Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gratitude - RT

Coming home in the early hours of the morning and feeling very tired after entertaining some overseas clients, I saw these when I switched on my bedroom lights.

Neatly laid out on my bed, a simple note was attached. I suddenly felt this gush of warmness in the heart.

One by one, my foreign students are returning to their countries for the long Christmas and New Year holidays. Occasionally I receive cards and little gifts from them.

I have not expected this gift from the young man. It is especially gratifying for me to see him finish his university studies and to express thanks to someone.

This young man was sent to me by his mother because she could not handle him any more. He was kicked out of school for playing truant. He was into computer games and cannot concentrate when it comes to books. He was very poor in social skills.

Coming from a filthy rich family, he has every thing he can ask for. He knows nothing about hardship. He knows nothing about compassion.

It was a tough 4 years for me. Every week we were fighting. Every week he was punished. It came to a point we don't speak to each other. Jaymes was the messenger. It hurts me to discipline kids, but I have to do it for their own good.

I slept well......

This morning as I passed by his room, I felt warmness again. This time it's anger. He forgot to switch off the air-con when he left!


  1. (lol) i thought he was totally reformed! a sweet thought to leave you a gift.

  2. salute you for your kindness shown to children , and your guidance to everyone around you ^-^

  3. ECL,
    You're very keng lah! One Jaymes, you not enough, you wanna get more boys and gals so that you can fight with them. kekeke!

    Don't angry lah. The pressies already compensate everything. Eh, where's my pressies!?!??! :P

  4. Well, seems like he appreciates all you've done for him all this while. Is he coming back to Singapore?

  5. Luna,
    haha.... he's much better behaved than when he first came.

  6. yenjai,
    sigh.... someone has got to be the 'bad guy'.

    And usually it doesn't pay to be kind and for caring too much. :)

  7. Kok,
    Where did you go? Every now and then you disappear!

    I have only one son, so taking care of other people's kids seem to be a great deed to do then. But those kids were not well brought up. Some are really monsters. :P

    Let me check what pressies I can spare you ah. hehe...

  8. Doreen,
    Yes, he does appreciate what I did for him. :)

    When I called to thank him for the presents, he went into a long thank-you speech for taking care of him for the past 4 years. A heartwarming gesture that brought tears to my eyes.

    He's coming back next year for his MBA.

  9. Perhaps the greatest reward from what you are doing is that of helping to nurture and guide the young ones so that they will one day become more useful citizens of the society. It is certainly a heartwarming gesture. :)

    I wish one day the little things that I am doing each day would somehow make this world a better place, just like how your work has enhanced the quality of lives of your wards and foreign students. Cheers.

  10. kids. They make u mad and provide immense joy. Send them over to my den and I'll whip them into shape. Haha. Seirously am looking for a person to rent my other room. I guess when my own comes, I will be most ready. Shall we meet for a meal and to pass u the form?

  11. If only there are more like you. :)

    Good to hear that you've reformed the boy. Don't be angry abt the air-con lah, think of his nice present. :P

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  13. That's funny - if he left the air-con on, shouldn't you feel "coolness", instead of "warmness"?


  14. oceanskies,
    My greatest wish is to produce good citizens, young people who can contribute to the good of the world.

    Kids these days are too sheltered and soft. They are also too self-centred. The world is going to be a cold scary place if we don't do something.

  15. sho,
    I would gladly send them over if you can handle them. :)

    I can meet you after Christmas, having overseas guests in town.

  16. Lina,
    I don't usually succeed with these rebellious kids. Those who truly appreciate what I did, still keep in touch and visit me often. I have a couple of them in town now, so I'm shopping and having meals with them. :)

  17. Buzzing J,
    He wasted electricity! How to keep my cool!
    *calculates the electrical charges*

  18. hi there. thanks for the message. i'm not going home this christmas. my leave is scheduled on chinese new year. that i am very excited :) excited to see my loved ones and the philippines :)

  19. Makoy,
    You would have a longer holiday if you go back during Chinese New Year. :)

    I'm sure you are looking forward to seeing your loved ones. :)

  20. You did your job well ECL, that's why he remembered you with this lil gift! :):):)

  21. I would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas if it is a season you celebrate and a very happy new year.

  22. sounds like he's very thoughtful of you to leave some gifts behind.

  23. I cheer you on in your endeavours to achieve your wishes!

  24. Teenagers at time can where on your nerves.
    But most of them grow up and Thank God/dess.

    Coffee is on.

  25. Blessings to a lovely lady and thanks for stopping by my blog grammology.

    Children our most precious natural resource..and were lucky to have teachers like you who never give up.

    Dorothy from grammology

  26. I salute you for the patience you have with children. This is definitely something that I should learn from you.

    Merry Christmas to you and all at home :)

  27. Leave the aircon on, then raise his rent and charge the extra charges to him when he comes back! :D

    Have a merry merry blessed Christmas.

  28. ECL,
    I'm busy with work and then down with flu and sorethroat lah. Worse, my modem at home also sick. Hence, couldn't online loh. :(

  29. It sounds like an often thankless job, but I'm glad you're doing it. I know the kind of kid you're talking about here... it's not entirely his fault, but by this age he's got to own some of it. Hopefully, he'll pass on what he's learned so there are a few less for you to deal with later.

  30. What a wonderful job you have done with this young man! Unfortunately, forgetting things seems to be something young people all over the world suffer from!

  31. Taking care of other children is really a tough job but you are superwoman;)! I don't think there's anything you cannot do.