Tuesday, December 04, 2007

My Weekly Torture - Wordful Wednesday

Although my left foot is fixed after a bad sprain, I still require regular treatments to strengthen it. I choose Chinese Therapy. No side effects and great results.

Needles are inserted into acupuncture points and electricity is then run through them. Together with the heat from the lamp, it eliminates 'stale' blood and aids blood circulation of the pain site.

The most painful part of the treatment!!! tui na or massage of the specific pain site, acupressure points, energy meridians, and muscles and joints to establish a more harmonious flow of Qi, allowing the foot to naturally heal itself.

A weekly test on how much pain I can take. The therapist is constantly at risk of being kicked across the room. I need to grit my teeth and bite on a towel. I never come out of this treatment with dry eyes. Very importantly, I make sure I make a trip to the loo before having my pain therapy.

The therapist from China never fails to console me, "Pain is good. It shows that your foot is still usable. It can feel." Huh!?

20 minutes of roasting Heat Therapy......, it relieves pain and reduces swelling.

A specially concocted paste is applied to the pain site and ta pao wrapped.....


Theme for this week : The wonders of Chinese Medical Treatments
(Learn about the amazing Chinese medical treatments that has a history spanning several thousand years!!!)


  1. *ouch*

    How many more treatments do you need to completely heal your foot?

  2. Oh dear, your ankle/foot still no good?

    My mum had that treatment years ago and it healed her knee bone.

    Take care and don't walk so much. Sit down and play Scrabulous. :P

  3. wah got use electricity one ah? *pengsan*

    i wud like to try acupuncture too! expensive or not?

  4. Doreen,
    I have another 4 more treatments and then I can choose to sign up for regular 'maintenance'. hehe...

    aiyooh... Who wants to suffer and endure the pain if got nothing wrong!?

  5. Judy,
    Yes.... it feels tight and the blood circulation is bad. Bound to happen because of the injury.

    I have been walking less and cancel all travelling trips until the doctor says I can go climb mountains. haha...

    Isn't that what I've been doing with you and Kok? Playing Scrabulous everyday!!!

  6. kyh,
    The medical equipment of the Chinese nowadays so sophisticated! They used many different equipment to aid in the treatment and healing processes.

    Yes, mild electricity is conducted through the needles to stimulate the qi and blood flow. Not painful... just a numbing sensation.

    The insertion of needles is painless. Tiny pricks. It cost me S$15 per acupuncture session.

    The massage is S$25. The heat therapy and medicine is S$25.

  7. Time really flies hoh? U injured your ankle 4 months plus ago liao.

    Acupuncture is good as long as done by qualified chinese physician (and of course the needle must be sterile lah). Hehehehe

    Get well soon. Each time when I were at the check in registration counter in hotel, i will watch my steps, cos I remembered u mah :P

  8. This is going to be a very interesting week on your blog. Despite the pain during the treatment, this really does work.

    Chinese medicine is many times better that modern medicine because there are no side effects and the healing use you body's natural capabilities, not some pill or shot.

    I will be visiting often this week to read about this!

  9. chen,
    Yalor. 4 months. I miss the Penang Laksa, the Penang Char Kuay Teow, the oh-so-sweet rambutans....

    I miss the most are all of you... Bernard, LB, Angel and you!!

    Why are you at the hotel so frequently ah!? kakaka.....

  10. Mike,
    Personal experiences of myself and my family.

    After visiting several Western doctors, taking shots and consuming the medicine prescribed for ailments, I found that there are usually side effects.

    Going for Chinese medical treatment and taking its prescribed medications, it takes time to heal but they do completely cure certain ailments.

    Hope you can learn something from my posts.

  11. I've heard Chinese medicines are good and so must their therapy. I myself take some Chinese medicines especially for cough but it really tastes horrible. As for pain, I'm not too strong for that kind of pain.
    Thanks for the visit.

  12. Friday's Child,
    Yes.... the Chinese medicine really tastes awful! And you have to take it for a long period sometimes. I have to pinch my nose and force myself to swallow it every time. lol....

    If it really does cure the illness, I don't mind the horrible medicine.

  13. Ai..why yr foot always sprain wan?

    samo need electric!

    Anyway get well soon!


  14. good to do preventive now for later part of age where rheumatism can set in if 'wind' enter after that bad sprain. they got 'pantang' some things like applying special oil after bath to protect the leg from wind. oil not to be rubbed in, just apply. i think the sinsei would have told you all that.

  15. sasha,
    This is an old injury and if it doesn't heal well nor treated properly, the injury would get worse.

    You also sick ah?

  16. misti,
    Yes, I was worried about getting rheumatism later. Plus the injured foot was not as strong as before, I was using more of the good leg.

    In the long run I would have a problem because there is more wear and tear on the good leg and eventually both feet would be damaged. I might have difficulty walking at my old age. So that's why I need to have it treated.

  17. Eh, you have managed to curb your fear for pain? Good going. :)

  18. oceanskies,
    What to do!? Either I endure the pain now or have permanent disability later. I want to walk and travel during my old age, I don't want to waste my life on a wheel chair!

  19. Yeah! Say NO to wheelchair!!

    Aiyoh... I see the needle I also sakit :(

    Dun try too tough 'positions', ok? Hehehe... Missed you too!!! I still wait you in KayElle... ;)

  20. Oh what is that foot treatment...mine is here http://happymomiam.blogspot.com/2007/12/wordless-wednesday-tuesday-edition.html

  21. Wooooo..!! ouchy ouch..!! that's the only thing i am afraid of.. when it comes to tui na.. ;)

  22. I have heard those treatments are pretty effective too!! Have a great Wednesday.

  23. i thought it doesn't hurt. my bad.
    hope you get well soon!
    happy ww!

  24. This one wasn't gross. I'm disappointed. Just kidding. Does look painful. I hate hurting myself. Have a great WW. :)

  25. Good grief!!! Was this all because of that gHotel incident where you went flying out through the front glass door, and they had to pick you up from the beach?!! Golly gee!! I do hope you get much better soon, dearest! I love our Scrabulous games too, because you're quick, and fast, and you let me win a little. So kind hearted you are. I love ya, and your hubby, and your kiddie, and I miss pushing you around..

  26. Oh, ouch!! hope your foot is well soon...take good care of yourself!

  27. Yikes that sounds painful. But if it helps then it is worth it. Happy WW

  28. I often wondered about that kind of therapy when I lived in Singapore. I have always used traditional methods. Interesting all the same.

  29. Some of it looks painful, eastcoast, some looks nice like the heat therapy. Never tried acupuncture...I should.

    Mine's up now...My WW post

  30. aiyak, I thought your foot was much better and you were mobile oredi? hope you heal well before Christmas!

  31. if given the choice, I would have chosen that treatment, too ... I don't like synthetic pills too much! lol ...

    My WW post

  32. Oh God! That looks really painful...but I am a big fan of alternative medicine, too. I have not tried acupuncture though.

    I hope the foot is better now.

    BTW I'm not a masochist, but I like what the mad said about pain (yes, it means the foot is good 'coz it can feel).

  33. Wow. Never heard of that kind of therapy. Does it really work. Can you do it for other parts of the body?

    maggie at http://maggie.coffeeshopmafia.com

  34. OUCH!!! Hope it heals fast.

    Btw I happened to visit the site of Friday's Child and I stumbled upon yours. Couldn't resist but read your posts and I like it.

    Happy Wednesday!

  35. My angel,
    The needles look scary but you won't feel much pain when they are inserted into your acupressure points. You feel numbness.

    No wheelchair!!! I want to be able to walk even at age 90!

    Can't wait to sampat with you!! hehe...

  36. LB,
    Yes... the ghotel incident... grrrr.... I remember the broken glass... the droplets of red liquid from the lift to my bedroom door.... the yummy food served to me in bed.... the sampat trio and the good doctor! I miss you all!

    I didn't let you win at Scrabulous, I'm panting like mad to catch up. You kept snatching my words away!

    You are always pushing me around! :)

  37. I am envious - I miss my weekly acupressure and acupuncture.
    And so does my tendonitis :(

  38. Colin Campbell,
    You should have tried the foot therapy, by pressing on the various acupressure points on your feet, the therapist can tell you which organ in your body is giving you problem. It is painful but when you get used to the pain, it can be addictive.

  39. the teach,
    Yes, the massage is painful, the heat therapy after that is soothing. My foot feels relaxed after every session. Most importantly, it's healing well.

  40. Hi maggie,
    Yes... it works. And such therapy treatments can be used on other parts of the body. I have seen acupuncture needles inserted into the head, area around the eyes, nose etc. The needles cause a numbing sensation to the affected area. It's not painful.

    Read my following posts, I'll try to explain more.

  41. Ouch and ewww! No wonder my Mom laughed at me when I once wanted to look into becoming a nurse...

    Happy WW :P

  42. After 4 more treatments can wear stilletos liao?

  43. I don't know if I would have the courage to go through this, lol ! All chinese treatments I have got so far, acupuncture, massages etc. were rather nice and not painful at all !

  44. That's interesting! I hope your pain is gone soon!

  45. Very interesting. I subscribe to a lot of Japanese and Chinese remedies. I find that they work wonders! I hpe that your ankle is all better soon. Happy WW!

  46. OUCH!!! I hope it heals fast! Maybe i need that on my knee!! HMMMM

  47. ohh that look painful.i be too scraed to do that..

  48. nice legs sexy-chan!!
    im sooo sorry to hear about the pains.
    praying for ur quick recovery!!

  49. I pretty much felt the same way when I went to Western medicine physiotherapy for my knee. But it was absolutely worth it. The knee pain isn't completely gone, but it's much, much better. And I had the physio 12 years after the original injury!