Sunday, June 21, 2009

50 Plus Active Ageing Carnival 2009 - WS

Dance, Grandpa, dance!

When I started planning for my retirement, I wanted to live near a beach and spend my remaining days fishing or gardening, dozing off in my rocking chair.......

Can you imagine EastCoastLife retiring? I wanted to lead a quiet sedate life until ...... I went to this Active Ageing Carnival and discover lifestyle choices that seniors can embark on.

It wants to promote an active ageing culture amongst seniors in Singapore. Turning 50 can be healthy and fun!

A senior tries his hand at archery

Surprisingly, I am a good archer. My hubby Chris protested vehemently against my taking up archery. He said he would not be able to run faster than my arrows. hahaha......

Rock n Roll with Singapore First Elvis Fan Club

Chris' eyes sparkled like diamonds and his body started gyrating when he saw these seniors rock n roll like the King on stage. Oh boy! You should have seen these people perform! More on this club in my next post.

Contact :

Learn Cantonese Opera

Cantonese opera is a traditional Chinese art involving music, singing, acting, martial arts and acrobats. But this art is slowly dying in Singapore. I was glad to find this group that offers opera lessons. Let's see if I'm cut out to be an opera singer. :P

For Enquiry, call Lam Kam Ping Cantonese Opera : 9119 2661

Free medical screening

Besides the mind boggling variety of activities, seniors also enjoy special deals and promotions.

I couldn't enjoy the discounts because I'm still far from age 50! :P

First Commenter - stanley


  1. Ecl retiring? You must be joking!!

  2. stanley,
    Planning...... probably early retirement.

  3. ECL, I couldn't imagine you going on an early retirement! Our Seniors Discount in some stores start at 55, but on public transportation ($18/month) starts at 65...Yeah, we have a long ways yet...But I see you have a very active life! Keep it up!

  4. An active senior life is just another place to be in your journey. It keeps your spirit alive and fuctioning in harmony. You will not to concern yourself about this lifestyle for many years and when you do I know that with your active mind and creative spirit you will lend to the wellness of our planet. You have unique talent to make others feel alive and well at any age.

  5. Ebie,
    I would probably be forced into early retirement due to medical reason. I have a medical appointment coming up on the 3rd July. It might determine my fate.

    Our seniors enjoy discounts from age 55 for certain services or at certain designated places. More business should consider offering discounts to seniors. We have a huge ageing population.

    I hope to be active as long as possible. :)

  6. Teacher Dave,
    Thank you so much for your wisdom and encouraging words. It's been a long time since I've heard from you.

    I intend to make good use of whatever talent the good Lord has given me ....

    Wow. I'm flattered to hear that I can make others feel alive and well at any age. :D

  7. haha! what your hubby said was a good one! :D

    my friend got all sorts of bruises on her arm when she learnt archery...quite scary..


  8. I'm far from retirement(sigh its 60 here!)but I do hope to keep up an active life in my twilight years.Dancing and a light sport would be nice.(However I don't think 50 is old.)I'd probably join that Elvis Club!It looks fun!

  9. You are a good archer? LOL to your hubby protesting against you taking archery! He should get himself a shield! haha!

  10. Wow! Those seniors dancing rock n roll? Must be a sight to watch!

  11. Elvis is living in Singapore!

    No, ECL, I can't imagine you retiring.

  12. So are you taking up opera lessons? Then we can get to see ECL performing Cantonese opera! Yay! : )

  13. You prefer to be at age 50 to enjoy the discounts or below 50 and not enjoy the discounts? ; )

  14. ECL, you retire? I cannot imagine this :)

  15. wowww.. that all looks like fun.
    so are you gonna be an opera singing archer backup dancer for the elvises ? ha ha ha.
    I hope you take your time deciding because it all looks like such fun.

  16. When I retire, I want to be able to do the things I enjoy and live a slower pace of life. It is a mad rush here!

  17. Retire from work doesn't mean retire from life, right ECL?

    I have a friend who is busier after retirement than before. :)

  18. i'm not a fan of opera but it's quite popular and the troops r often hired to perform during chinese festival in Penang.

  19. it has not crossed my mind to think about retirement but we're all entitled to a happy milestone, right?

  20. Early retiremend is a good thing...but keep busy though....don't just doze off in a rocking chair.

  21. Cantonese opera looks really good to me. want to see those too.

  22. Ha ha. The Elvis fan club performance looks cool. ;p

  23. It's fun to see active seniors. Great shots. Happy WS!

  24. Retiring this way is a good idea. Keeping the mind and body active is healthy.Have a great week ECL!

  25. It looks like a wonderful carnival but you retiring???LOL-never-you have too much of a zest for life!

  26. Shu Fen,
    Can get bruises on the arms when learning archery?
    *looks at flawless arms*

  27. jean,
    The official retirement age is 62 in Singapore.

    The official senior citizen age is 55.... to qualify for senior discounts :)

    I'm not an active person and I have weak legs.... so probably would not be too sporty. hehe.....

    Not coming back to Singapore for retirement?

  28. foong,
    My hubby will have to get himself an armour! haha....

    The members of Elvis fan club can really rock n roll!! They sing well too. There were request for encore after their performance.

    I'll be learning about the Cantonese opera from the group and I'll blog about it. Should I put up a performance? :P

    Of course I prefer to be aged below 50 and not qualify for senior citizen discount!! :D

  29. Capt Picard,
    There are so many Elvis in Singapore! :)

    I'm flattered that readers see me as an active citizen. :P

  30. Gran,
    Why isn't people convinced I'm retiring? I look active but I'm a lazy couch potato. :)

  31. RE Ausetkmt,
    An opera singing archer backup dancer for the Elvises sounds like a mouthful but it suits me. haha....

    Gosh! I would be busier during my retirement if I do those!

  32. tigerfish,
    How to have a slower pace of life when everything is done in such a short time and we have to multitask?

    I find it hard to slow down after getting used to a quick lifestyle. :P

  33. lina,
    I'm sure I will be busier if I announce my retirement from work. :P

    I look forward to taking care of my grandchildren. haha.....
    *puts pressure on son*

  34. life rambling,
    The opera of several dialect groups in Singapore are gradually losing audience over the years. It is a dying art and the younger people are not interested in it.

    If we don't preserve it, give it another generation and it will be gone.

  35. Mei Teng,
    haha.... I'll do some exercise and keep moving.

    Better throw out my rocking chair and be a rocking Elvis fan! :D

  36. the donG,
    I'm fascinated with the costume and the acrobats of the Cantonese opera. I'm making arrangements to take a few lessons.

    Let's see how I'll perform. :P

  37. Dora,
    The Elvis fan club is such a rocking and happening place! You gotta see to believe it. I admire those people's zest for life.... such passion and joy in their performance. Whoa!

  38. Liza,
    These seniors show that despite their advancing age and slower body movements, they could still have fun and have a good quality of life during their golden years.

  39. Enchie,
    It is important to have a healthy mind and body when one ages.

    One needs to take good care of their health from an early age. :)

  40. heidi,
    haha.... thank you.

    Too much zest for life makes one tired too. :P

  41. i would probably go for the free medical screening first :)

    when i retire, i guess i will do some farming if the land hasnt been sold yet by then

  42. another applause for Sunny Singapore!!!that is really a great program - makes getting older graceful, fun, and productive.

    Thank you for the visit and Happy Father's Day to your hubby dearest. Till nest WS

  43. Like the others, I couldn't imagine you going on an early retirement.

    That's a wonderful activity for the seniors. Thanks for sharing.

  44. i believe even after you choose to retire, you'll still busy yourself over other activities. :p

  45. nice and thoughtful event for the elders =)

  46. Times are not easy especially at the mo so benefits and discounts for over 50s sounds a great idea!
    I'd love pass 50/50 of my retirement here and in S'pore!!!Must work hard tho for a good retirement fund to pay for the airfares.Too bad I didn't get that air stewardess post LOL!

  47. Bengbeng,
    I envy you for having a more relaxing lifestyle and you have land to farm. I don't even have land for growing flowers. :D

  48. Kero,
    Singapore has many activities and events going on all through the year. This is a informative carnival for the seniors.

  49. Rachel,
    Wow.... I'm successful in creating an image of the 'busy, modern' woman. lol

    I may wish to sleep longer now due to the heavy workload, but when I have lots of time to sleep away when I'm retired, I might be bored. hehe....

    Have to plan for my retirement.

  50. levian,
    I think I would be as busy .... or maybe busier, after retirement.

    Gosh, I just had a call to volunteer in a charity organization when this friend read that I'm going to retire! So fast want to chope me! lol

  51. kenwooi,
    Our Singapore government thinks and plans far ahead. :)

  52. jean,
    Spending half a year in France and the other half in Singapore sounds awesome!

    I probably should plan in that way too. Find another country to spend half of my remaining life. :)

    Whatever discounts a consumer gets, it's money saved no matter how little. For retirees who have no income, that's important.

  53. jean,
    Work hard ah..... save money to come back visit me. We go Katong for laksa and East Coast seaside for chilli crab! :D

  54. It's great to see good places for seniors. Looks like they have lots of fun activities.

  55. Cheers to you as you age gracefully. :)

    I have lots to learn from you one day.

  56. Ecl,
    I hope that after a few lessons on learning the art of Cantonese opera, you will be competent enough to give your blog visitors a live demonstration ha..ha...

  57. Carver,
    There are so many activities in Singapore to keep seniors entertained and occupied for a long time. :)

  58. oceanskies,
    Thank you.
    I hope to age gracefully and with dignity. :)

    Plan for your future and it's not too early to plan for your retirement.

  59. stanley,
    I will pay attention and learn hard.

    I intend to give a live demonstration of what I have learnt to my readers and friends after I have approval from the instructor.

    Wait for it. haha.....

  60. wow, you're a good archer! That's avery fun activity for young at hearts hehe...

    good evening ECL!

  61. Yes, pls put up your performance on YouTube for us to watch : )

  62. Ayie,
    haha.... I tried my hand at archery and discover I have the talent for it. :D

    But if it is any consolation to my poor hubby, I'm not learning it. haha...

  63. Too bad, you can't pursue it =)

    I love archery and been playing with bows and arrows since i was a kid but never had the chance to get a hold of the real one yet *envy* envy*

  64. Retire in Ireland in a nice town called Dingle - got sea and mountains and it's really very pleasant and not too noisy but yet is popular with tourists.