Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Food & Beverage Fair 2008

The 7th Food & Beverage Fair where food suppliers launched their new food products to reach consumers and food lovers is being held at Suntec City Convention Centre.

It is disappointing to discover that the 'BIGGEST ANNUAL F&B EVENT IN TOWN' has degenerated into a rojak (eclectic mix) fair with irritating sales promoters from beauty salons and so-called health food companies shoving their products at you. There are even companies selling kitchen utensils, cleaning agents, slimming products, footwear!?! You wonder what are these products doing at a Food and Beverage Fair!?

At least, now there are lots of tables and chairs for visitors to eat their food comfortably.

I notice there were lesser well-known food suppliers or eateries this year. The variety of food products have reduced drastically. There were not many newly launched food products.

I enjoy going to exhibitions to discover new products and also I can buy products at discounted prices or get free samples.

There were many elderly folks and families at the fair. Typical at all food fairs, I see the usual undesirable behaviour of the people. They rush to eat the free samples provided by some stalls. They stand around these stalls, eating and eating...... and even grabbing food samples for their kids or elderly parents. Some even bought containers!

Expect huge crowds over the weekend. It's going to be like the opening of doors on Hungry Ghost Festival!!

eastcoastlife got molested!

An unpleasant incident happened at the fair. While I was waiting patiently for the mad crowd in front of a seafood stall to eat and go away, an elderly man pushed his way from my left side and tried to sample the food.

His right arm brushed against my breast. I thought it was an accident but when I felt him doing it a few more times, ......... he was going back and forth! *%£$...... I grabbed his shoulder and pushed him hard. I pointed a finger in his face and shouted at him. Had my friends not pulled me away, I would have hit him, elderly or not.

I have to clarify that I'm no crazy elderly-bashing woman, but if the elderly men don't behave themselves, they will be beaten up too!

12th - 16th March 2008
Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre
( Suntec City )
Level 4 Halls 403 & 404
Opening Hours : 11am to 10pm
Free Admission


  1. I bet there was lots of yummy things to sample!

  2. Sorry your experience was that good this year, but glad you stood up for your rights and I do understand your reaction to the old manpig man!

    Glad you liked and got a cuber taste of my Norwegian Rakfisk treat then ;-)

  3. Hi tanya,
    yes, there were some food and beverage to sample.

  4. Beauty salons ---------at a food fair? Hmmmmm

    Thanks for visiting. Happy W W

  5. Doreen,
    This fair is not up to standard... you don't miss anything. :)

  6. Wah, dirty old men in a food fest!

    That fella deserves to have the living daylights smacked out of him!

  7. renny,
    Glad that you didn't think of me as a crazy and violent woman! hehe.....

    I so want to try the Norwegian Rakfish!

  8. hootin' anni,
    Yeah.... many people are finding it weird, now that I mention it. hehe....

  9. Jonzz!!!
    hehe.... glad to see you again!

    I should have taken his photo and post it here!! grrrr......

  10. I've been attending conventions for my particular business niche for almost 30 years. I'm often amazed at some of the exhibitors that really have nothing to do with the industry.

  11. *trying not to imagine all the lormaikais there, and drops everything whilst doing so*

  12. Hey, I came by for your WW - but woah, so way much better would be a food and beverage fair - sounds very yummmy!!! :-0...

  13. aiyak! kena 'pok mong'!! summore is 'lau lang'! wahhh... rugi loh... hehe... *sayangz ecl back*

    wah liao... they even bring containers to the fair?? really kiasu neh...

  14. wah..a good Fair...a goodstart for those they want to start a new range of items!

    sorry to hear abt the unfortunate event!


  15. Well, now I know what NOT TO DO when I'm in Singapore. I wouldn't want you to be beating up on THIS old man!!

  16. I'm sorry that you didn't have a good time. It does sound like most years it is fun. And lots of food. I like to try new foods, or food combos.

    I can understand you defending yourself against that molester. He sounds like a major jerk. I bet that he will never bother you again.

  17. It sounds a super event. Sorry to hear about the lecherous older guy.

  18. Wah, I have never been to a food fair for a long, long time.

    The good side of what the old man did is at least you know you still turn men on. :P

  19. Sigh ... the plague of the cheekopeks is everywhere!

  20. aiks! i hate dirty old man like old already still so hamsap.. not shameful one meh !! grr.

    he pushed in to your way not to Q for seafood sampling but to 'eat toufu';p he was definitely at the wrong stall....

  21. I'm also quite disappointed with the food fair these 2 years...Not much of new exhibits lor...

  22. wowie .. howcome no such thing in msia??? *knocking the guys head* hamsap LO

  23. ECL
    Hahaha! Serve that old man right. He got the wrong victim this time. He probably got by with other women. Was he embarassed?

  24. Yikes! You poor thing! You should have had a Knee-jerk reaction (if you know what I mean...)

  25. Sounds like fun ~ well, except the groping part. Man, that's some nerve. Actually, come to think of it, that happened to me once at a McDonald's in line as well. Crazy old butt brushing, breast grabbing men!

  26. Ewww, what a pervert, hope it didn't ruin the rest of your day.

  27. Oh no! Dirty old man!

    Sorry to hear that. You know, there are always people like that in this world. And regardless what we do, they are always who and what they are.

  28. Good they have tables and chairs now..for folks to sit and eat.. :) before it was all standing space.. if i remember correctly. But i hate attending these kinda fairs.. because of those very ugly singaporeans.. make me damn malu..!
    Old man can be terrible too..!Glad you stood up for yourself.. ! some ppl would just walk away.. now that would have given him the go-ahead.. and do it to someone else.

  29. Congratulations on your anniversary!! :-D

  30. If I was there when he did that.. he is so DEAD!

    *currently on "mang-zhang" mode*
    He would have been a pretty good reason for me use him as a punch bag.
    ok ok ok, maybe won't be physical but he'll definitely kena from me verbally left right center behind.

    It's not raining today :P