Thursday, September 11, 2008

What's in EastCoastLife's handbag?

The Handbag Meme

I was tagged by writer julia for The Handbag Meme.

Here are the rules. Find a safe quiet place free of significant others, nosey meme makers, priests, nuns, all things religious and men in general. (If you're a guy just reverse this process to male and tell us about your wallet, tool box, briefcase or metro sexual accessory.)

1.. Dump the contents of your handbag in a pile
2. Take a photo of your
handbag and the contents
3. Be brave and 'splain to your fellow bloggers what lurks inside the
4. Tag others who might want to embarrass themselves
5. Answer these questions:

Describe the contents of your handbag.
What's the most important thing in your
What's the most embarrassing thing in your
What's the smallest thing in your
Is there anything illegal in your

Started by Mimi, Queen of Memes who thinks up brilliant memes. :)

To answer the meme questions:

What's the most important thing in your handbag?
My keys. Without them, I cannot open doors to my daily pleasures! :P

What's the most embarrassing thing in your handbag?
Geez.... I REALLY DON'T KNOW HOW the condom got into my handbag. And there's only one left....., what happened to the other three? Oops. :x

What's the smallest thing in your handbag?
Biscuit crumbs. I kept some biscuits in my bag and it became crumbs. I forgot how long those few pieces of biscuits stayed in my bag. :P

Probably I might find an ant or two or a cockroach egg? ewwww.......

Is there anything illegal in your handbag?
No!! I would tuck them in between my bra.

Describe the contents of your handbag.
keys - appointment diary - mobile phone - camera - lipsticks - receipts - namecards - vouchers (?? I completely forgot about them!) - bank passbooks - purse containing my credit cards, membership cards and cash - tissue - mints - jotter pad.


I want to see what the following bloggers have in their handbags/ purse/ wallet :

YenNapaboaniyaJadeJulie RachelMariucaLadyJavaBonoriauBokjaeSweet JasmineLeonardStanleyEttey MaiylahDianeCAthe donGKokYenjaiIvan Girl Liza

Any one else who is interested to participate in this meme, leave a comment after you have written your post and I'll link you.


Coming up!!

Akan Datang!

An EastCoastLife contest

Come back for more details.

hiak hiak hiak hiak......


  1. Ayayay! ECL wants to see what's inside the bag of a Momma who have 2 kids always in tow! hehe Thanks for thinking of me,ECL! I'll do this soon ;) Happy Thursday!

  2. so it's either handbags/ purse/ wallet, i have a wallet so i can do this meme...

    okie... :P

  3. Yen,
    Not all Mommas carry the same things in their bags. I want to see! I want to see!

    *rummage through Yen's bag....*

  4. *faint* handbag hardly use lar, my working bag can bor? :P

  5. Leonard,
    Wallet, tool box or briefcase also can!!


  6. Napaboaniya,
    Can! I just want to see the junk .... er contents of your daily life. :P

  7. ok...when I get my next breather, I'll do this tag. Eh...I'm not married yet la. If I am, u'll definitely see me post pics of my wifie and babies up daily! Now my kids = students and I already feel like a father to some of them who respond to my advice. It is sad how so many dads are so absent in many boys' lives - which i swear I will not be one.

  8. sho,
    What!? You don't kena earfuls from your married colleagues meh? Must listen to the gahmen...

    I'm sure you will be a great Daddy to your kids.

    Hey, coming down to see me this Sunday anot? Read your email.

  9. Wah first time I see a meme here at ur blog! I've seen this meme before, but at a different blog. Okies! Now must charge my camera to take pics of my bag and its nonsense inside he he he!

    So many things inside ur bag kan? But I got a few bags that I must choose the best one he he! :):):)

  10. Mariuca,
    This isn't the first time lah. Got the blogging space one too.

    haha... can't wait to see what the pretty Princess has in her bag. Choose the one with the most junk... er, contents.

  11. I was more interested to know about the Eastcoastlife contest. Most likely I could only read about it when I am back from Australia.

  12. Hey! as a man I don't carry a handbag! Of course I do carry a wallet and just be sporty I'll play along and show what's in my wallet! Thanks ECL! Will do this ASAP! Fun leh!

  13. That is a lot of junks, oops I mean stuff in your bag! Condom...emmm.....interesting.....

  14. Thanks for the meme..emm where is my wallet?? Wow you have alot of things inside your handbag but the best is where you put your illegal things ...:):)

  15. oceanskies,
    The contest will be up tomorrow. I hope you will participate. The prize is very good. It would be a great gift for your parents. :)

  16. Bokjae,
    Can't wait to see what's in your wallet. Any photos of beautiful ladies? hehe....

    Don't cheat! Don't remove evidence!

  17. Doreen!!
    Junk!? All are useful, especially the condom.

    There were condoms, but some guys borrowed and never reimbursed me. Emergency use. Not used on me....

    Wahhh!! Later another dick-misunderstanding.

  18. Bonoriau,
    Oops... the Customs at the Immigration checkpoints are going to have fun.... looking for illegal stuff on me! wahahahaha....

  19. Err...eastcoastlife, I am leaving home before 7 a.m. tomorrow....and I figured I won't have the time to surf the internet, unless I could steal some time to use the internet facilities while I am at the airport. Wow, the prizes would make great gifts for my parents. Hopefully I could try....

  20. oceanskies,
    Oh... want me to send you off at the airport?

    The contest will be on for 5 weeks. It can wait for you to come back. Don't have to purposely search for internet connection in Australia to join this.

    The Prize? You will gasp... I wonder from excitement or disappointment. hahaha...

  21. Woweee.. love this meme... as I am a handbag freak.... and I just got a new handbag while in SG lagi... cheapo one but great to put in Mr Motorbike basket..lolz!!

    Ook... will do this in a while!!

    Umbrella.. yeah a definite must while taking public transport... wouldn't want to be caught without be it rain nor shine!!

  22. Fabulous, ECL! Love your missing condoms...! And your red wallet. And your purse itself is very nice.

    This meme is making tracks. I'll check back with your male tagged bloggers - to see what's in their wallets.

  23. Hahaha you are hilarious as ever! Thanks for tagging me - this looks fun. I'll do it asap!

    I actually just bought a bag which I so love coz everything I need fits in well.

    Curious about the contest, will definitely come back to check on it!

  24. LadyJava,
    Oooo... I want to see what handbag you bought. Most importantly, kaypoh to see what stuff you have in it. hehe...

  25. Julia,
    Thanks, I'm glad I did a good job. *pat myself on the back*

    I'm curious as to what the guys have on their blog too. hehe...

  26. MommaWannabe Jade,
    New bag!? This I got to see.

    You are so gonna love my contest and the PRIZE! :D

  27. napaboaniya,
    Wah! lapsup po, let's see what you have. :P

  28. Fortunately you didn't tag me because my purse is quite boring I don't even have half of a condom in there and no pills either !

  29. That's a lot of things in a small bag!!! My bag is quite empty nowadays.

  30. Wow, you've got me interested to learn more about the eastcoastlife contest. I'll find out when I am back.

    Thanks for your lovely and kind thoughts of offering to send me off tomorrow. I would prefer some time alone actually. Nevertheless, your kindness is greatly appreciated. Wishing you good health meantime.

  31. Gattina,
    hahaha..... I don't expect you to be on the pills, but no condoms too?

  32. cc,
    My bag is messy...... I tend to keep many things in it. :)

  33. oceanskies,
    Yes, I'm sure I'll get many people interested in my contest and talking about it. :)

    aiyohhh... I live so near the airport, you don't want me to send? I'm alright now, feeling much better.

  34. And now I am so glad that I don't carry a handbag....

  35. Oh, women's handbags are soooo interesting!! I did this one about a year ago, lucky me: I had just changed to a new, organized bag :)

  36. cool insider,
    Hey, you don't know how much things you can dump into it! hahaha....

  37. Mar,
    Show me your not so new, organized bag then! haha...

  38. hehehe ... interesting contents, ECL! just wondering about the condom ...!! :D
    will do this meme soon and inform you when it's done. thanks, ECL!

  39. maiylah,
    I'm glad to see you. haven't seen you around for some time. :)

    Thanks for doing my meme.

  40. ey thanks for tagging me. since i dont have a handbag, ill get my backpack instead.

  41. I will do this meme wnenever possible as I have a million things on hand with my condo renovation going on now...guess I do not have any condoms in it..ha.ha.

  42. ECL,
    Just cannot imagine a male carrying a handbag. Doesn't that makes him look sissy? I have nothing to show as I don't carry a handbag. Haha.

  43. ECL!
    My wallet has nothing to see lah! Haha! Anyway, since you're curious, I'll do this over the weekend. :D

    By the way, why your "protection" only half half one? Got condom but no pill? hahahaha!

    Eh, what contest ah? Can I join? Got $1million for prize??? kakakaka!

  44. the donG,
    Your backpack would be good enough. Let's see what a traveller would pack. :)

  45. awwww... Tom.
    Your sugar-coated comment makes me want to go out and get a can of Mace right now.

    Note to local readers : Mace is a brand of tear gas, sometimes used for self-defence. :)

  46. Sweet Jasmine,
    I understand. It's just for fun. Do it at your own pace.

    I bet the renovation's turning out beautifully. Must take photos and blog ah. :)

  47. stanley,
    You carry a bag or backpack anot? Wallet? Tool box? Just want to see what stuff guys like to keep in their personal carriers. hehe...

  48. Kok,
    Sure got some secrets. My son also has some stuff hidden. hehe.... *peep peep*

    Condom is good enough for emergency lah. Pills don't give instant result! Risky. Some more got side effects. Can get fat, bloated. bleh.

    Come back to see the contest tomorrow. *mysterious smile*

  49. it's a wonder why ladies' have so many things in their bags, hor? i also scratching my head... hehehe...

  50. :lol: there you go: that bra trick again :lol:

    Btw: I could not find the tickets to Norway in your handbag ?!?!?

  51. my rainbow angel,
    I love the huge pink bag you were carrying in Penang. :)

    Actually the bigger your bag, the more stuff it holds. *open angel's bag to peep*

  52. Renny,
    Tickets to Norway are illegal stuff. hehehe...
    Another bra trick.

  53. it is done!
    eh, I got appointment on Sunday leh. NExt time must give my secretary 1 wk's advance notice mah. DOn't stress her out hor. :P

  54. sho,
    Yes, Sir.
    Sorry, Sir.
    I will keep it in my bird brain, Sir.
    Next time it won't happen again, SIR!!

    Thanks for doing the meme.

  55. ecl,
    Seriously, you'll be disappointed at what you're going to see; my wallet. I also bet you won't believe it. hahaha!

    Yameh? I don't know mah. Pls pass your knowledge to me then. Else, I also don't know how to differentiate between a condom and a balloon. hahahaha!

    Still need to wait till tomorrow....*yawn*

  56. Kok,
    I just went over to your blog. Your post is not up yet! *pinch kok*

    I will pass all my knowledge to you so you can be a playboy. hahaha.... Actually you can learn from Jaymes. kakaka....


  57. Hi ECL. Thanks for the tag. I'll try to do it this weekend.

    You have interesting and intriguing things inside your handbag. :)

    I'll share mine soon.

  58. Rachel,
    Thanks in advance. I'm curious what is in your handbag. :)

  59. ECL, I took my pics oredi he he, now must choose the best ones, hang on! ;)

  60. Ooops sorry I missed being tagged. I will try to post on it tomorrow. Have to work the night shift tonight. I won't cheat I promise. I won't get rid of condoms or illegal items for example LOL!!

  61. Diane,
    hahaha.... now I'm really curious about what's in your bag!

  62. Hola ECL! Done with this tag and tagged u back, have fun! :)

  63. I love your bag ECL :)
    now that's different !!!
    my post is at

  64. Sorry for the delay. I just posted mine here: