Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Horse Grass, Eat like a Horse!? - WW

Horse Grass 马草

Literally translated from Mandarin, this plant is called Horse Grass. It is fed not only to horses but sheep and goats. hehehe..... I don't know what its actual name is. :P

A search for a traditional cure for a diabetic friend led me to this farm located within D'Kranji Farm Resort in a far corner of Singapore.

The owner Mr Goh (60s), together with his wife and a partner, started planting this forage brought from Taiwan 4 months ago.

According to him, this horse grass has higher nutritional values, 5 times more than the common organic vegetables. It contains antioxidants believe to cut the risk of heart disease and cancer. Besides proteins and vitamins, higher levels of other beneficial minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese and zinc are found. Believed to be good for detoxifying the body of harmful radicals.

Two glasses of this drink daily could control the levels of diabetic and high blood pressure. People with frequent headaches or constipation could try this tea.

Mr Goh preparing the plant for brewing herbal tea

The harvested plants are washed and cut. Water is added to brew it for two and a half hours using firewood. Rock sugar is added to give some taste. For diabetic patients, do not add sugar.

Brewing the herbal tea using firewood

Mrs Goh was busy brewing the tea but attended to us and answered all our queries. I was offered the tea. It tasted like sugar cane.
The farm comes with a tiny shop in front and a kitchen. Mr Goh has turned part of it into a relaxing outdoor corner for friends and family.

Buy a chilled ready-brew bottle of the drink (S$2) or get a convenient pack (S$4.80) and brew it yourself at home.

You can email me for Mrs Goh's contact number if you want to make orders for their products.

Update :
For Malaysians, there is a farm selling Horse Grass in Ipoh. I don't know where, probably you can ask the residents of Ipoh.


  1. First I've heard of Horse Grass. Is the tea naturally sweet or was that the added sugar?

    As always, a highly informative -- and original! -- post.

  2. Mojo.
    I pore through quite a number of traditional Chinese medicinal books before I dare to post this up. It does contain those nutrients mentioned.

    The tea is tasteless, the rock sugar adds flavour to it.

    Thanks for being my first commenter. :D

  3. that's a new one for me! i wonder if they have that here ... :)

    hope it's ok, ECL ... tagged you. ;P

  4. Maiylah,
    I don't think it is widely cultivated. So far it's popular in Taiwan and Malaysia.

    Thanks for the tag. :)

  5. Any close to green tea?

    Don't have know how to fix toys - just enjoy watching them kids do it. €:)

  6. This is interesting. I have never heard of this herb, and it is enriching to read about it.

  7. I think God created grasses to cure. We also have lemon grass here that is said to cure cancer. I am not sure what we call that plant here in the Philippines but it looks familiar, we call it "pandan".

    btw, nice blog you've got here and i can see that you are into memes. please join "smiley sunday" at clixbucks.com. its a weekly meme you will surely love. hope to see you there.

  8. No thank you I prefer my Karkade made from Hibiscus flowers. That sound more romantic than Horse grass, lol !

  9. The other Jean made an interesting point about the 'pandan' plant.I remember as a child my Grandmother made Kaya(egg jam) and the pandan leaves gave it a certain flavour.
    Anyway I love tea and trying new bio products and would be willing to give this brew a taste.
    The shrubs look like the Iris plant without flowers.
    However Horse grass sounds comical!LOL!

  10. Fascinating post and great shots.

  11. What an amazing plant ECL. It certainly is extremely nutritous. THanks for sharing

  12. I hadn't heard about it before. Very interesting.

  13. I think Traditional Chinese medicine is so fascinating and really can help a lot of illnesses even better then western medicine. Good luck with your drink!

  14. This is very interesting ECL ... I'll try to find out where I can get seeds of these as I want to have a herb garden and veggies as well planted in our farm.

  15. Horse Grass Gladiolus are not? I feel like gladiolus. The usefulness of a lot of it really good.


  16. stan,
    Green tea has been extensively researched for its properties and health benefits.

    This Horse Grass drink is new to me. I will see how my diabetic friend fare after drinking it.

    haha... it comes naturally, you will know how to fix toys when you have your own kids.

  17. oceanskies,
    First time I was told about this horse grass, I went HUH!? hehehe....

    This is eaten by horses! And I was told I should eat like the horse, goat and sheep because they look healthy. lol

    I learn new things every day. :)

  18. Hi jean,
    We have a 'pandan' plant in Singapore too. We use it for favouring and colouring our snacks and certain dishes.

    I'll take a look at the meme. Thanks for the info.

  19. Suitable for me cos I'm a herbivore in the Chinese Zodiac. ;p
    They look a bit like pandan leaves.

  20. Gattina,
    We have a Hibiscus drink and snack here too!

    Yah, I agree. Hibiscus sounds better than horse grass. haha....

  21. Jean,
    I grow pandan leaves in my backyard. I use them for some of my dishes and snacks. They give a fragrant smell when left in our bedrooms.

    I'm also trying this horse grass brew. Let's see if it is what the farmer claims.

    The name of this grass should be changed lah!

  22. jams.
    All parts of this plant can be used. Truly amazing find. :)

  23. Gabriel,
    Not many people knows about the benefits of this plant, including yours truly. :)

  24. DianeCA,
    I agree with the Chinese traditional medicine part. I have discover some amazing methods and cures.

    These are the wisdom of 5000 years of Chinese history. Will share more on my blog. :)

  25. Jade,
    How lovely to have your own farm! I can give you the address of this place.

    I'm also planting a small herb garden in my backyard.

  26. skywind,
    This is Gladiolus? I need to check up on it. :)

  27. Dora,
    Oh. I know which herbivore. hehe....

    They do look like pandan leaves. I mistook them for pandan leaves when I first saw it. :)

  28. this is the first time i heard of it. with its useful function, it will probably be very popular. :D

  29. Interesting, huge, and very green...nice. Happy WW:)

  30. This is a very helpful post for diabetic patients. Informative post!

  31. hi ECL, these horse grass looks like pandan leaves lar. hehe. My dad used to brew pandan leave water without adding sugar, he said it is a very healthy drink. I nvr ask what exactly does it helps. I just drink it. :)

  32. thanks for your informative post! i love finding out abt these stuff. :)

  33. i've heard of wheatgrass but not horse grass. The benefits of horse grass somehow sounds a lot like wheatgrass, which is known to provide nutrition and has unique curative properties.

  34. Have heard about it but not seen it. If can plant in own garden will be good too.

  35. I used to went round my housing area too look for them and cut for the horses when I was little. Didn't know it work so much wonders for humans! I think its hard to find them now...

  36. great shot for WW! Hope you'll visit mine too... Happy WW!

  37. Wah, nice le. I googled for their website and it's at

    Hope this may help interested people. Personally I never knew of such a place in Singapore, thanks for the information. :D

  38. Hello!

    May I have the contact details for this Mrs Goh please?
    I'd like to get it for my parents =)



  39. it didn't taste bitter, so I might just want to try them if I ever see one of these drinks. :D

    Interesting post, ECL!

  40. levian,
    It is popular in Taiwan and has started gaining popularity in Malaysia.

  41. Lori,
    Your description sounds like Incredible Hulk! haha....

  42. Indrani,
    I hope it helps. My friend is trying it so we shall see. :)

  43. the donG,
    It seems yikes but when some people are sick and have exhausted all means to find a cure, they will try anything.

  44. Jean Chia,
    It does look like pandan leaves!

    I have never tried pandan leaf drink. I use it for cooking because of its fragrant and colour.

  45. Jean Chia,
    Gain more knowledge mah. I'm into the studying of traditional medicines and remedies.

    Very interesting. I bought many Chinese medical books when I was in China and Taiwan.

    Will share when I have organised my notes. :P

  46. Life Ramblings,
    I used to take wheatgrass too. It was popular once.

    I have to study the properties of this Horse Grass further.

  47. sweet jasmine,
    It can be found in Ipoh. I'm sure you can buy the seeds. It takes only 3 to 6 months to be fully grown.

  48. Bellallena,
    You know this plant!

    The story was : A physician found that horses, cows eat such grass and are so healthy, so he started studying their food. And he thinks that we humans should follow the eating habits of these animals. haha...

  49. JL,
    They are located at D'Kranji Farm resort. far corner of Singapore. But nice place with fresh air and greenery. :)

    Singapore has quite a number of lovely places, yet to be discovered. hehe....

  50. Hi pinkish-delish,
    So filial. I have already emailed you the contact.

    It's quite far from the city but the resort has a shuttle bus every hour.

  51. Lina,
    Not bitter. Has a slight fragrant. Pleasant taste.

    Kids would drink it without a fuss. :)

  52. This is really pretty. Now I would like to have some of this to plant somewhere around here.

    As always a great post. I hope you drop by and see my ducks doing their mating dance....also, on my other blog is a picture of those blooms before they open.

    I am out today for a while. I'll be back late afternoon.

    Happy WW:-)

  53. Shinade,
    To feed your horses? :)

    I want to see the pear blossoms. Enjoy your trip!

  54. My dad is diabetic. Right now he's taking Banaba tea. I'll try to google this horse grass if we have it here. Thanks for sharing. :D

    Mommy's Little Corner

  55. liza,
    I heard about Banaba tea from my Filipino friends. My diabetic friend is testing this out. If it's good, I'll let you know.

  56. A first I've heard of this interesting and useful plant. At first sight, I thought they looked a little like pandan leaves.

    Are these only available at this particular farm?

  57. napaboaniya,
    Yes, they are specially brought in to be cultivated extensively for its health properties. Go and try the drink. :)

  58. Digital Flower Pictures,
    You will love this place! Lots of photo taking opps! :)

  59. Very interesting, thanks for sharing!

  60. Wow this sounds interesting i think i am going to have to look for that here ECL. Thanks for the tips and post.

  61. Hehehe (Is that the sound of a horse laughing ?:) Very interesting. You can always be counted on for coming up with something unique. Mmmm sugar cane... Happy WW

  62. Hehehe (Is that the sound of a horse laughing ?:) Very interesting. You can always be counted on for coming up with something unique. Mmmm sugar cane... Happy WW

  63. Hehehe (Is that the sound of a horse laughing ?:) Very interesting. You can always be counted on for coming up with something unique. Mmmm sugar cane... Happy WW

  64. Wah..this is awesome woman.. where can we buy this.. is it available at supermarkets or something?

  65. First time heard of horse grass! I drink wheat grass before and don't mind trying this one cos I always looking for natural superfood (ie. not man-made supplements) to take to keep me in good health! : )

  66. thanks for dropping by... first time to hear about horse grass, very informative.

  67. wow! I am such a believer in natural cures and this looks amazing. I have never heard of it. My brother is diabetic. I wonder if this could help him. Do you know if he ships to the U.S.?

  68. Bill,
    I hope you can find it around your place. So far, I know Taiwan and Malaysia cultivates it extensively.

  69. Sukhmandir,
    Just happened to stumble on it. :)

    Sugar cane juice is refreshing on a hot day!

  70. LadyJava,
    Not sold in supermarkets yet.
    Can find this in Malaysia, Ipoh.

  71. foongpc,
    This is grown organically. :P

    I tried it. Need to drink regularly and takes some time to see results.

  72. Health Nut wannabe Mom,
    It has been tried and tested by diabetic patients and recommended by Chinese physicians.

    One of my diabetic friend is trying it.

    I don't think he ships to US but I can ask on your behalf.

  73. ECL,

    Would love to have the address and visit this farm sometime...I am really interested in exploring natural remedies etc.

    I am thinking of setting up a farm that's like the Bollywood Veggies Farm in Palawan.

    If you have time please email the address at themommawannabe [at] gmail.com . Would greatly appreciate it.

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  75. I've never heard of Horse Grass.. this is new to me!

  76. HI ECL,

    wow this looks like something that I might need if ever my blood sugar level becomes a bit off. Family history of diabetes is rampant in my family. :) Hope all is well with you dear and may you have a fab week ahead. :)

  77. Someone is selling horse grass? If a horse wants it, it might get bought.

  78. ah, so it started in taiwan! they sure know a whole lot more on health "maintenance". :)

  79. Jade,
    Go take a look. You could have some ideas for your farm. It's just beside Bollywood Veggies.

    I'll email you the address.

  80. Hi MyJoyz,
    Thanks for your visit. I'm glad to know you.

  81. Monica,
    Now, not only you have heard of it, you can try it too. :)

  82. Empty Street,
    Oh, you have a family history of diabetes? Take care of your health, watch your food.

  83. Capt Picard,
    It's unusual to sell horse grass in Singapore but I think it can be found in many countries where horses are commonly reared.

  84. levian,
    I'm constantly amazed at the creativity and innovative of the Taiwanese. Whenever I'm in Taiwan, I learnt lots of new stuff.

    There are lots of traditional remedies and health supplements from there. :)

  85. This is very interesting. It's nice to have alternative and effective herbal medicines.