Thursday, March 12, 2009

Casino Jobs are Hot at Career Fair! - WW

job seekers crowding an IR booth

At the recent 4-day Career and Education Fair 2009 held at Suntec Convention Centre, the 2 integrated resorts (IR) drew the largest crowds. Massive crowds thronged both IRs booths from the moment the fair opened its doors.

Applicants were made up of Singaporeans and foreigners, young and old, and even those who are employed. Many foreign job applicants have flown in specially for this fair.

Despite the economic downturn, the tourism sector in Singapore is still hiring. 25,000 jobs will be created in this sector over the next few years with major developments like the 2 IRS.

Cooking demo by a Thai chef of a culinary school

A mind-boggling 20,000 job seekers applied for the 800 job openings offered by Resorts World at Sentosa (RWS).

‘Despite the current economic climate, Resorts World at Sentosa will deliver its commitment of 10,000 jobs when it opens early next year. The Resort is committed to hire Singaporeans,’ said an RWS statement after the fair ended.

Gaming courses are popular at the fair

Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort, which plans to open by end of year 2009, is hiring staff in areas such as Table Games, Slots, Casino Finance, Player Development and Surveillance later this month. Up to six months will be set aside to prepare staff for the work at the resorts.

The resorts expect to attract thousands of punters when their doors open.

Trying their luck at the gambling table first.

First Commenter - Mariuca


  1. Wah just my luck, FC but I don think this is a star post right? :'(

  2. I'm glad to see Sing is still hiring. Lucky I work for myself, but even then, jobs dah kurang this year. Must work harder and try to get new clients! :):):)

  3. Dropping EC here today, can't wait for the weekend! :)

  4. it really does look more like a casino than a career fair. :D

  5. ahjie
    Why this time you did not 'role play'?

  6. Mariuca,
    I don't have star posts on my blog. haha...

  7. Mariuca,
    Many people are affected by the economic downturn, whether they are working for others or themselves.

    Just be glad you have jobs and are able to put food on the table. :)

  8. Mariuca,
    Having some grand plans for the weekend? :)
    Have a great weekend, enjoy yourself!

  9. stan,
    I'm not applying. I'm not good at numbers. :)

  10. levian,
    haha.... I put up photos of the gaming related booths here. I have photos of other sectors.

  11. Eatcoastlife.
    Good news for job seekers.
    With the skills, we have more opportunities.
    Hope IR success.
    Wish you happy ,healthy and healthy.

  12. yenjai,
    Role play as croupier? haha...

    It was too crowded, the exhibitors had a busy time answering queries. I had only an hour to see the fair. :)

  13. coolingstar9,
    I wish the IRs success too.
    By employing Singaporeans to work in their IRs, they are helping us and contributing to the economy of Singapore.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  14. Hiya ECL! No specific plans for the weekend but have one meeting with client, then I wanna catch up on my zzzzzzz mah! U have a good one with hubby and Jaymes kay? :):):)

  15. ECL!!!!!!!!! Ha ha ha aha ahhaaah so cute la my Benji avatar here oh now I'm HAPPY!!!! Meow meow Benji, be a good boy here!! Thanks ECL, finally I got to be FC here LOL!!!!!! :):):)

  16. Mariuca,
    You arrange a meeting with client on Sunday?

    Although Sunday is family day for me but sometimes have to accommodate requests from non-family members. :)

    Wishing you a blissful beauty sleep on Sunday. :)

  17. Lina,
    You will have a chance again tomorrow lah. :)

  18. Mariuca,
    That's Benji? I thought it was Fluffball. haha....

    Anyway, he looks so cute on here. I'll use your EC avatar next if you get the next FC. hehe....

  19. Good morning ECL! I hope you have a good day!

  20. Are should I say I hope you had a good day!!:-)

  21. Good news that they are employing so many, I just hope the Resorts find they attract plenty of customers.

  22. Shinade,
    I had a good day. :D
    I'm going to have my dinner and take my rest.

  23. A.
    There are so many Singaporeans who are retrenched or lost their jobs, I hope they find employment soon.

    And I hope the IRs will attract more visitors to Singapore.

  24. I'm glad to see job fairs, and that RWS is still hiring.

  25. JL,
    There are many job fairs in Singapore.
    RWS is hiring for its new IR at Sentosa Island.

  26. Oh, gambling is human nature. If there is no such nature, human development, there will be no power. :)
    Health is the Greatest Happiness
    The World at The Present

  27. skywind,
    I was told only certain races gamble, but I guess many people have the tendency to gamble once in their lives. :)

  28. yikes! never even tried playing in a casino but i already expereienced what it is to be inside a casino. cant imagine of myself working there. LOL.

  29. I just hope that the IRs can be sustainable.

    I just read reports that casinos are springing up all over our region.

  30. This casino is opened by the same casino that operate in Genting Highlands, Malaysia right?

    I heard that it's not easy working in the casino.You have to be fast and also good in calculations.

  31. Singapore government will do whatever it takes to boost up economy and help up their citizens. That's why this country is ever strong.

  32. In this day and age, it's no surprise that a lot of people would want to show interest when a lot of jobs are created.

  33. Most place in the world job market isn't good.
    But I'm Thankful I have job and actual my client treats me good.

    Coffee is on.

  34. I am not so good in math so I think I will pass up on this;)

    I am glad I can be self employed ;)

    The Home Manager/Blogger

    Have a great weekend ECL!

  35. Read the papers and they said the ratio of the number of jobseekers to the vacancies is 25:1 ....

  36. the donG,
    With your love for nature and adventures, I doubt you can work in a casino! haha....

    Nope. The job's not suitable for you. :)

  37. sgshortstories,
    Hey, long time no see!

    Singapore is well-known for many of its successful investments. Much research is spent before the final decision to approve the IRs. I'm not surprised the rest just follow. :)

  38. foongpc,
    Yes, the IR in Sentosa will be operated by Resort World.

    Good with numbers is a requirement. Every job has its good and bad points.

  39. Doreen,
    Because Singapore is a small country with no natural resources, so we have to strive harder than others to keep a competitive edge. :)

  40. Captain Picard,
    Jobs are hard to come by these days. Many older workers are laid off. New graduates are coming into the market. Whenever there are job fairs, there will be crowds.

  41. peppylady,
    It's a blessing to have a job these days. You are indeed lucky.

  42. Mommawannabe,
    Home Manager!? Minister of Home Affairs. haha....

    We contribute to the economy in our own little ways. Isn't it great to have work to keep us busy and put our talents and capabilities to good use? :)

  43. Dora,
    That means many of the job seekers will be disappointed. Too many applicants for the few positions.

    Older workers might be disadvantaged. :(

  44. Yep without us women - the world would fall into pieces LOL.

    Women area actually the major contributors to the economy to so they better be nice to us! ;)

    Btw- you are welcome to visit our tree farm !

  45. Jade,
    hahaha.... the guys would protest.

    I hope you will write more about your farm.

  46. i got my current job from an employment fair as well. i didn't think it'll be this smooth, having 1 i interview after another. thankfully i applied! :D

  47. Levian,
    Oh. That's great! It raises the job seekers hope. They can expect to get employment at job fairs.

  48. Lots of people are looking for work, all over the world.

  49. That's a wonderful event. It's great that your country is opening many doors of opportunities for job seekers.

  50. not gd at numbers? I used to be gd in sec schl. After tt I gave up Maths after JC! Tt makes 2 of us?