Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chingay Parade 2009 - Wonderland

I was stuck at River HongBao 2009 last night for 2 hours because of Chingay Parade 2009. The street was closed. So Chris and I watched the parade and fireworks.

More than 4,000 local and international performers from Australia, Japan, China, India and Indonesia participated in this annual street parade.

There were 13 floats competing for awards for the Best Float Design, contingent display and audience engagement, and Champion of the Year. Each floats costs between S$70,000 and S$120,000 to make.

float of our Indonesian friends

This year's parade theme is Wonderland.

Tickets start from S$45. I watched for free along Esplanade Park. :)

Chingay Parde 2009
31st January

Don't leave after the parade. City Alive - Singapore's Biggest Street Dance Party begins after that! Party until 4.30 am!!

*********** ooo O ooo ***********

River Hongbao Closing Performance cum Grand Lo Hei Dinner

1st Feb 2009


The series of nine-day festivities of River Hongbao would end on the night of 1st Feb with Mr Lim Swee Say, Minister for Prime Minister’s Office being the Guest-of-Honour. The highlight of the night is the Grand Lo Hei Dinner where over two thousand people would be led by the Guest-of-Honourto lo hei together and celebrate this special day.

For the purpose of the Grand Lo Hei Dinner, tentage would be constructed on-site which would pose a restriction on the dispersing of the gold foil by the God-of-Fortune. Therefore, the Organising Committee has decided that there will not be any dispersal of gold foil by God-of-Fortune for that night.


  1. I saw the ABS on the newspaper, now I know ECL's real name liao wor. Anyway, wishing you a late Happy New Year and since tomorrow is the 7th day of CNY, happy shopping!!!

  2. PuNiao,
    Thanks. :)
    Why shoppig on the 7th day of CNY? I thought it's every one's birthday? :D

  3. Heart of Rachel,
    It was a magnificent parade!
    And the performers were enjoying themselves so much, they spread the cheer and their joy to the audience.

  4. The parade looks beautiful. It must have been fun!

  5. JyLnc
    Yes, it was fun to watch the beautiful floats and performers.

  6. lina!
    Happy Human Day!!
    Happy Birthday to every human!

  7. Looks like you have had fun with your husband.

    I am happy to miss out on the crowd, and happy that you have updated me on all that I had missed.

  8. looks like the magnificent floats make the streets bustling alive.

  9. oceanskies,
    We were at River HongBao. and since we were so close to the parade, we just watched it.

    It was really crowded. We had to park our car at Suntec and walked.

  10. Life Ramblings,
    The floats are really beautiful! All 13 of them. Very creative.

  11. Nothing like that happen around hear our parades is about half an hour to an hour.
    And no floats.

    Coffee is on.

  12. The floats are really dramatic! They go all out for the new year over there.

  13. Wah~~~very beautiful! But a bit expensive the ticket I think. So lucky you could watch it for free.

  14. hello friend!....would you mind if we xlinks? link is, feel free to check it out...take care friend ^_^

  15. Thanks East Coast Life for sharing your Chingay experiences!

    My Dear and I went to see Chingay for two nights at different locations: in front of floating platform on Fri and just beside the City Hall on Sat. I just came back from City Alive! following Chingay on Sat! City Alive! lasted till 3am! and I was surprised to still be able to blog about my Chingay experiences and City Alive! experiences though not having slept for a night!

    Think its the fun these days that kept me going!

  16. Maybe you could please write more about the event, and I shall attend the River Hongbao the arm-chair method from my home's PC, thanks to your blog-posts?

  17. I'll have to kick myself for not being in SG... I missed lots of fun, eh?

  18. Captain Picard,
    Yes, it's spectacular! A long day for me too. :)

  19. peppylady,
    Our parades are usually grand affairs, closing roads to traffic for hours.

    It's a beautiful sight though.

  20. DianeCA,
    Not only do we go all out for Chinese New Year, we do it for our National Day too!

  21. Doreen,
    Tickets priced at S$45, S$55 and S$65. There is discount for certain guests.

    The tickets to the rehearsal are cheaper.

  22. singaporeshortstories,
    Wow!! You can tahan so long ah!? Aunty old ledi, cannot do this too often.... can get eye bags and panda eyes. hahaha.....

    Enjoy yourselves when you are young. As you grow older, body parts get weaker and you cannot do what you used to do. :P

  23. oceanskies,
    Last day for River HongBao tonight. We are having a grand tossing of yu sheng and a closing performance.

    I'll write the post after that. :)

    Thanks for your support all this time.

  24. Horsoon,
    aiyahhhh.... where were you? I thought you would come down to Singapore.

    Great photo taking opportunities. I took so many photos with my new camera until I don't know where to post them. haha....

    But I enjoy playing with my new camera and learning from the many professional photographers at the site.

  25. yenjai,
    Yes, everywhere.... even to the public toilet. I once left it behind when I came out of the cubicle.

    A young lady had to chase after me to return me my camera. hahaha....

  26. Hi, I just reached home from my Malaysia road trip ... lol.

    Enjoy the evening. Take some great photos. Looking forward to reading the story!

  27. Hi ECL,

    awww what is that you are wearing hehehe It looks like a fun parade and I can see someone is a bit Naughty or so it seems in the photos hehehe :) hope your weekend has been great to yah ECL. Lots of hugs :)

  28. Hello Ms. ECL..hahah!im having fun with your dress too..heheh!

    oh anyway, can i add you in my facebook account?


  29. Wow! So much fun! Is this Chingay parade a yearly thing?

  30. Oh I missed it...we went away for a much needed break this weekend. Hopefully, I'll see it next year.

    off topic - house warming sounds fun. would definitely invite you if I do one.

  31. Wah got floats also! It all looks spectacular ECL. I'm sure u enjoyed urself and thanks for sharing the pics! :):):)

  32. Happy Top Dropper Day btw lol! Enjoy the rest of ur weekend. :)

  33. Wilfrid,
    Welcome home!
    have to rush around today - toomany things to attend to. :)
    Glad you are back. Good news. :D

  34. empty street,
    I'm not in the pictures. :)
    They are the performers at the Chingay Parade.

  35. gagay,
    Of course you can add me in FaceBook! :)

  36. foongpc,
    yes, it is a yearly event. This is the 37th year.

  37. Jade,
    Whoa! where did you go to for a short getaway!?

    I'll love to see your new place. :)

  38. Mariuca,
    The floats are so colourful, some floats have moveable parts and can even spew smoke! lol

  39. mariuca,
    Oops... I forgot about Top Droppers' day!

    Enjoy your the new week ahead!

  40. Haha! That;s clever of U. I have not been to Chingay parade before and thanks for sharing. :)

  41. Dora,
    There are people who bought tickets just to watch it!

    I enjoyed seeing the cheerful participants. They don't look too comfortable in their costumes but they were enjoying themselves at the parade.