Tuesday, November 04, 2008

EastCoastLife Prepares To Be Deep Fried

I spent one whole day preparing myself.... fasting and trying to meditate. Tried hard not to have undesirable thoughts. But I'm EastCoastLife, it's very frustrating!! haha.....

Arriving at the place of worship, I noticed tins of cooking oil for the Boiling Oil Cleansing ritual were offered to deities for their blessings. That is a lot of oil!

OMG! What a huge cauldron! They did not say we have to sit in it!?

A talisman, copper coins and a mysterious red packet were placed at the bottom of the huge cauldron before oil was poured over them.

More oil was added, and a few bottles of ..... rice wine and herbal concoction!? Hey! Braising me!? I was starting to get nervous.

Fanning the fire until the oil began to boil.... my breathing was getting heavier.

More talismans were scattered over the boiling oil ..... I was standing next to the boiling cauldron of oil, the heat was unbearable.....

I was sweating and my heartbeats quickened. Final call for all participants to get ready.....

How was EastCoastLife done? How did EastCoastLife fare? Photos next post. :)


  1. My rainbow angel,
    You making me more kan cheong.....
    *wipes off sweat*

  2. Wah.. kan cheong is right rainbow.. what on earth is happening ECL?? deepfried?? Aiyoohh!!

  3. LadyJava,
    kan cheong must have music too ...
    *music from Mission Impossible playing...*

    A Taoist ritual to touch the Gods who would then have pity on me, so I can have blessings and good fortune. hehe....

  4. Very interesting tradition. Looking forward to what happens next.

  5. my heart is beating fast, what with that Mission Impossible soundtrack playing in my head. :D

  6. Captain Picard,
    I don't expect a man of authority to do this. :)

  7. peppylady,
    It was crowded with worshippers and spectators. :)

  8. rachel,
    hehe... eye-opener to some Chinese tradition and culture. :)

  9. lina,
    haha... the music was going through my mind as I was watching them set up the boiling oil. I shall put it in my video. :)

  10. wow what ritual was that, it is as if people are goin to be fried hahaha

  11. Wow... I don't think I would fancy deep fried! I can't wait to see the punch line

  12. No~~~~tell me that you didn't! You didn't!

  13. jams,
    No deep-fried, for health reasons? hehehe....

  14. *Hugs Princess Doreen*

    See the photos ... next post.

  15. Hi ECL,
    Wow you are one daring woman! Where do you find time to blog and do all of these?

    Curious to see the pictures on your next post.

    You're amazing! I would love to meet up sometime for tea...when are you free?

  16. That's interesting! I can't wait to see the next post too;-) Nice one,ECL! as usual!~

    Mine is up too, HERE. If you get a chance;)

  17. ECL,
    Finally, ECL become "yau char kwai"! hahahahaha!

  18. dropping my EC. hope you can see my EC widget

  19. I think I'll stick with the luck I have thanks. Being diced and deep fried doesn't sound like much of an improvement.

  20. What is up with Blogger? I had to change my comment box too!!

    Oh ECL...these are wonderful as always!!

    I was looking at Ruby Tuesday last night.

    But, didn't really have any pictures that would fit.

  21. But, I am taking my old camera with me today. And will try to find some reds and join in next week!!

    I get my new camera today....I am so excited!!

    I hope you have a great day!!


  22. I think Ecl will chicken out at the last moment...ha..ha..ha....

  23. whoa, what a fun post! i guess they decided to bake than fry! =D

  24. That frying pan is huge!!! Happy WW :)

    My WW entries for today are at:

    Pastyme With Good Companye

    The Paranormal Blog

    Nuttin' But

    Please stop by if you have a moment :)

  25. And then???? What happened??? faster la continue!! He he! ;)

  26. You are pretty good at getting people to have the urge to read the next post.

    The fact that you can be here to blog about it means that you weren't hurt badly by the entire ordeal, I suppose?

  27. Life ramblings,
    You dun need the guts of a lion for this. hehe....

  28. Jade,
    My work and appointments are fully lined up this whole week but I have to do what I have to do.

    This few posts are part of my blogging project. It's work. :)

    We can meet next week. :)

  29. Kok,
    You like to see me become 'You char kuay' ah! hehe....

    I hope can slim down after the deep frying....

  30. bonoriau,
    I haven't been able to see your EC widget for days until this afternoon.

    It's probably your 'projectwonderful' because it shows the url at the bottom of my computer and nothing shows on your sidebar.

  31. shinade,
    Yep, it's the comment malfunctioning. I'm keeping this pop-up window.

    Hey, you have your new camera! congrats! Let me see your beauty!

  32. Stanley,
    Want to bet!? hahaha.....

    I did contemplate backing out. I'm more frightened of the 'chicken calling' than the deep frying. hahaha....

  33. mariuca,
    sabar.... sabar....

    masih ada orang lain belum baca.... besok yah. :)

  34. LOL... sounds like a thrilling experience. Can't wait to read about the part when you are tossed into the cauldron of boiling oil!

  35. I always learn something new on your blog! Great Wordless!

  36. oceanskies,
    I have frequently added suspense in my posts. Can guess what happened in my next post? :)

    I don't know about others..., sometimes I dun have to be physically sitting in front of my computer to answer comments. Shhhh... secret.

  37. wilfrid,
    tsk tsk tsk.... you din read my post ah.

  38. CK,
    Alamak! So many people want to see ECL being tossed into that cauldron of boiling oil! @.@

  39. chris,
    There are more 'new things' in future posts. :)

  40. Errr....do you have a i-phone that allows you to reply to comments without being in front of the computer??? Or you have lots of assistant?

  41. I ECL -- I cooked in one of those things along with a lot of others one time (in China, but I forgot where). It was a Mongolian 'something'.
    Happy RRtU, thanks for your visit and nice comment.

  42. the way you post about the heat tends me to feel it as well. do they have a ritual like saying of prayers?

  43. You sure have some interesting traditions over there. Colorful, too.

  44. Please use olive oil ... the aroma will be great! :)

  45. ecl, was there hot ice in the red packet? That would make the oil look like it was boiling but it wouldn't be too hot to put your hand in... Hope I didn't spoil it! :(