Thursday, December 27, 2007

SHATEC Open House 2007

Huge, well-equipped kitchen where the trainees show off their culinary skills.

On 19th December, Jaymes and I went to SHATEC (Singapore Hotel and Tourism Education Centre) Open House at Bukit Batok. It is an established hospitality and tourism school in Singapore, with a 25-year history. It has produced many well-known hoteliers, chefs and tourism industry professionals. It is a place to learn specialised skills for a career in culinary arts, hospitality or tourism.

Tourism in Singapore is a major industry and it attracts millions of visitors each year. We just welcomed our 10-millionth tourist on 22nd December! More tourists are expected to visit Singapore when its 2 casinos open in 2009.

Jaymes has decided to take up a Diploma in Culinary Skills at SHATEC. He wants to be a chef and his ambition is to own his own restaurant. (hehe..... I'm already dreaming of the food he's going to prepare for me.)

We were taken on a tour of the facilities of the school. Graduates and students were on hand to answer our queries. At the end of the tour, there was a buffet which was cooked and served by students.

Kitchen for Pastry and Baking..... we get to eat their cookies and cakes! ^_^

Wanna be like Tom Cruise in the movie, Cocktail? We also tried a mocktail.

The students made this gingerbread house and more......

I'm very impressed with the staff and students of SHATEC. I have wanted Jaymes to go overseas for his course but he wants to stay in Singapore. He did his own research and made me attend this Open House to see for myself the high standards SHATEC has set for itself and its students. Jaymes, go pursue your dreams!


  1. Wahhh... I can't wait to dine at Jayme's restaurant!! Rah rah rah for Jaymes!

  2. Oohh... wat a superdelifragilisticexpielidocious yummy house!!

  3. Awesome..!! i'll be there to "pong jeong" when Jaymes open his own restaurant. or cafe.. ;)

  4. Jaymes will never goes wrong with Shatec. Many of the hoteliers (MD, GM, Directors, Managers) and big guys in F&B are from Shatec too.

    However, if he have the opportunity, go oversee to learn other food culture & experiences is a plus point too.

  5. I don't just want to dream about the food Jaymes is going to cook, I want to eat it! woo-hoo! invite me for the grand opening of his restaurant, ya?

  6. My angel,
    Jaymes can cook you a good meal now. You don't have to wait for his restaurant.... that would be quite a long time. hehe....

  7. sweetpea,
    Ooohhh.... what a super long adjective to describe the house! hehe....

  8. mamabok,
    Jaymes would need your guidance and input when he decides to open his restaurant. And you can be sure you would be one of those invited to taste his food!

  9. hanneng,
    That's what most people in the industry I spoke to said.

    After visiting the school, I have a better understanding of their courses. It's not easy to get in though.

    Of course Jaymes would love to learn more and go to work in another country. It would be an eye-opener and a great opportunity to experience other cultures.

  10. May,
    Yah, no dreaming. It's going to be a reality. I'm so happy for him and excited at the thought of him having his own restaurant.

    Knowing his passion for food, I'm sure he's going to make it.

    I told him to enjoy his training and learn all that he could. Whatever he does, he will get our support.

  11. Wah....good hor...can learn something in SHATEC. When his restaurant open ah?

  12. I so want to live in that beautiful gingerbread house, and take a bite of the house everyday. hahaha

  13. next time can get the discount or not if dining in Jayme's restaurant. :)

    come and visit my kids' blog -

  14. tigerfish,
    haha.... a good ten years mann! 2 years in SHATEC, 2 years NS.... then 1 year apprenticeship and maybe more courses....

    A good chef would require years of hard work and practice. Jaymes has lots to learn before he can start out on his own. But I'm sure we can have him cook for us when we have blogger meets! hehe.....

  15. Doreen,
    If you live in a gingerbread house, you would find many holes in it as days go by..... as you take bites of it every now and then! hehe......

    Maybe your teeth also start dropping, one by one.... kakaka.....

  16. huisia,
    Discounts - have lah! Can also have cooking demos and tasting of new dish creations wor!

  17. Hello? Chez Jaymes?

    I would like to book a table for 15, please.. The Sakumara Room, if possible. Love the view of the Padang from there..

  18. Good that Jaymes chose to stay and study there! Singapore's culinary traditions must be one of the most interesting and diverse in the whole world, given the many influences from a wide variety of cultures! I wish him all the best in his chosen career!

  19. *In Jaymes reservation book :

    Uncle LB
    - table for 15, The Sakumara Room, view of Mom's Padang.
    (Dad's Special Treat - Lormaikais.)

    28/12/2017 7pm*

  20. Impressive that Jaymes knows what he wants to do in his life at such a young age. Must take after his mother.. :)

    Happy New Year, ecl. May the coming year be better than the last, and bring you good health and peace in your heart.

  21. Hi mogli,
    Thanks for your kind wish. ^-^

    Singapore does have the best of the world - exotic dishes from our 4 races plus those from the many nationalities and diverse cultures. He would get a good foundation before embarking to see the world.

  22. That's great, staying in S'pore for a change! Am sure he will excel in Shatec, it's a promising career choice! :)

  23. kat,
    Jaymes has been a pretty mature kid since young.... actually the environment at home made him grow up fast. He's taught to be responsible and reliable.

    It's good to know what one wants so he can go straight to doing the things he like. No roundabouts, no U-turns. He took a year to think about it and did his research before telling us his decision.

    I have no objections as long as he enjoys what he does.

  24. Hello Shilpa!
    Nice to see you again! Happy holidays!

  25. Here comes the Jamie Oliver of Singapore! Woot!

  26. Jaymes cool!
    Hope one day can try Jayme's restaurant

  27. rinnah,
    I dream of him becoming a celebrity chef too! haha....

    Chinese parents always want their sons to 'become dragons' - be successful!

  28. Oh yes Jaymes. Your ... erm ... kor kor here says, go get it! It is good to have dreams.

    Let's not forget to mention the upcoming Integrated Resorts here in Singapore that are going to (I hope) drive tourism. The Venetians in Macau - more than just a casino with giant mall and channels inside - is a good example. There are non-stop free bus service taking people from the ferry station to The Venetians. And most people are not gamblers, more like tourists.

  29. keeyit,
    I hope you can try Jaymes' dishes too. ^-^

  30. wilfrid,
    Oooo.... you want Jaymes to call you kor kor. Doesn't make you look old, right? hehe.....

    But... but... you would then call me Aunty wor! :(

    I was thinking of the two IRs too. There would be a great demand for hospitality staff. ^-^

  31. eastcoastlife,
    Your son wanna hire Chef Kok or not? kekeke!

  32. hahaha... Oh ya Chef Kok,
    I forgot about you leh! You want to get a Diploma in culinary skills? Can come here for courses.

    We cannot afford to hire you lah. Maybe you want to open a restaurant in Sarawak and hire Jaymes? hehe...

  33. Go Jaymes Go!

    By the way, this post reminds me tht I should consider checking out with Shatec on its course for tour guiding. I have an interest to do heritage related tour guiding.

  34. All the best to Jaymes. I am sure whatever he pursues, he will succeed, like mother like son!

  35. Be sure to invite us all to the grand opening of his restaurant! :D

  36. Wooots! I bet ECL will have loads more to post about when Jaymes start serving yummylicious dishes! :D

  37. The greatest Open House post ever - I wanna go with you one day!

    The gingerbread house was so cute and much more advanced that we do it in Norway.

    Wishing you a wonderful end to your week :-)

  38. Oh this pictures remind me of my days in cooking school in France. Seems so far!

  39. woow we dont have gingerbread house in japan.
    looks fantastic!!
    that asian tom cruise is cute. hahaha~

  40. oceanskies,
    Thanks for your encouragement.

    SHATEC doesn't conduct tour guide courses, only hospitality courses. I think there's another school doing that at Chinese Chambers of Commerce.

  41. Captain Picard,
    Oh yes, it sure looks good to eat!

  42. awwww.... grandma suan suan,
    Thanks. I'm going to make sure he does me proud.

  43. giddy tigress,
    You would be assured of an invitation. hehe....

  44. day-dreamer,
    hehe.... yes. I have to give him feedback on his cooking mah. I'm his best critic. :)

  45. Renny,
    We can go watch them cook if ever you come to Singapore.

    The gingerbread house is lovely. It's done by the students themselves. I think Jaymes would be able to make me one next year. ^-^

  46. Hi zen chef!
    Thanks for stopping by.

    You would be another mentor for my son. ^-^

  47. Niki-chan,
    If Jaymes bakes gingerbread house next year, I'll send you one. ;)

  48. Hi ECL,

    I could had taken this course, but somehow I chose the printing course.