Thursday, December 06, 2007

You need balls for this!!! Homemade Herbal Wine

Guess Christopher's age.

Many people who have met my husband have commented on his youthful look. hehehe.... He's my work of art. sengkor, I'm answering your question now on Chinese viagra. I was going to bring it for you to Kuching.

Chris drinks a cup (150ml) of herbal wine every night. Yes, reptiles and bugs soaked wine! kakaka........

Actually many Chinese herbs are used in each concoction. Different contents for different purposes. I learn from my sifu (master) who 's a Chinese Physician in Taiwan. He has a huge collection of herbal wine in his house. He's 73, looks no older than 50....... as strong as a bull. He has 3 wives.

The wine strengthens the body system and aids blood circulation. It prevents hair loss. Increases immunity, slows down ageing.........

功能 - 具有扶正固本、延年益寿、补肾壮阳、养血安神、强壮筋骨、祛风湿、镇痛、养颜、生发、免疫调节,增强体质、抗疲劳、延缓衰老等作用.

In a few months' time, Christopher will be half a century-year-old. Big 50!


  1. ughhhhh ughhhhh lol
    if it prevent hair loss and grey hair, i wud like to try...

  2. Niki-chan
    I can give you a prescription. You must let me know if you have any allergy.

  3. misti,
    Welcome! Come in.... come in....

    You come for my husband!? hahaha....

  4. hahahaaaa. you have a great sense of humour ECL!! *psst.. where's the hubby?" rofl!

  5. I am hunting for all the bugs in my house now, starting with that pesky fly buzzing around my head!!

  6. misti,
    Now then you know ah!hehe...

    ECL yells to her hubby, "Darling! Darling! Got new customer! Receive customer liao!!!"

    To misti, "Pay first. Not satisfied, we replace with the son." kakaka.....

  7. LB,
    Oh! Spanish fly!? er... no. You are in Italy. Maybe the mojo less powerful.

    I give you some of my secret hoard.

    *brings out treasure chest*

    tarantula... cockroach... black ants.... cobra.... bee... frog....
    Wah!! This is going to create the mother of all poke!!

    *throws everything at LB*

  8. Hahahaha... I laff at your replies :P

    I was gonna ask... what about for ladies? O.o The malays have got their kacip fatimah to strengthen the *ahem*...

    Oh ya, in Kuching, they have the Gambir Sarawak... aiyah, too bad we din pester Sengkor to try...

    On second thots, maybe not la... because we were just in the next room to his... afturds........ kakaka...

  9. Mott asked me to tell u that she will be back in blogsphere next week ;)

  10. u dun scared ur work of art got 3 wives ah..?

  11. My angel,
    I dare not drink leh. :P hehehe.... I force Chris to drink and then milk him. hahaha.....

    So cute. The Malays call their viagra for guys Tongkat Ali and for the ladies they call it Kacip Fatimah.

    Wah! Narrow shave!. I'm not around you don't play play. Some of these aphrodisiac is powerful. Later sengkor go out of control, the consequence is terrible. kakaka.....

  12. Captain Picard,
    Yes... my treasure chest is filled with valuable life enhancing stuff.

    *throws the Captain a rhino horn*

  13. Sasha,
    Since when did you turn into a messenger? o.O

    Thanks pal. ^-^

  14. Yikes! I can see the snakes!!!

  15. sengkor,
    I don't mind him having 3 wives. He is free to get concubines if he wants to. Really. Serious.

  16. *pengsan* (means faint, for the uninitiated) wah son also you offer.
    *zips up mouth* dare not comment further.

  17. misti,
    This is call good customer service mah. Guaranteed satisfactory. Like sell durian - bao jiak.

  18. Wah~~~like that also quite dangerous leh. If Christ wants to get 2 more wives then how? Hehehe

  19. Wow..!! terror..!!! i wouldn't dare drink leh.. ;)

  20. better than tongkat ali ah? waaaa! your man big and strong! ^__^

  21. Doreen,
    If Chris wants to get another 2 wives, as long as he can handle them, no problem with me. He has my blessing. :)

  22. mamabok,
    Me too! That's why only Chris drinks. hehehe.....

  23. May,
    Dunno about Tongkat Ali, never tried it before.

    Actually Chris drinks herbal wine to strengthen the body system not for its sexual powers. haha....

  24. Eeewwww, I think I'd rather grow old and look old gracefully.

  25. Reminds me of fear factor :P

    btw, Chris really looks much younger than his real age.

  26. really true or not, drinking those mixed herbal drink can make you look younger?

    Anyway, I dont dare to try.

  27. Poor snakes... *shed tears*

    My parents hv also been praised by many ppl for their youthful looks! Many said my dad looks like 30+ and my mum looks like my sis... :P They're both approaching ur hubby's age. ;)

    Aiyo makes me feel old nia like that...

  28. Would I ask my husband to try this even if he would not lose his hair... No way!

  29. *Gulp~!!~!* If I ever need to drink any of these stuff, I'd rather not know what animal/insect/organ was used to make the drink.

  30. chen,
    Chris looks younger than me hor. I overindulge. :(

  31. malaika's Mom,
    The herbs in the wine have medicinal values.

    I don't know about the reptiles. There are also some with animal penis in them. These are used to make soup too.

  32. kyh,
    Your parents are young wor. They probably married young, my hubby married in his early 30s.

  33. windy,
    awww.... it doesn't kill and the taste isn't that bad. hehe...

  34. narrowband,
    hehehe.... yes it looks gross. But it doesn't taste unpleasant when you drink it.

    I let you try when you come to Singapore next trip.