Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sex Video Scandal in Singapore? Resign!!

Not eastcoastlife's lah.

A Singaporean Member of Parliament, Baey Yam Keng wrote on his blog :

If the recent sex video scandal involving a Malaysian Minister were to happen in S’pore, would the person have to resign too?

His view:
"Personally, I am not too sure that it would be the case. I would look at what the person has done as a Minister and MP. If he or she is doing the job well, I would not really mind. This is afterall their private life and it is unfortunate that it became public. I do not expect them to be saints and for this matter, it is a betrayal of faith with the spouse and family. If they can accept it and life goes on, should we, as outsiders, impose our judgement and demand a resignation?"

Datuk Chua S L (Malaysia's former Health Minister) did quite a lot of work for the Health Ministry, but the people cannot forgive him for his sex video scandal. The disgraced Minister was forced to resign.

My hubby and many guys I spoke to support MP Baey's view. "Adultery is immoral, it is not illegal."

We should not judge a top perfomer by his private indulgence? Should we sack politicians who drink and get drunk (in private), who gamble (in private), who have mistresses, who dish out favours?

As long as they perform their role well as an elected PUBLIC figure, what they do privately should NOT be used against them UNLESS its criminal in nature?

I agree that politicians should be allowed privacy. But since politicians are representing the people, the people have the right to be sure that the elected politicians are morally upright and are the best people to do the job. Any politicians who engage in illicit sex and stupid enough to get caught certainly cast doubt on their moral and competency. They don't deserve to have the trust of the people. They either resign or be censured and dumped in the next election.

Every one knows something about the values we want our leaders to embody and uphold on our behalf. What is your view on this?


  1. I'll be happy to help you with the Entrecard image ;)

  2. It's a pity Dr Chua had to resign, but it's kinda disappointing that his sex act was publicised.

  3. You're welcome eastcoast! I will see if I can get a couple of different options for you to choose from ;)

  4. He really had no choice but to resign, IMHO. Agree 101% with you ;)

    Now, let's talk abt his equipment... kakakakaka...

  5. For me it is a question of integrity.

    If he was preaching safer sex as a health minister, yet did not use a condom himself during the act of intercourse, than he deserves to be sacked! As a helth minisiter he has a responsibility to promote healthy living. :D

    For me the worst politicans are the ones that insist the public/society behave in a way, by which they themselves dont adhere to.

  6. Hey.. ECL,
    In my humble opinion hor.. this is a private matter lah..! who are we to judge him right..?? we are no saint ourselves. Unless we never sin at all.. in our entire life.. sure.. then we can point fingers and give our views. His values are different from us..and our actions may differ.. but does it make him a bad man..??? For example.. if i had a criminal record .. does it make me a bad person..?? Generally, ppl would think i am.. and society may not accept me.. ?? but why did i have a criminal record... would you know the whole story..?? before you judge..?? most ppl jumped into their own conclusion even before learning the whole truth.. and even if it was the whole truth.. one has gotta see both side of the coins.. and the sides.. and the rounded corners.. and all parts.. before one can even comment on someone's "wrong doing" .. donch you think..?? In my humble opinion.. too much work. In my humble opinion.. i mind my own business.

  7. The only word I can say is:

    If the one get caught is ECL, I still think she should continue serving the public (but of course, unlike Chua, she will never admit to the crime)

  8. Arr...he was forced to resign leh.

    Dun think the 'rakyat' cares abt it anyway... it's all those 'holier-than-thou' MPs that made him leh.

  9. Hazel,
    Looks like he has done some good work for the society.

  10. day dreamer,
    I learn a different view of him today. It seems his good work has earn him many supporters.

  11. dizzy dee,
    Thanks for the images. I have chosen #2. ^-^

  12. My angel,
    kakaka.... I send you some better equipment lah.

  13. Hi Captain Crunch!
    Happy New Year! It's been a long time. Thanks for your support.

    In Singapore, most of our MPs are honourable and respectable. Of course there are a few hypocrites, and people do talk about them behind their backs. Anyone who is a public figure is not spared from scrutiny.

  14. eastcoastlife,
    He's in the game, so he should know the rules. Like you said, he's a politician and he is the one represents the community. So, I think, resign is the best solution.

    Anyway, just my own opinion. :)

  15. mamabok,
    Yes, I agree with you. People don't look further than what is presented before them. They jump to conclusions, just like I jump to conclusions too.

    But ordinary people tend to have higher expections of their leaders. They are supposed to lead by example. If they are found to sin (commit adultery, a drunkard, corruption, dishonest etc)like an ordinary person or behave worst than the normal man, they would be criticised.

    In our law, if a person made a false declaration, they have committed an offence. They will be prosecuted, would the authority look into their character and the good deeds they did. No.

    So for those who want to do evil, they have to think twice.

  16. yenjai,
    oi.... why do you think I'll never admit? You have such low opinion of me?

    Adultery is not crime.

  17. mott,
    So the rakyat prefer that he stay on and continue as Health Minister?

    I know that his resignation was also due to the politicking, but didn't a poll of the people also show that his action was not accepted?

  18. hello! In the Philippines adultery is considered both immoral and illegal. But our former President Joseph Estrada known to have many mistresses. How ironic can that be? :-D

  19. Asian society is still not able to accept such things. They cannot differentiate what was done in private capacity vs what that persom has done for the good of many. I think in Spore, he will be forced to resign. Lucky for Bill (Clinton), he survived it!

  20. Hi gladita,
    Thanks for stopping by.

    Oh... besides Taiwan, the Philippines too consider adultery illegal. I hope Singapore will also make it illegal.

  21. stay-at-home mom,
    I'm just glad our Asian values are not completely eroded.

    I cannot accept that any of our Ministers will be spared if he or she commits adultery or misbehave. My fellow citizens and I look up to them. I'm sure the Party would not tolerate such behaviour.

    If misbehaving Ministers or top ranking civil servants just get a smack on their hands, there would be more of such bad behaviour because they know they would not be severly punished.

  22. imo, it's his personnal life, what he does for 'extra-curriculum' activities is his choice. I've not read up entirely on his profile as M'sia Health Minister, but scandals aside I'm sure he had done pretty good job.

    p/s : hand in hand we should go rent a warehouse storage room, only visiting the warehouse once every year to "renew" lease!! **

  23. hahaha.... napaboaniya,
    If we rent a warehouse, we are going to hoard more stuff and by the time we are in our 70s... Gosh!!!

  24. I agree with your view. Politicians have stressful lives, and they're also human who like everyone else, do make mistakes. If they're doing their duty well, I can't care less about how they do in their private lives.

  25. Princess,
    It's better to keep away from politics so we can enjoy our lives, spending a leisurely day in lavender fields. hehe...

  26. If we had to judge them, would there be any politicians?

  27. Sad to say.. they donch have this kinda moral here in this small town of ours. You see how much PB and I have to suffer.. just to earn an honest living. *sigh*

  28. Captain Picard,
    Politics is dirty, luckily in Singapore, it is not so bad. I don't like politics.

  29. Poor mamabok,
    At least there are no major crimes and Chloe is still quite safe. I guess one has to be smarter to make a better living there.

  30. i guess u have a good point here!

    lots of things need to be changed in msia! haha

  31. My view is, none of us has an unblemish record in our lives, so who should cast the first stone? Seriously, if he has done his job well, I personally may find ways to forgive his mistakes. If it was up to me, I think Bill Clinton shouldn't have to step down.

    You know, in France, the politicans are liberate over these incidents. If the same happens in France, I doubt if it would be such big a deal.

    In the end, it is not my view or your view ... but rather as a collective culture, what is our view.

    Just a humble thought :)

  32. Sigh! This is hard to judge. In the UK, when things like that happen to a politician, one would apologise first. Of course, some could stay on and some not. That, I would argue, down to the media (e.g. newspaper repeats the story all the time and in the end, people ask the politician to resign). If someone manage to stay, I guess people may forget the scandal if one is a good politician.

  33. Well, Ahmad Mattar was seen dancing with another male, and he did comment "What's the matter?"

  34. he should be excuted... i hate guys who get caught but worst is when u get caught on camera