Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Horse Watching at Riders Cafe - WW

Ready for a ride

Magnificent manes flying in the wind, the horses look a picture of grace when they gallop. These pictures were taken in Singapore.

After reading my Horse Grass post, a friend invited me to his club. He owns 2 horses. *faints* It costs much more to own a horse in Singapore than a car!

For overseas readers who are used to seeing horses in your own country, it is rare to see a real horse in Singapore. And to own one, the owner needs to have quite a bit of dough. :P

Walk a horse

We arranged to meet early one Sunday morning. Bukit Timah Saddle Club off Eng Neo Avenue provides such therapeutic charm. I felt I was in another country.

A kid learning how to ride a pony

I bet many Singaporeans don't know this place. It was my first time. I watched my friend exercise his horses. I did not ask for a ride. Maybe another time.

After their rides, the girls gave their ponies a good wash.

He brought us for breakfast at an idyllic cafe in a colonial clubhouse. It was relaxing to watch the horses trotting past while you bask in fine weather and good food.

Fluffy homemade pancakes

I was recommended the famous fluffy home-made pancakes with berries compote and maple syrup. Chris was offered Norwegian Benedict with generous slices of smoked salmon. The breakfast was very good!

Norwegian Benedict - heavenly breakfast!

You need to make a reservation. It was full-house at all hours and many people who did not have reservations were turned away.

I was told the cafe has a house dessert special called Death by Chocolate Cake, but I had no more room for dessert then. But I'll be back .......

Bukit Timah Saddle Club
51 Fairways Drive
Tel: 6466 9819
Tue - Sun: 8.30am – 10.30pm
Closed on Mondays

Rider's Lodge
108 Turf Club Road
Tel: 64654828

First Commenter - Sue


  1. That looks so yummy! Great pics ECL!

  2. Mmmmm, those pancakes are mouthwatering! Did you get to ride?

  3. Happy RT and WW today! That sausage looks really good. Ours is all factory made now so there isn't very much homemade. My red car is a 60's or 70's Ford Bronco. It isn't mine, it was parked where we ate Sunday night.

    I like your Norwegian Benedict too. I only eat a half one (one egg) and take some of the yolk out but it is still good.
    Last Tuesday I had a really good breakfast, I will e-mail that to you when I post it.
    Horse cost more than cars here too if it is done up right. Our neighbor has three, he has a trailer, a 20 acre place outside town to keep them, a truck to pull his trailer, and a ranch in Colorado for keeping them in the summer. Wow!
    BTW, I don't WW for now either. The 'T I M E' word is keeping me away.

  4. Wow! So expensive to own horses? The breakfast food look very delicious! Death by Chocolate? Hmmm, sounds very chocolatey! : )

  5. Wonderful shots of the horses. In the part of the U.S. where I live it's very expensive to board a horse and even for people who own land they are expensive to feed and care for. I love horses and used to enjoy riding but I've never been able to afford to have a horse, sigh.

  6. Wow it sure looks like another country than Singapore.That pic 'walk a horse' looks like somewhere in the English countryside.I never knew this place existed altho I remember the Turf Club and going to The Island Country Club with my Aunty.I love horses and it breaks my heart to see here in France that they EAT their meat!What a horrific end to such a noble animal.We even saved a horse in my neighbourhood from going to the glue factory when we pleaded with the owner and paid him money for his old mare.Poor creature had worked hard all her life in the fields and we got attached to petting her so the whole family agreed to buy her freedom.She's now happily retired in a friend's farm.
    Another great article ECL!

  7. wow! I love the pictures of the horses! We have lots of horses here in Kansas!

  8. Oops forgot to say I'm not a rich race horse owner LOL!
    She was an old field mare and not a pedigreed champion.The poor thing was haggard,weak just skin and bones but she had a sweet disposition.She deserved to be pampered after a hard life.We paid 50 euros for her as it was the price the mean farmer was going to sell her for anyway.

  9. ECL, u always have so much fun at ur outings eh? And so cool of ur friend to invite u to his club!

  10. WOW! That Norwegian Benedict looks simply delish la! I love salmon!! YUM! :):):)

  11. Beautiful pictures, ECL! My daughter will be all over them when I show her (she's crazy about horses).

    Have a great WW day!

    My WW post...

  12. i just love horses and this post was an exciting read with great pics. But would you be surprised if I sad that your 'Norwegian Benedict' excited me even more? :lol: You know I would love it :-)

  13. That's cool..
    I didn't know that it cost a bomb to own a horse. ANyway, I would love to learn to ride a! In my dreams I suppose.. =\

  14. Maybe for the first time I can be the first commentor. The Death by Chocolate looks great.

    The breakfast looks great too. How much would it be?

  15. Aiya! I thot I can be first commenter, but you now moderate your comments eh?

    Looks like a fun day. Are you good with riding horses, ECL?

  16. horses are so magnificent!

    looks like a great day at a wonderful place

  17. I'm so much attracted to the breakfast than the horse ride. ;p

  18. Love the horses of course I would. Living in Oklahoma horses are everywhere.

    These horses are just beautiful and I was quite surprised to see them here.

    I knew it had to be rare due to population and such.

    I have mine both up at both blogs...I hope you will drop by.

    At one I put up an early piece of my graphic artwork.

    Happy WW ECL and hugs too!!


  19. How beautiful those horses! I love horses, and wish that I could have one! This is impossible in my small apartment in New York City, though! LOL
    Great pics! :)

  20. LOL!! So fun to see so many pple 'chopping' on your comment box :)

  21. You should have taken a ride on one of them !! ;p

  22. Haha! Mariuca and Lina, too bad! I was the first to chop but still didn't get FC!

    ECL, why moderate comments now? Too much spam? Then cannot chop anymore : (

  23. Hey, no longer moderate comments now? What happened?

  24. Great looks like a fun day! Happy WW:)

  25. foong,
    I was so happy intially when I saw there's no comments up. LOL

    BTW, what were you doing up at 2.00am on a weekday. Sleep so late one?

  26. horse viewing plus good food! ahhh... perfect place to enjoy the afternoon.

  27. Wah, your friend must be very rich then. There are a couple of horses just 2 km from my house. Hehehehe

  28. the smoked salmon is suitable for light eaters like me.:)

  29. What a wonderful day. The horses and the grounds are very beautiful. And the!

  30. Pretty amazing that a hose costs more than a car, well some race horses do in the US, but not your average horse. Happy WW

  31. Wow I wonder how much it would cost in the Philippines - we were thinking of buying one. If it's as expensive also as what you said - I'll just stick with a water buffalo I guess ;(


  32. Just gorgeous! Sounds like a fun time - watching the horses and enjoying a delicious breakfast!

    My WW post is up, too. I hope you can stop by and see what was in with my Cracker Jacks:

  33. I don't know which looks better the horses or the food:-)

  34. Hi ECL! I've ridden a horse before, and scared the life out of me! :-D

  35. Modern Mom,
    The pancakes are the best I've eaten! I didn't take a ride on the horse. :)

  36. Hi Jim,
    Lovely to see you always. :)

    I think it's a universal trend, that people are eating more factory produced food. :(

    I take out the yolk when I'm eating eggs too but this Norwegian Benedict was too tempting, I ate everything up! Oops, it was my hubby's order. haha....

    I would love to find out what good breakfast you ate. Email me.

    Wow! Your neighbour is one blessed guy!

  37. foongpc,
    haha.... sorry for the moderation. I was testing something. *secret*

    Although the horses don't run on petrol, it's still expensive to own one. :P

  38. Carver,
    Oh. I thought it would be easier and cheaper to own a horse in USA.

    It would be lovely to own one if we have large spaces for it to run.

  39. jean,
    I was elated to see this place! I have been to Turf City many times but have never stumbled on this.

    It's such a charming place and you see horses every now and then! The children would be jumping for joy when they see this!

    I know Japanese and Chinese eat horse meat too. I have never tried.

    That's so sweet of you to save the old mare. It is enjoying its remaining years thanks to you. *hugs*

  40. Mariuca,
    Sorry lah dear! I have to put on moderation because I was doing a test. :)

    I know some cool people and I'm envious of their lifestyles. lol

    The breakfast here is so good. I keep dreaming of it ....

  41. Gabriel,
    I like these pictures too. It was awesome to see and touch these beautiful horses. Your daughter would be as thrill as I am.

  42. Renny,
    haha... I'm not surprised at your reaction. I personally love the Norwegian Benedict more!

  43. Hi Cashmere,
    Many people don't know it's expensive to keep a horse. I was surprised too.

    I rode a horse once in Indonesia. I don't like the smell.

    But my friend's horses were very well maintained. I'll take up his offer another time. :)

  44. oceanskies,
    So sorry. I was doing a test with the moderation on.

    The breakfast is not very expensive, around S$15 each for the Norwegian Benedict or Fluffy pancakes. I wasn't the one who paid the bill. :P

  45. Lina,
    Sorry about the moderation.

    It was a very fun day.

    I don't know how to ride a horse, that's why I declined my friend's offer in case I hurt his beautiful horses. haha....

  46. Shinade,
    I guess as much, about the horses being common where you live. :)

    The horses are such magnificent animals! It was so lovely to pat them and hug them.... and let them smell my hands. hehe....

    It is a great experience for a city folk like me.

  47. The Fitness Diva,
    An apartment is no place to house a horse! :)

    I too am not eligible. :(

  48. Janice,
    haha... I apologise for that 'chopping'.

    I will ride on the horses another day. It would be fun. I'm looking forward to it.

  49. foongpc,
    I was getting an increase in spam.
    I have no intention to moderate because so many of you are chopping. haha.....

  50. Doreen,
    My friend is rich. Not only own horses but 2 Mercedes and several properties. lol

    It should be easier to see horses in NZ.

  51. Jade,
    I hope it's cheaper to own a horse in the Philippines.

    Buffaloes are good workers too. :)

  52. Good thing you are not moderating. I don't like to post something and not see what I posted immediately. But I guess if you really suffer from spam, then no choice but to moderate. Doesn't the word verification helps?

  53. Oh! I only notice now you don't make use of word verification. You should use it - will help to cut out spam. Then no need to moderate, so we can have fun chopping. LOL!

  54. foongpc,
    I was testing something on my site.

    Like you, I don't like to post a comment and not see it immediately. :)

  55. foongpc,
    I think I'll have to use word verification.

    Don't worry about the moderation , have fun chopping! haha....

  56. I know a friend who owns horses too but like you said I think they are more expensive to maintain than a car.

    It's nice of your friend to invite you over. That's a yummy looking breakfast. I'm sure you would love to try the dessert next time.