Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Half the eastcoastlife - Weekend Snapshot #10

Probably I was overworked before the Chinese New Year, ........ the preparations of the festival, the numerous deliveries of CNY goodies to my elders and business associates, clearing my payments and chasing for payments, the end-of-the-lunar-year meals and my father-in-law falling again the day before CNY eve...... my right shoulder was aching and my right hand was turning weak.

I ignored it and on Saturday morning, I woke up with an extremely painful right shoulder and a very weak right hand. I didn't want to go to the hospital as it is considered inauspicious to be there during Chinese New Year. The Chinese physician whom I use to consult is also in festive mood, his clinic would only open on the 5th day of CNY (11th Feb).

I applied a herbal ointment on the hurting part. On Sunday morning, the right side of my body was too painful to move. I was worried it might be a stroke but yet I endured the pain and waited for my Chinese physician to come back.

First thing on Monday morning I went to see the Chinese Physician. After a thorough investigation, he found that it was only a bad sprain and overworked muscle. Phew! I was given a massage and put on a heat therapy.

The massage was a really painful one. I'm bruised and still in pain. Fortunately I'm able to move my right hand now. I hope to get better in the next few days and visit all my blogger friends. Thanks for your visits and comments.

Weekend Snapshot


  1. Oh dear...glad you feel better after the treatment. Luckily you can still blog hoh? Take care and happy new year!

  2. giddy tigress,
    Had to cut down on blogging now due to the pain. :(

  3. Aiyoo....how r u now? Hope you enjoyed your CNY still.

  4. tigerfish,
    I'm still in pain but at least can move my right hand.

    Not enjoying CNY, just doing my duty visiting the elders and giving out ang-pows. haha....

  5. Oooouuuccch!! The 'ba guan' painful when it's being pull out right! Now you've got circle patches liow. No wonder pass few days never see you blog, thought u went for short vacation.

    Nian gau I didn't put in the kitchen, I put some sweets instead. I heard of people offering 'wine' so that Kitchen God will be drunk and only report all the good stuffs..hahaa

  6. napaboaniya,
    Yep, I have the ugly red circles on my back ... and bruises on my right arm due to the massage.

    I won't go away during CNY. I have many elders to visit and it is the only time of the year where I get to see many of my relatives.

  7. Aw, you sound like you're in terrible pain. I'm so sorry! I'm glad you can at least move your right hand now. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment! Here's to a better week with less pain for you!!! :)

  8. hope you have a speedy recovery!

    lucky your chinese shifu still opens for CNY!!!

    Gong Xi, Gong Xi!

  9. Feeling better I hope?

    Looking at the state of my neck think I need to pay a visit to your sinseh too.

  10. I've always been fascinated by those vacuum suction treatments!! It's the same concept they use for penis enlargement tricks, I suppose? :-) Glad you're better now, and more wishes for an even better you soon! Hugs and Kisses, Dearest ECL.. *kiss* *kiss*

  11. Alamak...

    Dun so stress neh... must take care oh.. anything u need, just point point point to Chris / Jaymes / your students... hehe... *cabut first*

    Gong Xi Fa Cai! Wish you day day also pwetty with lots lots of marnie! ;)

  12. LB,
    Really!? They use vacuum suction for penis enlargement? Wonder if they can be used on the breasts!? hehehe...

  13. My angel,
    oi.... where are you? Back to work already?

    aiyah... some things cannot point point point wan... must piak piak piak then they work. I must have used too much strength.

    Plenty pwetty and marnie.... I like!

  14. kesiannya ECL
    Hope you will recover your strength soon
    We need our strong lady ^-^

    May the new year ONG bring swift recovery

  15. poor ECL
    hope u feeling better by now.

    psss.. i also have muscle ache cos zzz too much.

  16. Sending some greetings to soothe the pain. May you get well soon.

  17. didnt try the accupuncture? i tried b4..ewwwwee hate being poked with needles and..kena electrocuted a few times. really scary lor

  18. Ouch ... that photo looks painful too! You take care. Just do some exercise, okay? It often helps me when I have a stiff anything, I will just exercise it off. At first it will be painful, but the blood circulation will help.

    Trust me trust me ...

  19. Hope the treatment helped relieve you of those aches and pains. Sometimes a big event can be quite hard on the body. Hope you get plenty of rest.

  20. eastcoastlife,
    Didn't know you're not feeling well. Take more rest and get well ok? *hugs*:)

  21. Oh, wow, that was a really interesting picture, but it sounds like you are in so much pain! I hope you recover quickly now that you've had the massage and the heat therapy. I'm so glad it wasn't a stroke! Happy New Year, anyway!

  22. A good massage can work wonders. I hope that you are better soon.

  23. I'm sorry to hear that you've been in pain. Take care of yourself, Carver

  24. oh dear, sorry I didn't come sooner to wish you well. hope you're much much MUCH better now, without all that bruising from the heat therapy! still got the circles anot?