Thursday, September 13, 2007

Eat Bakery - Thailand Corpse Bread

It’s bread!! This is real bread which is sculpted to look like a corpse. Thai baker Kittiwat Aun-A-Rom created it. He opened this bakery shop named 'Eat Bakery' in Potharam district, Ratchaburi province; a province which is a 2-hour drive from Bangkok.

Kittiwat wants to present bread as a new art in the form of a corpse. He wants to show people that they should not just stick to the usual appearance of food, even though his bread doesn't look beautiful but it can be eaten. When he first baked it, he didn’t think it would be popular and he didn’t think of marketing it. But when foreign media like A.P. Reuter wrote about his idea, many orders start pouring in from around the world such as U.S.A., Germany, Japan, South Korea etc. that made him earn more than US$1000 per month.

His shop was opened more than 3 years ago but he didn't do any marketing, so it was little-known. His creations in the past looked scarier than this. He gets the idea from his father which was sick from brain tumor and that made him worry a lot. From that, he thinks that death is always around us. New birth, sickness, old age, death and decay in our human life is like bread. If you keep it for many days, it will go bad in the end, no difference from human.

So he tried to sculpt the bread as a corpse but that was his own personal art. Until he graduated with a bachelor degree from the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts at Chulalongkorn University and continued to study Master of Art at Silpakorn University; he studied about how to create physical resemblance by mixing media art technique. Then his turning point came when he studied real corpses from Siriraj Hospital. He started creating his bread for business because he wanted to help his family after his graduation.

Why was his bakery named 'Eat Bakery'? Because it was also the name of his family bakery shop and it also has the same pronunciation of 'Eat' in English that conforms to his idea; disgusting things could also be eaten, don't stick to the usual stuff.

What does he put in his bread? Kittiwat said that he used the normal ingredients; egg, flour, milk, chocolate etc. but he uses a different way to knead and bake, that’s a secret technique that he developed through trial and error for the past 3 years.

Where does he get the idea? He said that he sculpts it from his imagination and books but he doesn't sculpt it to look like a real life person. Every piece he does is by hand, no mould and he has to sculpt it smaller than what he wants because when he bakes, it will expand. After that he will paint it with food colour. It taste like cookies and can keep for 3 day but he said most of his customers buy to display more than eat it.

Now he faces the problem of slow production as he can sculpt only 100 pieces per month which is not in time with many orders because it is hand made. He said that he used to sell full body corpse to Germany for 40,000 THB (1000 USD). In the future he plans to develop new designs on the same theme.

If you want to order, you can call 66 32-233-901 or 66 92-569-069.
hehehe......... for Halloween.


  1. No, I don't want to order, thanks. I don't see nothing... *Doreen hide behind her palms*

  2. This really looks like CSI Thailand. Hahaha... Is this promoting cannibalism?

  3. ooo errr......

    i shudn't have read this......

  4. giddy tiger,
    hahaha.... wait until I go to the bakery to take my own photos. That would be very fun for me and my readers.

    *rub hands gleefully*

  5. Ed,
    Environmentally friendly and a good way to practise my butchering skills. I so want to be there. hehe.....

  6. Oops.... mott!
    shoo! shoo! Go away. Cannot see in your condition.

  7. quite creative, but i'm sure i won't be eating these bread!

  8. No doubt. It's creative! But,I don't think I will have any appetite after have a glance at it. That's... eeeee... Don't know what to say.

    I think I will only order it when I have someone in mind that I really hate! hahaha.....

  9. Really very bloody leh...! DOn't dare to look. :O

  10. everydayhealy,
    Oh, order one for the one you hate rather than make a corpse out of him or her? hmmm......

  11. tigerfish,
    Oh come on. You're a tiger leh, albeit a fish.

  12. it'll be quite weird eating an arm... or a leg... or a nose! I wonder if he makes "hearts" too...

  13. May,
    Yes, all the organs of the body. You want a bleeding heart? :P

  14. yukkkkkk!
    i cant believe u could upload such scary pic in ur lovely blog lol
    i went to chula univ too.
    i wonder if i saw him.

  15. Very strange. And thinking of when the brain tursn moldy. Yuck!

  16. niki,
    That was my Gross Week for my posts. :)

    You went to Chula Uni? Oh.

  17. SA,
    Yes, I can imagine the brain turning mouldy. hehe....