Tuesday, March 03, 2009

King Killer - RT

Huggable IKEA cushion

A friend called, barely hiding the excitement in her voice.

"I want you to meet a King Killer." Huh!?

She picked me up and off we went to meet a killer ..... at IKEA!?

This is the King Killer! -_-'"

It's a wheat bun, filled with a little almond paste and topped with whipped cream. And a triangular cut-off bun lid lies on top of the creation with powdery icing sugar sprinkled over it. It's called Semla in Sweden.

How the King Killer gets its name?
After a hearty meal of lobster, caviar, smoked herring and champagne, King Frederick of Sweden proceeded to eat his favourite dessert, the semla. On his 14th bun, he suffered a stroke. He died happy, with a satisfied smile on his face.

In Sweden, the semla was originally eaten as dessert topping up the festive meals that was taken in preparation for the Easter fasting. The semla dates back as far as to the 16th century, when the Swedes indulged in rich food on the last day before fasting which could last as long as 40 days and nights. This last Tuesday before the fasting became known as Fettisdagen - literally means Fat Tuesday. As the semla was considered special, expensive and luxurious, young boys sometimes would use it for courting purposes by giving it to the girl they fancied. If she was interested, she would indicate that by giving him eggs at Easter six weeks later. - Ikea website

King Killer S$3.50

The Swedish ‘King Killer’ is available from 13 Feb till 10 April at IKEA restaurants. On every Tuesday (the Semla-day) leading up to Easter Day (12 April), customers get a free hot coffee/tea with every purchase of the semla.

Herring Plate S$1.50

As the semla bun is quite big and tasteless, I had to buy a plate of pickled herring to go with it. The herring was too sour.

Note : King Killer Recipe from my Norwegian friend DianeCA

First Commenter


  1. haha...what a funny story behind the innocent-looking dessert's nickname! kinda reminds me of how a cheeseburger is so-called "heart attack in a bun." haha.

  2. Wow what a way to go. That is why we need to watch what we eat. Take care my friend. Great post.

  3. Hmmmmm, did I miss the chop again ECL? :(

  4. King Killer looks mighty yum ECL! I hope to try this too. :)

  5. That poor dessert has got a fearsome name and reputation.

  6. oh so this is how it get it's name. Aiya, only limited time only. Can get for me and put it in freezer till my next trip to Singapore? Hehehehe

  7. hehehe see my post on fastelavensboller...we made these. So IKEA is now officially everywhere!!

  8. This is something new. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Hehe .. a strange name. However, should look very good to eat. And it is certainly high-calorie food, should try to eat less. :)


  10. aw, too bad it was tasteless. your statement of "This is the King Killer! -_-'"" got me laughing quite hard here. XD

  11. Hi fortuitious faery,
    The name of this dessert made me curious to find out more about it but I was amused by the story. :)

  12. Bill,
    The King had his fill of his favourite dessert before he died, contented. :)

    For the Chinese, it would mean he had his last wish fulfilled and would not miss anything on Earth.

  13. Mariuca,
    Maybe it is sold at IKEA restaurants in Malaysia? I'm not sure.

  14. Capt Picard,
    Yes. haha.... I was captivated by its fearsome name.

  15. Doreen,
    When are you coming to Singapore?
    It's easy to make. I can find the recipe for you.

  16. Diane,
    I read your post. It seems such an ordinary and innocent looking bun. :D

    But is is a King Killer!

  17. oceanskies,
    You're welcome.
    It's new to me too. :)

  18. Monica,
    It looks yummy.
    It doesn't taste yummy to me.

    Probably I have to find an authentic semla in Sweden.

  19. skywind,
    It's carbohydrate. Yes, better to keep clear. My friend and I shared one bun.

    I was not seduced to buy 14! haha....

  20. levian,
    I was disappointed when I saw it.

    To me, it was just an ordinary bread bun with some almond paste and whipped cream.

    Not what my friend saw on an IKEA advertisement.

    It was a good experience. :)

  21. Hi ECL.

    am back am back hehe I miss yah much and this article is making me uber hungry :) lots of hugs. Am getting a break from weddings this week and am so loving the vacation time hehehe :)

  22. Empty Streets,
    You tend to disappear for some time and then pop up from nowhere! :)

    Glad to see you again! I'm going to find what you were up to. :)

  23. I am a bit busy right now but thought of checking out what's new here;)

    I love herring but only with onions. Gotta check that one in Ikea...haven't had it for 2 years now.

    *sigh* I need to get back to unpacking stuff. so many things to do.

  24. Jade,
    Thanks for stopping by despite being busy with the unpacking.

    IKEA sells ready packed herring at its mini mart. I like only one type of their herring though.

  25. Jonzz,
    Don't want to be a King either. haha...

  26. Life Ramblings,
    No weird smell, except I personally don't like the taste of almond paste.

  27. What an interesting story behind a piece of dessert. It looks yummy on the photo but I'm sorry to know it wasn't that appetizing.

  28. I'll take the desert please. You've never seen a pear tree bloom?

    This is a Bradford pear and it's fruitless. It doesn't get too too big at all and would be perfect in your garden.

    It won't bloom until around age 5 to 7 years old. But when mature the blooms are so solid that all you see is fluffy snow white glory for about 2 wor 3 weeks!!

    Get one you'll love it!!:-))

  29. With your description and looking at the King, it is indeed a Killer :)

  30. That king sure died a happy and satisfied death from eating his favorite dessert!

    p/s: The bed so ang that 4 legged still can sleep through the thunderstorm!! *sweat*

  31. hahahha.. I just realized something! Both out RT post today from the same place. That ang ang bed was bought from Ikea *lol*

  32. Heart of Rachel,
    Interesting story eh.
    I think the ones in Sweden taste better. I will try out the recipe given by my blogger friend. :)

  33. Shinade,
    I live in a tropical country. The hot weather and soil conditions might not be suitable for growing a pear tree. :(

    awww... now you make me envious with your description of the pear blossoms.

    I'm going to google it.

  34. napaboaniya,
    Good to die with happiness ah. :D

    He slept through the storm!? Wah! like that how to watch over your house.

    I was imagining he waking up and see red every time! haha....

  35. napaboaniya,
    You went to IKEA Tampines? :)

    There are so many lovely things to buy but I tell myself... control. Control. CONTROL!

  36. I would think that 14 of anything would be enough to do you in!

  37. Mojo,
    haha... you are right! Great minds think alike. :)

  38. Cynthia and I often visit IKEA as an "outing" to the east side of Singapore. Next time join us OK? We need someone to find a table while we get food ... hahaha. And we can get one of those buns too!

  39. My...what a fun way to die lol...

    Now I must go to Ikea! eerrr, I hope they have it here too! But I'll make sure I take small portions hehe.

  40. As a Norwegian, it's interesting to read Scandinavian story from you :-)

    Luckily, I'm married to DianeCA!

    Btw; The herring looks delicious!

  41. What fabulous stories you tell about all these products :D I leave here with a smile and a chuckle :D

    Tink *~*~*
    NOW PLAYING at My Mobile Adventures *~*~* :
    Strolling EPCOT’s World Showcase at Walt Disney World

  42. This is a most unusual story and great photo for Ruby Tuesday!

  43. Wilfrid!
    You don't say!

    I like to go IKEA restaurant for its deep fried chicken wings, poached salmon, meatballs, salad prawns and its Princess Cake!

    I always chope the table while hubby or son goes to order the food. :)

    I'm a good choper. grr... grrr... this table's taken! grrr...


    So when?

  44. Kitchenmaus,
    lol... eat small portions but don't buy 14 buns!!

    I'm not sure if semla is served in all its stores globally.

  45. Renny,
    I thought you would find it weird coming from a Singaporean. Let's see what Captain Lifecruiser has to say. hehe....

    The herring's too sour for me. :S

  46. Tink,
    haha... I'm glad you are leaving here with a smile.... and a chuckle.

  47. Greyscale territory,
    Thank you. I appreciate your comment. :)

  48. Nice semla, but not really as we're used to see them here, they use to be slit in two halves with the cream in between.

    I once wrote a post involving the semla:

    There you also can see our special technique to eat them. *giggles*

    We find the most ridiculous excuses to eat semlor….

  49. i thought it's a burger with the sweet toppings. :)

    thanks for sharing the story behind the name.

    happy RT!

  50. Captain Lifecruiser,
    Thanks for coming over to take a look.

    I suspect the semla here was different from the real one.

    Your post was cool! :)

  51. Arlene,
    Looks like a burger though. :)
    Happy RT!

  52. Fascinating. I do love herring but wouldn't like it to be too sour!
    Hugs and blessings,

  53. storyteller,
    The herring sold here is tasty but a little too sour.
    Thanks for your hugs and blessings.

  54. Monica,
    Personally, the bun tastes like our ordinary bread. Too little filling. :(