Saturday, September 06, 2008

eastcoastlife lost - PhotoHunt

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Sorry to disappoint my voters and supporters.

Fun photos with other Singapore bloggers

Singapore's first major Blog Awards ended with strings of surprises and disappointments. As in all competitions, there are winners..... so there will be losers. Don't take it too hard. We had fun.

Congratulations to all the winners!!

Congratulations to all the finalists! *hugs*

Matured bloggers coolinsider, ieat, ECL, Lam Chun See and kiddo Jaymes

At the event, meeting the people behind the blogs I read was wonderful. And I was very happy to see my old friends again. I had some touching moments when bloggers who had wronged me, came up to apologise. It takes great courage. I'm impressed. I hope you will support my project and let's work towards a better community of bloggers.

Singapore's National Treasure, Mr Tan Swie Hian

Meeting the celebrities and having photos with them was another highlight of the event. My wish to own a special piece of Tan Swie Hian's art was dashed but I get to meet him in person. I hope to see him again at his museum. :)

I was fluttering around the hall, talking to friends and sponsors and taking photos with celebrities. Sorry if I missed anyone. I didn't mean to ignore you.... and it's definitely not a snub.

I won a Sinemaniac membership worth S$80 and 2 T-shirts. haha.... Thanks to Sinema.

I went home with trophies of my own. I have wasted too much time these two months and it's time to concentrate on my projects. Bloggers and potential sponsors who have listened to my presentation, I'll get back to you asap. The Singapore Blogosphere is going to get exciting.......

Thanks to Qian Zu Ge for sponsoring my beautiful nail extensions
Qian Zu Ge 千足阁 (near Quality Hotel)
221 Balestier Road,
ROCCA Balestier #04-01,
Singapore 329928
Appointments : 6251 0055


  1. Sorry you did not win ECL.. but we all had fun and there's always next year ya :)

    Congrats to all the winners and finalist.. keep up the blogging!!!

  2. LadyJava,
    Thanks for the consolation. It was fun while it lasted. :) *hugs*
    Thanks for the great support!

  3. Hi crazyaboutsports,
    Yes, nice to see you that night! :)
    Keep in touch.

  4. dearest nyonya ecl (hehe) ... you are always a winner in my heart :-)

  5. rainbow angel sayang,
    Thank you very much. You're so sweet. *bear hugs*

  6. Eh forgot to say lah.. you look great in your kebaya... if there was a best dressed contest.. you'll win for sure lahh...!!!

  7. Everybody is a winner!


    And happy weekend! (:

  8. I still say you should have won, but good entry for the theme! Happy photo hunting ECL!

  9. Well, you're still my winner,ECL! :D And gotta love those nail extensions! hehe

    Happy Weekend!

  10. Sorry you didn't win ECL but it looks like you had a great time. Happy weekend

  11. We are in no way disappointed. You worked really hard and promoted your blog in the most incredible ways. We have had fun following along, and I think your regular reader base has grown. Be proud!

  12. Looks like you had a blast anyway and thanks for taking us with. In Norway we have a saying: 'the most important is to participate!' and it was fun as long as it last.

    Have a lovely end to your week :-)

  13. the fact u made it there, w tons of supporters around the world. U R already the best in many's hearts! HAve a gd weekend!

  14. Congratulations nevertheless. To be the top 10 bloggers in your category was already a great honour. Wow, you wore a sarong kebaya, and look lovely in it! Where did you get it from?

    Cool, you have taken a photo with Tan Swee Hian. :)

  15. Still calls for a celebration! Looks like you really had fun!

  16. Hi ECL, you are still a winner in that lovely sarong kebaya. You look great in them. Losing the trophy may be disappointing but what is more valuable is your endless effort in getting us entertain and you are always a winner in our hearts.....keep putting the smile on our face and we truly appreciate it.....

  17. ECL,paiseh paiseh hor...我也没料到我会赢lor..


    对了你昨天的妆扮美美的,还有我也想要有免费的pedicure wor..haha!

  18. Too bad ECL, but we all know you deserved a string of accolades. Next year for sure. Have a great weekend.

  19. I think you're a winner in your own way. Thanks for sharing these photos. You look lovely in your dress. It really looks like you had a wonderful time at the event. Hope many doors of opportunities will open up for you. Take care.

  20. Singapore has *organized* blog awards? Wow... how organized!!! :b

  21. LadyJava,
    Thanks for your compliment.

    Surprise! There was a best-dressed award but it went to chin chai dress. haha...

  22. Thank you Captain Picard! You're so sweet! *hugs*

  23. day-dreamer,
    Yes, everybody is a winner! *hugs for every one*

  24. Thank you Sue.
    Everybody feels they should have won. hehe... I did a beautiful job, not getting the recognition suxs but I have better things on hand to keep me busy. I made many more friends.

  25. Yen,
    Thanks sweetie!

    The spa redo my nails extensions for me. Every one who saw them has only praises. :)

  26. jams,
    Yes, I had a good time catching up with my friends. It was fun while it lasted. :)

  27. DianeCA,
    Glad that you enjoyed my posts. I worked hard to promote my country, through my blog. And I'm glad people from all corners of the world find this tiny island interesting and fun. :)

  28. Renny,
    Well, I had a great time attending events and making more friends! I 'won' more than I could get. :)

    Thanks for being such great pals, you and Diane! *hugs*

  29. sho,
    awww... thanks. You have a good weekend too. I have things to announce and you are included! :)

  30. oceanskies,
    My greatest supporter! Thanks so much!

    I bought this at Katong from a lovely Peranakan lady. I'm so thrilled to see and speak to Tan Swie Hian. And he was so nice to have a photo with us. *happy*

  31. Sassy Mom,
    Yes, I'll have a celebration soon and more fun in the future. :)

  32. awww.... sweet sweet Jasmine,
    I just love the lovely comments I get and feeling the beautiful smiles on your faces when you read my posts.

    I always do my best in whatever I do, and I will continue to do so.

    Thanks for your support. :)

  33. All hard work paid off in my opinion. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself and those that have wronged you, took the initiative to apologise. You're right that it takes lots of courage :)

    Enjoy ur weekend!!

  34. Jimmy,

    不要paiseh, 比赛就是这样! 有赢家就会有输家.... 享受这个荣誉并好好用它照福人群。

    你有时间, 我们一起去做脚底按摩吧?

  35. jmb,
    Thanks for your consolation. I'll continue to press on. :)

  36. Its nice to know your contest...Congrats to the winners...

  37. Rachel,
    I love that dress too! One look at it and I have to buy it. haha....

    hmmmm.... it makes me look older though. But I'm sure the true blue Nonyas would approve of my dressing. :)

    Doors are opening up and not just for me, for many bloggers too, if they trust me.

  38. YTSL,
    I like the way you write 'organized' blog awards. :)

    The first major blog award organized by the local media giant. Lots of improvements needed. Disappointing for such a big company to organize such a mediocre event.

  39. napaboaniya,
    I'm working harder than ever on a project for Singapore bloggers. This contest is another way I get my contacts and build my project on.

    I always believe that if a person conducts herself in a fair and honest manner, people will get to realise her true worth one day.

    I have my fair share of allegations and slander and I'll find time to deal with them, one shot.
    有仇必报,不是不报, 是时间未到!

    For those who have the courage to apologise, I will accept.

  40. ei, it doesn't matter if you win or lose as much as you had much fun. :)

    anyway, I still have to look for a PH photo theme.

    take care.

    PS. Dropped you an EC and would you mind if I add you in my blogroll? ;)

  41. Your a winner in my book!

    I'm glad that you had fun. By the way you look lovely.

  42. Sad you didn't win but there will be other times ! When I read this and look at the pictures I am so surprised how important blogging is in your country ! Most of the people here in Belgium and the once I know in Germany and Italy don't even know what a blog is ! Some students have a blog, but that's it. All in all it's not yet well known at all !
    Today the Formula 1 starts in Francorchamps, I put some links !

  43. ECL! Congrats on being a finalist and though u didn't win this time around, you look splendid in that pink baju kebaya, I love! Hope u still had fun, cause we certainly did, voting and cheering u on! Happy weekend dear! :):):)

  44. Congratulations on your great accomplishment ECL! I can't even get most entertaining blogger on the block. ;)

  45. Hi Ivan Girl,
    I'm glad to see you again. I lost your EC when you didn't reciprocate. hehe.....

    Thanks for your consolation. I'm delighted that you want to add me in your blogroll. Thanks.

  46. Hello Awake!
    Long time no see. Thanks for your compliment. :)

  47. Gattina,
    Blogging is gaining prominence in Singapore. This new media is getting more interesting and has great potential. Combined with good planning and organisation, it can really move mountains and shake the earth!

    We need to create awareness and get more people into blogging.

  48. awwww... thank you Mariuca.
    Both LadyJava and you were voting hard for me, I just feel bad letting both of you down. Thanks for your consolation.

    The pink baju kebaya is too pretty to pass, so I bought it. Just nice for this event. :)

  49. Grandy!!
    Hello! I'm so happy to hear from you!
    hehe.... I'm sure you would qualify for the category if there is a contest in your country. You have a great sense of humour.

  50. i read your reply to mine. U said soemthing abt things to announced and I am INCLUDED?? I always put my students n friends in suspense but nvr been at the other end of the wait. QUICK TELL!!! lol.

  51. sho,
    I just sent you an email. Read and give me your reply. hehe....

  52. Sorry I have not been reading my Facebook mail threads too hard.

    It is hard, getting used to Singapore again :(

  53. tigerfish,
    aiyoh... need help to get back into the Singapore system and way anot? Call me lah.

    Which email you using ah? Got two leh.

  54. You really work hard girl...And you are definitely a treasure !!

  55. Tom,
    Yes, I work hard. Thanks for your compliment. *happy*

  56. oh, this is exciting, not just receiving awards online, but in real. and ECL, you look stunning in that kebaya! :)

  57. Farah,
    Yes, real blog awards with trophies. :)
    Thanks for the compliment. haha... I look too old in it.

  58. It looks like you had a wonderful evening all the same! It's amazing to me how many bloggers there are.

  59. A.
    In Singapore, a large number of people have blogs. It's becoming a blogging nation. haha....

    Not all the bloggers turn up though, but there are more than 100 of them. :)

  60. ECL,
    though you didn't win, in my heart, you're forever a winner in this blogging world! :)

  61. Sure glad you didn't string us along. Your an excellent blogger have a wonderful day.

    Mine is up and the coffee is on.

  62. ECL, result is only a proses. Your achievement is really great. Next sure you will WIN!!!...sorry when you are free just check this and not bad

  63. Looks like a fun event ECL. I enjoyed the photographs.

  64. Thank you ECL! To me, your blog is really entertaining and interesting to read! You are a winner too! :D

  65. Looks like it was an amazing time with fellow outstanding bloggers. Being a finalist is quite an accomplishment, ECL! I always love coming to eastcoastlife.

    Just thought I'd let you know - Tag! You're it!

  66. Congrats on being a finalist. As a blogger, u r like an ambassador for Singapore. Almost everything i know abt Singapore comes from u :) To me, u will always be my choice.

  67. awww sad to hear that you didn't win. But you are my winner,that's for sure.And you look marvelous by the way.Hopefully next year you'll win!

  68. I have great respect for you ..ECL..!! how disheartening to hear that you didn't win. :(
    You are definitely my winner..!

  69. You're right, the key is, you had fun! :D

  70. You are always a winner in my heart. :)

  71. I agree with DK :)

    It was fun voting for you though ...