Saturday, October 20, 2007

PhotoHunters - Practical

Jaymes waiting for his turn at the day surgery ward...........

Jaymes had to endure an infected wisdom tooth for more than a month before we were given the surgery date. He had all 4 of his wisdom teeth removed on 16th October. Being a practical person, I thought it would save costs and also Jaymes would suffer less. Instead of 2 or 3 surgeries, he just needs one.

I had 4 of my wisdom teeth removed under GA in a day too. That was 19 years ago. Being young, I recovered fast.

To my surprise, I was severely criticised by friends and relatives who thought I was so heartless to subject a 16-yr-old boy to such suffering. Huh??? They were worried that he might lose a lot of blood. We were told of the risks involved but I have faith in our surgeons.

Yet, after I had signed the approval form, I started questioning myself if I had done the right thing. I was worried for Jaymes during the 10 days leading to the operation. If anything happens to him, I would never forgive myself.

Luckily everything went fine. Jaymes is recovering surprisingly fast! There were 5 teen patients that day and after the surgery, Jaymes was the only one who was alert and lively, cracking up all the nurses and doctors. He was out of the hospital in less than 2 hours. Like mother, like son. hehehe....

His face is still swollen and this morning he has gone to help his Dad in the practice.

Okay, I'm signing him up for liposuction............


  1. eh, painful or not har? how long it takes to heal? i have to get mine remove too.. *sighs* scary thoughts..

  2. I don't blame you for wondering. One of my kids had all four done too, with no problems at all. I'm glad your son did well.

  3. I had 2 removed on the same day by a army dentist. I really regretted it.

    That dumb dentist somehow didnt do a good job and leaves me bleeding the entire nite. Had to 're-do' again the next morning. Really bloody hell.

  4. Well, at least being practical is a useful thing! And hey, it all turned out ok in the end!

  5. Err.. mana tu semalam mia post?
    Hilang liao? :P

    GA nowadays are pretty safe, unless if the patient has several morbid underlying medical problems...

    I presume Jaymes will eat mountains of ice cream for the next couple of days? ;)

  6. Brave Jaymes! I only had three wisdom teeth, which were all impacted. The surgeon wanted me to go to the hospital, but I insisted he do it in his office. What followed would have made good writing for a sitcom, especially the part where I had to get up during the procedure to go to the bathroom! Poor surgeon almost laughed till he cried! And, of course, I was hungry a couple days later, so I ate...and ended up getting an infection!

    Hugs to Jaymes AND you for being a good mom!

  7. I had mine out in groups--I can not imagine having to wait that long to get an infected one out! My goodness, here it is only a day or so. A week if it isn't bad.

  8. Wish him good health always.

    Mine is up at My 2Cents Worth and The 4Seasons Of My Life Hope you can all visit me.

    happy Photo Hunting !!!

  9. Your sense of humor cracks me up! :o) You don't sound heartless ... especially if the doctors approved it or suggested it. So glad Jaymes is doing well. I'm sure he feels much better ... and like you said, he'll never have to deal with that again. I'm blessed in that I never had wisdom teeth. They x-rayed my head to make sure they weren't in some odd place. I just never had them ... never had a cavity either. Don't know what the lack of wisdom teeth says about me ... you can imagine the jokes I hear if I ever mention that! Anyway, glad all is well with you and yours.

  10. I hope Jaymes continues to feel better. Mouth surgery is never fun!

  11. I'm glad he is well and healing fast. I am so glad the surgery is over. have a great weekend.

  12. ehon,
    Of course painful lah! aiyooo....

    Jaymes' bleeding stopped within 3 hours of the operation. And he is healing fast. Yesterday (3 days after surgery) he went out for a 6-hour bowling practice.

    It is scary. But get it over and done with when you're young. You heal faster. *pat pat*

  13. andree,
    So many people are having their wisdom teeth removed these days. Medical technology has advanced so much, it's a safe operation. Thanks for your kind thoughts.

  14. Paddy,
    OMG!! Under LA? You should go to the public hospital. There was a Malay recruit that day and the surgeon did a beautiful job.

    My youngest brother had his removed by an army dentist too and he also went through Hell. His bleeding was quite bad too.

  15. chen,
    Post itu sudah buang. Banyak salah.
    Tidak bisa pakai.

    Yes, I'm quite confident of our local surgeons' skills. The doctor told him to take cold, liquid food and he has never been so obedient! He's having ice-cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner! ¬_¬

  16. katya,
    Oh no!! LA is scarier! You hear the clanking sounds of the surgical equipment and see them go in and out of your sight!

  17. heather,
    The dental surgeon thought it was not life threatening and besides Jaymes was having his school exams then. So they scheduled him for the surgery after his exams.

    We went to a public hospital and it seems the waiting time for a surgery is getting longer.

  18. Hi Laura,
    Glad to see you again!

    You're one of the blessed ones not to have wisdom teeth!

    I consoled myself during those days of doubts that the dentist approved the surgery for Jaymes after checking that he was fit for it. They checked his age, weight and medical history before making the decision.

  19. tegdirb92,
    Thanks. Jaymes is feeling hyper now! hehe....

  20. ECL - You have done the right thing. All in one go is the best. What for going through the process 4 times?! Gosh ...

    Do it like a man!

    Ha ha ha ...

    I mean, you were carry twins or even more, would you like them delivered in one go or in different days?!

    Liposuction is a good idea. After which, you should take your son to more surgery and who knows, he may emerge as a "Jay Chou" one day ... hahahaha.

  21. Bunny Beth,
    Thanks for your concern. I'm glad it's all over.

  22. I also think it's better to do it once and for all than to do it separately. Pain one time enoughlor hor?? Hope that Jaymes is feeling all better now. :)

  23. Wah, ice cream for all 3 meals, so song!

    Jz wondering hor, how did Jaymes keep his mouth opened throughout the ops?

    Aiyah, itu semalam mya post veli farnies ma... hehe...

  24. Wilfrid,
    Thanks for supporting me! That's what I thought too. If a woman can take it, Jaymes should take it like a man!

    How I wish I had triplets! One child is not enough.

    My young Korean students are having cosmetic surgery and they look fabulous! I'm thinking of getting Jaymes an overhaul! hahah....

  25. blurmommy,
    Alamak! I should have made a post asking all of you for your opinions on Jaymes' surgery.

    I had sleepless nights regretting my decision after getting bombarded left and right from my parents, in-laws and real life friends. grrrr.....

  26. Way to go, Jaymes! Happy Recovery with a LOT of ice cream! That was what my dentist advised me to have plenty of, when I had mine removed!

  27. My Angel,
    yup, ice-cream meals only for this week. hehe.....

    There is the equipment to hold his mouth wide open. I don't know what that is called. I had a LA when I was doing my root canaling and I was really uncomfortable during the whole procedure. Imagine having your mouth forced opened for an hour! Luckily I was staring into the face of a young good-looking dentist and he didn't notice my drool overflowing down my blouse!

    Semalam post itu farnie ya? Betul? Tapi malu, ada salah!

  28. lb,
    Woot! that sounds so heavenly to Jaymes! So many people including Wong Siong encouraging him to eat more ice-cream.

  29. Ouchee! I remember having my wisdom teeth pulled out at 13. I looked like a chipmunk for the next couple of days. Glad everything turned out ok.

  30. I'm glad everything went well..! speedy recovery .. Jaymes.. :)

  31. Hi Lorian,
    hehehe.... I couldn't help laughing when I imagine you looking like a chipmunk!

    Yes, Jaymes is strong and healthy and is recovering very well! ^-^

  32. Fortunately I haven't needed to have my wisdom teeth out. If they are playing up then they are bettoer off out. Good for Jaymes that he could have the removal done in one go!

    Hapy weekend!

  33. i have removed 3 teeth at age of 19 or 20 too :)
    luckily one tooth didnt grow.
    it wasnt very painful and im sure jaymes-chan will recover quickly.
    the blood is annoying but it means he is becoming, right?
    happy weekend and take care of urselves!!

  34. ECL, re lipo, LOL!

    Good thing Jaymes is alright.

    have a great weekend, :)

  35. Good to hear that Jaymes is doing great!

    Ahh....the weekend is here...
    Wait!! Let me go check any challenges for RPS sin.

  36. You did the right thing having it all done at once. Much easier that way than to undergo 4 different surgeries. Great post for this week's theme and good photo. Have a good weekend.

  37. Hi Jams,
    You lucky man! Yes, it's better to have them out at one go! ^-^

  38. Hello Niki-chan,
    The initial swallowing of the blood was awful! yikes.

    Jaymes is recovering well and he's having his stitches removed on Monday.

    Have a great weekend!

  39. Teacher Julie,
    hehe... he has put on quite a bit of weight these few months, due to the frequent feeding from my kind business associates.

    Jaymes will look fabulous after he has trimmed his weight. Don't you agree? ^-^

  40. Cocka,
    Thanks, I'm so touched by your concern for Jaymes. Let's RPS - you win, I gib you the Chinese viagra concoction! ^-^

  41. kissedalotoftoads,
    Thanks. I'm beginning to feel better after reading all the comments here. I'm so pleased with myself. hehe......

  42. I heard from my sister that is hurts to remove the wisdom tooth. And mine are yet to be seen. Not sure if it is a good or a bad news *= Good day to you (=

  43. pelfy,
    If it doesn't surface or food doesn't get stuck in it, then it's alright. You can leave it alone.

    Wisdom teeth are useless, it's better to have them removed. It will hurt but be hurt once and for all. hehe....

  44. I'm glad u got Jaymes to do it this one time. It's useless to get it done one by one. Wasting time! Plus, u can actually remove a wisdom tooth even before it shows! HA HA ever so eager dental surgeon told me!

  45. It took me at least two weeks before the swell from surgical removal of two wisdom teeth subsided, when I did the surgery about three years ago.

  46. Very practical mom! Better to do it when you are young.

    Hey, have you ever done that 5 things meme? If not, I tag you. I gotta see your answers!

  47. I think you did right by him, four times for four teeth is a torture!

  48. It is very practical to have all 4 out at the same time. Cruel to be kind.

    I had all mine out at the same time long long ago.. wasn't nice but ensured I had no further problems!

  49. mott,
    Your dentist is hard up ah! Jaymes' dentist gave me a choice whether to remove all 4 because one of them is hidden. It's ok to leave it alone.

    But I thought since Jaymes is under GA and he's going to feel pain, might as well do it lest the wisdom tooth surfaces later and causes trouble! No more worries now! hehe....

  50. oceanskies,
    Wow! 2 weeks!! My swelling was down visibly in 5 days. One week later, I went back to work.

  51. Mike,
    hehehe.... I'm sure you want to know more about me! ^-^

    I'll do that!

  52. snoopythegoon,
    Yes, torture's the word! I'm glad it's over now. ^-^

  53. Hello Lady Banana,
    yeah, after removing all the wisdom teeth, we do feel better. ^-^

  54. LOL!So tough. Admire both of you mother and son. Hopefully James is not like mother in term of careless. hahahaha...

  55. Everydayhealy,
    I'm careless meh? *scratch my head*
    forgetful lah! hehe....

  56. Gosh...that hurts! Anyway, if I were him, I would also do it once and for all. After all, it's only pain once and not four times. Very practical of you to save cost too. See you around ECL :)

  57. ECL

    Just dropping by to say hello. Long time no read you. Good luck and keep up the good work. Have a fine Singapore evening.


  58. I had mine removed a long time ago too - actually back in the last century LoL

    Wishing you a wonderful Sunday and also thank you for your nice comments and warm thoughts to Diane on my Love Story post.

  59. Ah, I wish that they could do that as a standard procedure. I've been through 2 and wish it only had been one, because one of them were a nightmare to remove - and a clumsy dentist. Better to forget it!

    And I wish that the 2 I have left never will be any problem.... They seem to be very high up in the upper jaw, so I might be clear. Phew!

    I'm glad to hear that he is recovering well :-)

  60. Criz,
    Oh yes, it hurts. But it heals real fast for Jaymes, probably because he's young.

  61. Hi tlrb!
    Yes, it's been a long time. Nice to see you back! ^-^

  62. Renny,
    Love your Internet Love Story. So sweet, so romantic.... sigh...

    I had mine removed the last millineum! hahaha....

  63. Captain Lifecruiser,
    Oh no! You did it one at a time! That's the problem. If the procedure turns out to be Hell, you wouldn't want to go through that again to remove the next one.

    Hope the other 2's not giving you problem. Happy weekend!

  64. Hey, ECL, that was exactly the right thing to do. Both my children had all four out at once, both at about 20 or 21. Apart from having to have a liquid diet for a few days all went well.

  65. My daughter had all 4 out at once, too. She recovered quite quickly as well. It's good to be practical about these things! :-D
    Photo Hunters

  66. haha jaymes is not fat at al la.. he cud turn this fat into muscles later on u know! sign him up for gym! tell him got a lot of chun chicks there!

    sengkor said u are the female version of cocka! LOL!!!

  67. jmb,
    I'm feeling so much better after all these kind comments! hehe...
    Happy weekend!

  68. mama bear June,
    ah, another practical Mom! I'm glad I did the right thing.

  69. winn,
    Jaymes needs to lose his baby fats. Yes, he has been eyeing that gym membership since last year. He shall have it! His Dad is raring to go to the gym with him - to exercise their eyeballs at the pretty chicks!!!

    What!? I'm the female version of Cocka!? Please lah!!! I'm not even half way compared to Cocka! sengkor see me too up!!

  70. I think that is a good decision to get this done at the same time rather than to go thru the pain twice.

    Wishing Jaymes Speedy Recovery! :)

  71. Wisdom teeth...I can still pain the pain of having one removed, and having to take Organic Chemistry finals the same day. The drugs made me feel batty, and I think I might have doodled on my test sheets. I think I only have one. Does that mean I still have them coming?

    I agree with you for getting it all done in one go. Glad to know your son did well and survived the ordeal in a good mood.

  72. Hi pinkhippo!! *ECL waves*
    Yep, good decision and Jaymes is going to remove his stitches tomorrow! ^-^

  73. midas,
    I dun know if there are more wisdom teeth coming for you. hehe.... Some people have only one, others like my son and I have 4! Some lucky people never have a wisdom tooth!

    Oh boy! it must be terrible taking the exam with that pain and sleepyness!

  74. Mine was done ages ago and now no more doctors for me in the army camp. Really terrible.

  75. Why didn't I see this post yesterday?

    You liposuction? Where wor? You want to disappear into thin air? :P

  76. Lucky me that I don't need to have a surgery to remove any of them. Also, I never feet sore when it grew...

    Your son is very brave indeed and good that the surgery went well.

  77. I almost had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled out at the same time. Too bad, the other two did not erupt so I had 2 wisdom teeth pulled out despite all the warning like you can't eat, bla bla. But I was more worry on the pain and not what happen after the surgery.

    Glad Jaymes is doing good now. Take a pic of his chubby cheek for us ;)

  78. Paddy,
    I must make sure my son doesn't see an army doctor when he's in NS. There are so many negative reviews about them. Geez....

  79. Judy,
    Not me go for liposuction. It's Jaymes. He's getting too fat.

  80. Yo Hijackqueen,
    So you still have 2 more wisdom teeth embedded in your gums. hehe...

    I took pictures of Jaymes' extra chubby cheeks but he refused to let me post them. hahaha....