Thursday, September 13, 2007

Recycle, reuse - OMG!

I used to have a kaypoh (busybody) Indonesian maid. I didn't ask her to monitor or spy on my wards, but she would always tell me what was happening in the house.

One day while I was having my late dinner, she came to sit beside me. She started telling me about the kids. Who did what, who and who quarrelled, who ate titbits in the bedroom.....

Then in a whisper, she asked if I had noticed Miao, a 19-year old girl from Beijing, didn't wash her underwear. Huh!? Seeing that I stopped eating with my chopsticks raised in mid air, she gleefully moved her chair closer to me.

"I notice that she seldom wash her underwear! You don't see her drying her underwear."

What!! Miao goes around not wearing her underwear!? How can!?

In my house, I have a written rule that every one has to wash their own underwear. It's one's personal item, and they cannot wash underwear in the washing machine, together with other clothings. So after their baths, they have to wash their underwear and dry them on the racks provided in their bedrooms.

Seeing the incredulous look on my face, my maid explained further,"I have been spying on her for the past two weeks. And guess what I found!? She wears her panty for 2 days, then turns it inside out and wear for another 2 days. Then on the 5th day, she washes it! So you only see her panty drying on the rack once a week."

ewwww....... turns her panty inside out and wear again!?

"Some more! Some more! Her bra hor. Wash once a fortnight only. You see her bra, all black black. "

I dropped my chopsticks and my jaws!!! sigh ............


  1. I really wonder, how your maid notice someone turn their underwear inside out?
    More canggih than a CCTV

  2. maybe she got use errr... pantyliner? haha...

    ewwww still!

  3. My angel,
    No wor. They dun use such things as pantyliners.

  4. *gasp*

    *jaws drop 3 storey down*

    I thought guys are really nasty when it comes to hygience and such but girls?

  5. huh? she went to ask the girl and the girl told her that? Ehh!

  6. She went through Army training like we guys here in Singapore?

    Then again, I do know that their Unis have some military indoctrination, so maybe she learned it from there.

    You know, at field camps, some guys really do practice this, erm, rotating underwear tactic?

    Your son can get some lessons from her before enlistment. :-P

  7. ur maid really canggih wei! u careful also hor!!

  8. ECL, your wards do have very peculiar underwear habits hor?

  9. ecl, eeewww why you have so many dirty wards one? The smell....eeww....**gagging**.

    Any of your wards know that you have this blog? Kekekek....

  10. Ewwwwww.... another icky story!!!!

    Why am I keeping coming back here to read all this icky stories???? *giggles*

  11. Wa, I so song
    Rarely I see myself no1 in this extra populated blog.
    An honour :P

    I thought your maid has a 'spy hole' to see what everyone is doing, haha

  12. Ed,
    heh.. heh... now you know. Not only guys rotate their underwear, some girls do that too. It's plain laziness.

    So guys, all girls may look sweet and are nice smelling, but you don't know some have dirty secrets. :P

  13. mamatang,
    Yes, incredible hor! I think the girl was thinking how smart she was, to not have to wash her underwear everyday. -_-'"

  14. sicarii,
    I heard from my brothers that NS guys do that on the field. I never for the life of me think a girl would do that. And it is not just this girl, there were a few. tsk tsk tsk........

    My son knows all the tricks, having lived with so many big brothers and sisters in the same house all these years.

  15. Shocking! I am disgusted...
    ...isn't it urm...*uncomfortable*?

  16. Quote: So guys, all girls may look sweet and are nice smelling, but you don't know some have dirty secrets.

    I am beginning to wonder if they will even smell nice in that. Gosh!

  17. ehon,
    Yup, this maid is way too smart. I had to send her home after her contract ends. She's a terror, almost killed me.

  18. moby,
    Oh yes. There are more stories, lots that I can share with parents. All kinds of tricks these young people have. Everyday is a battle for me. sigh....

  19. Captain Picard,
    haha.... you would be amazed at the array of tricks these young people could think up!

  20. Judy,
    Yes, amazing, right? You would think these children are orphans or brought up by orang-utans in the jungle.

    Many of my students probably know about my blog by now. hehe.... I haven't blogged anything really bad... yet, but I will. I'm writing a book on these children and their parents. My experiences looking after other people's children for these past 20 years.

    Children and Parents from Hell

    Be shocked! hahaha....

  21. fida,
    How come its ok when guys do it?

    ya lah.

    Don't tell me you do it too!? hahaha.......

  22. Captain Lifecruiser,
    hehehe.... my stories really intrigue you.

  23. Hi sengkor,
    Yup, I would like to thank her for helping me save water.

    But she's not saving herself for whichever boy fancies her. I always wonder what the boys would think when they try to get intimate. muahahahaha......

  24. yenjai,
    aiyooo.... dun say until liddat lah. I'm always looking forward to your visit and comment. :)

    My this maid is such a busybody, she knows so much - my neighbours, my students from school, my parents' neighbours, my students' friends, all the maids in the neighbourhood and ..... the construction workers nearby. Fantastic stories here.

    Have to send her packing....

  25. giddy tiger,
    I dunno. I have never tried doing that. hehehe....

    She looks happy and comfortable though.

  26. Ed,
    Haven't you heard of perfume? You can spray lots of expensive, nice smelling perfume to drown the foulest smell!!

  27. well, that's something "interesting" while having dinner!

    looked like your maid can be part-time secret detective, no need to install CCD camera also can!

  28. China Doll is good at doing things which is quite unbelievable! hahaha.....

    Don't you smell any "salted fish" around your house then? hahaha....

  29. i think all your wards have the best survival skills man! LOL!
    They will have no problems stranded on an island for months!

  30. Leonard,
    Yes, my this maid can be a very good secret agent. Very scary when she turns against me.

  31. everydayhealy,
    I dun have a keen sense of smell. I sorta lost my sense of smell some time back and if I could smell the 'salted fish', the smell is very bad!

    She uses perfume, bought duty-free at the airport. :) I saw the bottles of perfume on her dressing table.

  32. tigerfish,
    Oh yes! They are great survivors mann! What Singapore needs as its new immigrants. :)

  33. HA HA HA..if you really publish this book "Children and Parents from HELL"...I'd like to pre-order one NOW!!!!!!!

    I've heard of guys doing it.... but this!!!!


  34. I am not sure if I get the correct file, one file is missing and I copied it into my server. Maybe you wan to try posting comment and see if the prob is resolved?

    *can delete this, no need to post up*


  35. oh gosh... ewwwww... *barf*
    I think you know what to get her for Christmas -- more undies and bras to use instead of "recycling"!!

  36. Hahaha.. yr maid can switch line become private investigator edi. :P

  37. mott,
    No need to order, I give you the book. :)

    Girls and guys are equal these days. Ah... in my book, you will read about the things girls did, when people least expect them to! ;)

  38. May,
    It's not that she has no undies to wear, she's lazy to wash them!

  39. etcetera-mommy,
    Oh yes, she would make a very good investigator. Too kaypoh.

  40. eastcoastlife,
    How come you have so many weird students one? *Uek* Lucky I've eaten my dinner liao. If not, I'll throw up. kakaka

  41. we used to think girls are better in housekeeping and personal hygiene .. but I do notice that some of them can be worst than guy ...

  42. Kok,
    They are not weird, they are ill-disciplined. They are also lazy and devious. Such conduct is quite common among young people these days, not many people except their parents know.

  43. hanneng,
    With couples having less kids, they tend to spoil them, resulting in such kids with behavioural problems.

    These young people are not stupid nor abnormal. They are products of a society where adults are too engrossed in making money, that they neglect the discipline of their kids.

  44. Looks like you need a panties and bras ... I mean ... hygiene inspector in your house!

  45. You must have a good relationship and paying good money to your maid! I just can't believe how disgusting those teenages are! First the used tampon, then wear the same underwear for a week, wash the bra once in two weeks... how much more disgusting things you maid knows? (Because I also want to know... :P)

  46. hehehehe! some guys in japan are like that.
    that is the grossest thing for girls lol
    my bro said in his college days, he has 30 piece of underwears, so he doesnt have to wash them for a month.

  47. Eeeewwwww.......EEEWWWWWW!! DOUBLE EEEWWWW!!

  48. So nice of her to inform you of this while you eat.