Sunday, December 14, 2008

ECL at the Opening of National Geographic Store (Singapore) - WS

Congrats to National Geographic on the Opening of its 1st store in Asia!!

I was invited to the opening of Singapore's 1st National Geographic Store on the groundfloor of Vivo City. :)

EastCoastLife and Jaymes with the top men of NatGeo Store, Pere Matamales (CEO of Worldwide Retail Store) and Sven Thierhoff (Vice President, Licensing International/Europe) minutes before the opening of Asia's 1st National Geographic Store.

Sven personally walking EastCoastLife in once the doors opened.

Hugs and congratulations all round!!

Woot! The first sale of the store!! A great start!

First customer to use its Fitting Room. It looked so good on him, Chris bought it!

12.20pm, crowds thronging the store.

National Geographic's net profits support the National Geographic Society's exploration, conservation, research and education programs.


  1. Did you make the first purchase. That's a tidy sum you got there on the register. :D

  2. Hi ecl,

    Not sure what they sell besides clothing - can u enlighten me ?

  3. Ecl,

    How I wish to be in your shoes, being escorted personally and pampered like royalty.

  4. Good for you. How fun. You travel in a very nice circle. Have a terrific day. :)

  5. Wow - how cool and what an opportunity! I love all of the photos for your photo hunt picks!

  6. Dutchie,
    The 1,500 sq metre Singapore store at Vivo City features a retail market place, exhibition space and unique "experience zones" for multisensory activities designed to stimulate, educate and inspire visitors.

    There will be a rotating showcase of curated exhibits, inspired by content from National Geographic's international channels, magazines and mission-oriented projects.

    The market place features a wide selection of National Geographic media products featuring its award-winning content as well as newly created branded merchandise and sustainable, unique, hand-crafted items sourced from global artisans.

    The store features items produced, sourced or selected by National Geographic.

    Besides its key product lines of apparel, it sells casual and expedition-style footwear; a full range of optics, from eyewear and binoculars to telescopes and cameras; journals, calendars and other stationery products; maps, atlases and guidebooks; watches; home furnishings and dėcor, with a special emphasis on reclaimed wood pieces; and a wide selection of children's products.

    In addition, National Geographic will regularly organise public lectures by some of its most renowned explorers, authors and photographers, as well as free film screenings at Vivo City's outdoor amphitheatre, providing education and entertainment for young and old and for travellers and armchair explorers.

  7. stanley,
    You should have come down on the opening day to meet me. :)

    OK... you want me to escort you and bring you on a tour of NatGeo store? hehe....

  8. Sandee,
    Thanks. I have built a good network. I must admit I'm charming and lovable. hahaha......

  9. Expat Traveller,
    Thanks. Hope it is informative for you. :)

  10. What a cool post! Looks like a beautiful store.

    I am stunned by your template here too .... were ever did you find it?
    The header is one of the best I've seen anywhere.

  11. Speedcat Hollydale,
    Thanks. :D

    My blog template was designed by my blogger buddy, LadyJava. Awesome, isn't it?

    So EastCoastLife! haha....

  12. Ecl,

    It's great honour for me if my dream to be escorted by you can be realised but on the other hand I feel "paiseh" to be escorted by such an elegant, charming and lovable lady such as you, hahaha!

  13. stanley,
    aiyohhhh.... no problem lah, whenever I can make it.

    Oops... sound so Ah Lian. haha....

  14. wow!

    i never heard that national geographic have a shop. thanks for sharing.

    i got an award for you...

  15. Hey there sweetie. Thx for stopping by my place and always keeping in touch. It's always nice to see you. And, yes, it is almost time for Christmas. Best time of the year - EVER. The office I work for just opened up a partner office in Singapore - last week. WEird, huh. Wishing you the best. *lovies*

  16. Wow, its a nice event to attend to.
    Hope National Geographic opens store in the Philippines too.

  17. Must make the effort to visit the store if I go Singapore. You are so lucky to get be escorted in by the VP! : )

  18. We don't have this chain here. Nice shots!
    Have a great weekend ahead. :)

  19. What fun!! I didn't even know they had stores!!
    ::waving hello::

  20. Pretty cool for National Geographic to have it's very 1st Asia store in Singapore.
    Nice 4 digits 1st sale for the store too!

  21. Interesting, even a cable TV channel can open a store! ;)

  22. interesting one... I love your LV bag... LOL! Have a great day...

  23. wow, you are so VIP everywhere you go. *bows in respect*

  24. Wow that is just so great, congratulations!

    My weekend snapshots are here and here should you want to check it, too.

  25. Aiyo woman! So famous la you, everyday oso go here and there, meet VIP he he! :):):)

  26. This is an awesome store, I'd love to visit it one day. And of course stop by at Lush first he he! ;)

  27. am sure that's one very interesting store! expensive, though ... lol.

  28. mousey,
    Thanks for the award!

    National Geographic Store Singapore opened on 14th December in Vivo City.

  29. oceanskies,
    I'm sure you would be fascinated with the photos, maps, atlases, books...

  30. Hello Chuckie!
    Glad to see you back to blogging!

    How lovely for your office to open a branch in Singapore! Any chance you would be sent here? hehe.... That would be awesome!

  31. Karen,
    I hope Natgeo hears that. Open a retail store in the Philippines. :)

  32. foongpc,
    Yes, it is a good place to visit when you're in Singapore.

    The VP is a very humble and friendly man. Even the CEO is the down-to-earth type.

  33. Indrani,
    India would probably have one. The Marketing Director said that India is a very important market for Natgeo. That's why Singapore is picked over HK. Many Indians like to come to Singapore for holidays. :)

  34. Mar,
    NatGeo opened its first two global stores in December after 5 years of planning and looking around for suitable retail locations.

    Expect more to come....

  35. Napaboaniya,
    As a Singaporean, I'm proud that it picks Singapore to be the location for its first store in Asia. Our little island has made a huge brand name for itself in the global markets.

    Buy 4D. hehehe....

  36. Leonard,
    Not just any cable TV channel. Its magazine has more than 100,000 subscribers in Singapore leh!

  37. Pretty Life Online,
    You only notice my bag. hehe....
    Have a lovely week!

  38. misti,
    aiyahhhh... people give face only lah. 面子是人家给的!:)

  39. Mariuca,
    My real world job also wat. Meeting CEOs, Presidents of companies and billionaires are part of my job. Sometimes not as fun as what people think hor.

  40. Mariuca,
    Yes, yes... come down to Singapore! :)
    You can tumpang LadyJava for your Lush products, when she comes back. :)

  41. maiylah,
    It's an interesting store. I do find its products expensive too. :P

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