Thursday, May 22, 2008

Have a little fun with your coffee! Coffee Foam Art

Danny Pang with his trustworthy coffee maker.

Pour a pitcher of pristinely foamed milk starting in the centre of the coffee. Just start pouring straight into the middle of the coffee. Leave a dollop of foam in the middle of the coffee.

Use a teaspoon to place little dots of foam around the dollop of foam.

Run a tooth pick through the centres of the dots. You have your chasing hearts!

Looks easy... you can try it at home. Amaze your sweetheart. Practice, practice, practice. hehehe.....

A collection of Latte foam art


  1. you can amaze me by coming over to Sydney and make one for moi, ok? teehee...

  2. May,
    Yes, I'll show you how. And cook you a feast every day!!! :)

  3. wow, thanks for the tips! but my darling doesnt drink coffee. mayb i can use it on hot choco. :)

  4. We are the Champions - my friends
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  5. jean,
    Yes, you can try it on hot cocoa. You gave me an idea. I'm going to try on my milk tea! :)

  6. LB,
    Yes! Yes! Yes! You are the Champ in Europe!

    In Singapore, let's go to the Padang and fight it out. :)

  7. It looks delicious and oh, so cute!! those tiny hearts!!

  8. when i saw your post i have to rush to get my coffee hhhehehehe.

  9. Oh I also want to amaze my sweetheart he nice of u to post this, some more you're not a coffee lover yeah? :)

  10. A sweet chasing heart foam art. Did you do one for your loved ones?

  11. Pretty chasing hearts....will learn how to make these to please my sweetheart..."grin"

  12. Wow that looks so cute! I might try that one of these days! I love cofee;)

  13. Make until so nice... bu she de drink leh...

  14. It's so sweet! I'll ask my fiance to make one like this!! :D

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  16. so cute.. sounds easy.. i oso wanna try.. but oops.. the foam.. too lazy to make.. nehmind, i oso just wait for u to make for me hehehehe..

  17. That is amazing and it looks delicous. It will be fun trying this at home and impressing my friends and family.

    Thank You

  18. mariuca,
    Despite not being a coffee lover, I enjoy looking at coffee foam art. It's not easy to make one though. :)

  19. sweet jasmine,
    Yes, go for it, dear! I'm sure your sweetheart would be pleased. :)

  20. Jade,
    You have to try it. It's fun. Not easy to make though. hehe...

  21. day-dreamer,
    yay... so nice right? After admiring for a while, have to drink it while it's hot hor. :)

  22. sher,
    haha..... good one! Ask fiance to make you one. :)

  23. Hi Shelley,
    Thanks for the add! Will go over now. :)

  24. my rainbow angel,
    Wahhhh! You and May ah, two little lazy bums. ok lah, ok lah, I'll make for you two. Meanwhile I have to practise hard. hehe....

  25. Teacher Dave,
    Yes, it is fun and your family would surely be impressed. :)

  26. I love Teh Tarik. I can have a continuous 12 glasses easily one after another. Now no more, into Nescafe Tarik. But the Tarik bit is awesomely nice. Yes, the foam. Once, I was at a gerai, I saw people enjoying foamy drinks. So I ordered. It is an art, true. Surprisingly, the taste is so nice. So nice indeed. I am amaze after reading your post here, it can be done at home. Emmm...Thanks, I love the idea Eastcoastlife!

  27. Gran,
    You can always pay for a lovely cup of coffee with the foam art on it. :)

  28. zubli,
    I love teh tarik too! I would travel for my favourite teh tarik. Ahhh.... must ask you where is the best teh tarik in KL. I haven't tried Nescafe Tarik.... hmmmm... should I?

    I tried to make teh tarik at home and ended up cleaning the kitchen cabinets and washing the floor! kakaka.... need lots of practise.

    I realise that whatever that's sold in eateries and restaurants can be reproduced at home... at a fraction of the cost.

    During these hard times where every cent counts, we need to improvise and be frugal but yet not have to cut down too much on our lifestyle. hehe....

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  30. Oh my shining stars, zubli!!

    Thanks!!! What a lovely poem!

    Gosh.... I'm blushing. hehehe....

    OK.. I shall not be humble. I'm accepting everything written in it .... I'm the awesome hot chick, Eastcoastlife!!!! Yeah!

  31. Doreen,
    Yes it is dearie. If I go to NZ, I'll do it for you and Rick too. :)

  32. Of course, you are our bloggosphere darling. Enjoyz!!! (wink!)

  33. Whoa... Never thought they will be using spoon :P Previously I saw they just shake a little bit when pouring the milk and get a swam :D

  34. wong,
    hehe.... no need to be so formal lah, .... cheat a little mah. We do this at home, not for competition. :)