Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Singapore Bloggers Win Brands' 1st Singapore-Malaysia Blogger Challenge!

Singapore Bloggers won!! 54 to 47! We were called bird brains for taking part in this contest. ha! Each one of us are S$300 richer and received S$200 worth of Brands Essence of Chicken and Birds Nest! Yippee!!

A fortnight before I left for China, I was invited to join the first-ever Brands Singapore-Malaysia Blogger Challenge. I lugged the 2 weeks' supply of Brands Essence of Chicken which I faithfully drink each morning on my trip. And there was a training kit which I did not have time to practise as I was busy with meetings and was constantly on the road.

When we were kids, my Mom used to make my brothers and I drink Brands' Essence of Chicken when we were having important exams. My family was poor but my Mom managed to scrim and save to buy us these precious bottles of nutritious drinks. A tradition now in my family, I give my son and wards Brands Essence of Chicken when they are sitting for their exams. :)

Winners - Singapore 'bird-brains' bloggers

Held at Geek Terminal this morning, the Singapore Bloggers are Aaron, EastCoastLife, Endoh, Sheylara and Wilfrid. We met for breakfast, there was nothing to strategise. How do you prepare for a Mental Test!?

I'm the Marketing Director for MENSA Singapore. If you want to know your IQ score or how to improve your mental performance, contact me. Potential sponsors are also welcome to contact me. MENSA Singapore is celebrating its 20th Anniversary next year. :)

Malaysian Bloggers team

We welcome the Malaysian Bloggers RedMummy, Sultan Mufazzar, KY, Suanie and Babe in the City who flew from KL yesterday. Looking confident, they seemed well-prepared and ready to tackle the Singaporeans.

A photo for remembrance

There were 7 rounds of questions. We not only have the one-to-one questions, we need to work together as a group as well. Finally we need to be Fast in thinking and quick in action to beat the other team to answer 5 questions. The tricky Maths questions threw us all off guard though!

Singapore-Malaysia Blogger Challenge

The questions should be easy for the younger bloggers. For this ageing Aunty blogger whose memory and concentration power are fast deteriorating, it's no easy task. I'm scared. From now on, I have to play mahjong more often with young handsome guys. :D

Interview with the press

I was surprised to see a large turnout of the mainstream media. After our interviews with the press, we sat down with our guests for lunch.

Singapore and Malaysia bloggers

It is an honour to represent Singapore for this challenge. I wanted to have a relaxing and fun time, but when you are up there, you just have to do your best. We want our Singapore flag to fly high!


  1. hello! just dropping are u?care for ex links?

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    take care!

  2. Thank you for representing Singapore. Win or lose, I think the best part is that you meet new friends, and get to exercise your brains.

    Hmmm... I have no idea what my actual IQ score would be. Is there a need for me to know that? I personally think that IQ is just one way to measure intelligence. Hopefully I have a lot of intelligence, some which may not be measured yet using the existing tools. *winks*

    Anyway, glad that you have had fun, and lots of Essence of Chicken.

    Your Mom must have command a lot of respect from the people in your family. Those precious Essence of Chicken probably were symbols of your Mom's care and love to each of you. :)

  3. oceanskies,
    Yes, the precious bottles of Essence of Chicken were bought with my Mom's sweat and blood. She had to wash many loads of clothes to feed us and save for the 6 bottles.

    My brothers and I now feel terrible when we think of the tantrums we threw when we were made to drink them. We didn't understand how hard she had to save for them. My mother has dementia and cannot recognise any of us now.

  4. Yo ECL...
    such is the unpredictability of life..your mom strived so hard, and yet don't have the luck to enjoy thoroughly and in full, the warmth that kinship can bring...

    nice to know that even the mainstream "big brother" media is "kneeling" in recognition of social media !!

  5. Hello articulator!
    I really miss you. Sorry I was too busy to visit.

    My Mom slaved all her life to bring us up. When it was time to enjoy the fruits of her labour, she had to turn into such a wreck. It really pains us to see her. Not knowing her own husband, children and grandchildren.

    I sincerely hope the mainstream media and the new media can work together, but some of those present today still have that 'I'm the big brother' mentality. I captured their faces in my photos. :)

  6. I also drink Brand's essence of chicken during major exams... hahaha!

  7. ECL,
    No wonder Malaysia lost! They didn't have me, the Kokky genius, in the group! Oklah, this time we let Singapore win, next time, no chance!:D

  8. the mighty Kokky!?
    scared scared
    How come you didn't join ah? hehe....

  9. ECL,
    Scared leh! hahaha!

    I didn't join cause I don't want you to say I'm a big bully mah. First competition already beat you, how can right?:P

  10. ECL,
    How to know my IQ score ah? And how to improve my mental performance?

  11. Kokky,
    Neber mind, come beat me to a pulp! hehe....

    My name will be EastCoastPulp. haha....

  12. Wahhh! You don't know your IQ score yet want to beat me!?

    And I must be stupid to teach you how to improve your mental performance so that you can beat me! hahaha....

    Cute lah you, kokky!

  13. Wah congrats congrats!! ECL can belanja now he he, happy Wed! :)

  14. Like your mum, I also give my sons Brand's essence of chicken during their major exams and for regaining their energy after an illness. And congrats to the winners. Brand's chicken essence sure acts as a brain booster here:}

  15. Hi East Coast Life,

    How I wish I could be one of Singapore's top bloggers too?

  16. hmmm another wacky event u got yourself into! cool job there winning spreading our little red dot's fame in the essence department! lol.

  17. Ecl,

    Congrats to you and your team for winning the Singapore-Malaysia Blogger Challenge and keeping the S'pore flag flying. The rewards at the end of the challenge were worth the effort.

    Parents nowadays are still continuing the practice of giving their children essence of chicken to drink before sitting for the exam. in the belief that it will help them to perform better.

  18. Wah congrats!I saw the announcement in Sultan Muzaffar's site. Hehe. The best one wins!

  19. Congrats to you and the Singapore team! As Malaysian, I of course want Malaysian bloggers to win, but well... I don't really like the taste of Brand's Essence - I think now they've also made the chicken essence in pill form, right?

  20. Congratulations to the whole team! :D woohoo!

  21. Congratulations to all of you. Wow what an honor ECL.

    My oldest is Mensa so I do know how tough it is to make the mark.

    I used to be at 141 but now my brain is too old also...LOL!!!


  22. Is Essence of Chicken really that good? I drank some but still the same...

  23. Ah! another feather in your cap, EastCoastLife.

    Congratulations to you and the Singapore Team.

    Rock On!

  24. Was nice to meet you guys, and congrats on the victory! :D

    I think everyone had plenty of fun.

  25. So you drank lots of Essence of Chicken prior to the challenge or not?

    Congrats Singapore! But not happy aso as Malaysia didn't win. :D

    p.s so long didn't drop by here. :)

  26. congratulations to singaporean bloggers. wow, now everyone will be stronger, not only richer. LOL

  27. Hey ECL =)
    the first 2 lines of your reply really touched me..(AwwwwWww..)

    anyways keep up the good work !!
    will visit ur blog often..

  28. Hey ECL =)
    the first 2 lines of your reply really touched me..(AwwwwWww..)

    anyways keep up the good work !!
    will visit ur blog often..

  29. ahjie
    Lemme tell you something no one said in the comments (everyone is too shy?)

    Of the 10 participants
    Your look BEST!
    You are the only one who can smile properly (excluding the guy next to you. Sorry, I am straight!)

  30. opps.
    Would I get whack by 9 other participants?
    ahjie, help me.......

  31. Seriously, you have contributed a lot and done really well! I am so proud of you, so proud of us!

    Your hubby has talent. You should get him the Nikon dSLR :)

    Links to photos sent to you. Please do check email.

  32. Whao,star team! all ang ang wan somemore.

  33. cheerz to Singapore.. 33 claps !!

  34. The US distributor for Brand’s Essence of Chicken had recalled products there as the US Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) could not determine the source of the ingredients.