Friday, April 18, 2008

Beware of bogus Fengshui Masters

I may be willing to try many things but I didn't turn fengshui master. hehe.... I was offered a chance to learn the craft from a top master because I learn fast and possess the gift of the gab. duh.

A few days ago, a foreign acquaintance of mine has a heart attack and subsequently suffered a stroke while in Singapore. His wife was so distressed and didn't know what to do. I was approached to help and have been busy seeing to their needs, contacting top specialists and making arrangements for their friends and relatives to fly to Singapore to visit them.

The wife was so desperate to seek treatment for her husband that she was willing to try anything. One of her friends suggested her husband was possessed by evil spirits and she turned berserk, praying at every major temple and visiting bomohs
(mediums). I even had to accompany her on one trip to consult an exorcist! Will write about that experience next week. :)

Seeing her in such pain, I have to step in. I contacted my own Fengshui Master who is honest, reliable and knowledgeable. Although he cannot perform miracles but his help is reassuring to a person on the brink of breakdown.

The Master was called in to see to the fengshui of their house. Whatever changes need to be made will be done immediately so her husband can come home to a place filled with good qi (energy).

Please do find a good Master if you want to seek advice on fengshui, there are too many bogus masters who would do more harm than good.
Don't associate Fengshui with superstitious beliefs. Fengshui has some medical and psychological elements to it too.


  1. I suppose there must be bogus feng shui masters out there merrily conning the pockets off the gullibles. But I am yet to receive an email from them offering to give me 30% of their estate.

  2. I'm ashamed to say I do not know much about Fengshui. It's now on my list of things to learn more about.

  3. Dear LB,
    If they offer you 30% of their estate, they expect something in return. Your personalised, special services, perhaps. :)

  4. How would you feel about being a Feg Shui Mistress ??? I am sure you have everything in the right place..ha ha

  5. Bogus professionals are all over the place, be it Feng Shui Masters, doctors, lawyers or whatever...

    I notice you have turned from tour to Feng Shui these days? :P

  6. Had my house viewed by a Fengshui master before renovating it. Not sure whether it did work though. That's the catch, isn't it? After spending that kind of money, you'll probably attribute everything good that happened to fengshui. :)

  7. I believe in Fengshui. 有些事不得不相信风水:)

    My sis inlaw had a difficult labor with the cord wrapped around my niece's neck. Immediate consult with their regular Fengshui master over the phone. Think he asked if there's any renovation works at home. (there was!)
    Brother in law rushed back home to check, he got a shock when he saw a bundle of wires hanging on top of his main door. F.Master told him to remove it. Baby niece delivered even before he could rush back to the hospital. Coincidence? :P

  8. Hey! ecl, want to listen to a great 'fungshooi master talking? Visit

  9. well, when people is worried and troubled, some really cannot think properly and this is the chance for the bogus to strike!

  10. wow..great! learning feng shui..from a FS time can give free advice here..ah..?

    claim yr tag already....?

  11. Oops..forgot to ask....why suddenly such big letters in this post..? good feng shui again....have a nice day.

  12. I am totally into FengShui stuff. But it is too difficult when you don't read and write Chinese character. At least they do good job in trying to translate the texts.

    Anyway, what do you think of good fengshui for blogs? :D Input needed please ...

  13. You are really into Fengshui these days eh?

    I really wanna drive that Lambo. It's just a million dollar toy. Do you think your friend can help?

  14. Tom,
    Fengshui Mistress sounds so cheesy. I don't want to be a Fengshui Master, there's lots of studying.... by the time I'm ready to offer my services, I would be in my 50s.

  15. day-dreamer,
    Too many fakes these days.

    I'm writing Fengshui posts because just happen to be dealing with it in real life now. :)

  16. ck,
    I'm sure you spent a bomb on the fengshui consultation. hehe....

    I did have everything going well for me these years after consulting my Fengshui Master.

  17. napaboaniya,
    I believe but am not superstitious. I still use my brains leh... haha...

  18. sweet jasmine,
    I remember whatever the Fengshui Master told my friends and business associates to maintain the good energy in my life.

    I'm not going to study it as I don't intend to practise. :)

    I'm getting old, can't see the small letters. hehe....

  19. andie summerkiss,
    Many books on fengshui have been translated into many languages. But it is good to know Chinese history.

    Fengshui for blogs,
    I have my auspicious colour (green) on my blog. I try to avoid clutter.
    No dark background. :)

  20. Here's to give you the good friend award. I am sure that your friend is thankful to have you around.

  21. wilfrid,
    My friend cannot help. I can help.

    I introduce rich sugar mummies to you. I take 40% commission. Not only will you have a Lambo, you will have Rolex and branded clothes and maybe even a million-dollar apartment if you are that good. hehe....

  22. Oh my ... very indecent proposal you have there ...

    I was more thinking of getting my million dollar toy without raising my finger ... I mean d**k.

    Ha ha ha ... have a good weekend!

  23. That's true, there seems to be many people nowadays posing as Fengshui experts. Many of them are cashing out on the popularity of Fengshui. We should really be wary of them.

    I hope your acquaintance will recover soon.