets and top boots on. Maybe you should change the title of your post. :)

  29. Whether it was police dogs or civil defence dogs, I think they are wonderful dogs. The training they have to go through is not easy, yet these doggies made it. Brilliant animals. :D

  30. Hi ECL

    Dropping by this wet friday morning to greet yah a blessed weekend ahead :)

    Aww these doggies are so cute heheh I cant wait for my own doggie coming by july :)

  31. they are certainly disciplined..
    i like disciplined dogs.. haha.. =)

  32. I wrote to the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) to ask if the dogs are police dogs from K-9 Unit. Below is their reply

    We are glad to hear that you have enjoyed the dog show during your visit to the Home Team Exhibition held on 6th to 7th June 09 at the Suntec Convention Hall.

    For your information, both the Police K9 unit and SCDF's Search Platoon were present during the Home Team Exhibition.

    The Police dogs performed obedience and guard dog training on both exhibition days at 11am while the SCDF's search and rescue dog performed box searches (to stimulate different rubbles piles) also on both days at 1230pm and 230pm. Charlie, an SCDF dog, did perform on both days.

    You may be interested to know that the SCDF's dogs are co-located within Police K9 unit. Although we share common facilities, the dogs are trained differently as they are required to perform different duties.

    We hope we have addressed your queries adequately. Please call me at 68481652 for any further clarification.

    Zaidah Zainuri (Ms)
    for Quality Service Manager
    Singapore Civil Defence Force

    The photos in the post show dogs from SCDF.

  33. I am also fascinated with trained dogs but felt afraid being near one. hahaha.