Monday, July 02, 2007

Why date a girl?

I got to know this young man about 3 months ago. Tall, pleasant looking but a little fat. hehehe..... Nice boy. He treated me like his mother (duh), telling me many sob sob stories about his adult life. zzzzz........

One evening, he scammed invited me for dinner. He was vexing over his career. He envies people who dare to venture out and start their own business. He was thinking of quitting a well-paying job, do some self study, work part-time and then start his own small business. As a successful businesswoman, I gave him some advice which he accepted. The key word is 'Time Management'.

Ok... ok. Come to the gist of the story. Like the typical kaypoh (busybody) concerned mother, I asked about his love life.

He had 7 girlfriends!! Wow! All - kaput! Some reasons are so lame. Now, for more than a year, he has been alone. Poor guy. No dates. tsk tsk tsk........Well, on and off he did go out with some chicks. There was one particular date which I simply have to highlight.

One evening, he picked up this hot chick at her workplace. They had dinner at Clark Quay, then adjorned for drinks, then went for a walk. Then sat at a romantic place and ..... chatted. Yes, you heard me correct, chatted! For hours. Until 4 am the next day!!! That is so crazy!

You can't blame the girl when she grew cold towards him the next day and told her peers with great a tinge of disappointment,"Nothing happened. Last night was not a HOT date." The goondu asked,"Was she expecting something to happen?" Ya lah!! #%*&@!

"Why do you date girls? Let me teach you the businessman's way of dating girls. Time is precious and every hour means Money. Identify your motive. If you date to find a girl to marry, by all means, woo her with expensive dinners and blood-red roses. If you date a girl for *cough cough*, then don't waste time. Talk!? Talk so much for what? Action lah!" **Suggestions -censored. Ay, this is a G-rated blog. Geez.... **

He was so shocked and blurted,"How can you teach me this! You teach your son this too? "

"Yes. Worse." hahaha......

Ok any girl who likes a sucker nice man to buy you dinner and listen to your rants, please email me. I'll line a date with this nice young man so he can waste his life and will never get his business off the ground..... No chance, boy.

Note : This is a PPP. Purposely Published Post (Jaymes called it Pang Pui Post :)), also known as a Scandalous Post to irk the above-mentioned blogger. Many bloggers would be able to guess who he is. :) This post is meant to entertain. Afterall, it's only a few days to revealing the Award Winners at 1st Anniversay Blog Awards Party!


  1. LOL. I think we all know who this "Tall, pleasant looking but a little fa. Nice Boy" is..

    Tsk tsk tsk..

  2. So in other words A McDonalds happy meal and quick hop into the sack is

  3. oh gosh... another form of PPP ? oh my god.

  4. Guess I'll need to go through all your post to find out who he is.

    Guess I would be disappointed as well if I'm the gal. Clearly she is expecting the friendship to go further.

  5. Sigh... and if anyone needs help know who this handsome guy is, click here.


  6. I can't exactly determine who this blogger is. But I think there is no need for me to.

    I don't mind listening to people rant for up to 30 minutes or a hour. It is probably my occupational hazard.

    But, a good date ideally can get me talking about things that I enjoy and be relaxed, cos I am notorious for being a listener. And yes, I'm known to Eastcoastlife as appearing serious. *winks*

    ECL: Is this post meant to be another attempt of yours to be the most entertaining blog? Quite a good topic to draw readers. :)

  7. Wah.... who is this guy? Damn loser leh. Talk until 4am? Wah piang.

  8. You really teach your son to do that arh? But he say Pang Pui post leh! Wahahahha!

  9. Mayb e girl just wanted sex but e guy wasn't thinking that way.

    tsk tsk..nowadays the girl..

    *shake head*

  10. Err... this also I read until blur blur. Paiseh... :D

  11. Talked till 4am ? Sot sot..Better go home n sleep la..Some guys are soo blur one..Ppl hint hint oso dunno..ish..deserve a piak..

  12. 杰,
    No need to know who he is lah. He small fry. wahahahaha.....

  13. cobalt,
    You so bad ar. Purposely Pimp Post. Shoo....

  14. oceanskies,
    It is not enough to be a listener. One has to be observant too.

    There are no lack of listeners in this world but yet they didn't manage to save those who committed suicide or homicide.

    And also misunderstanding could arise when the listener doesn't response to the speaker. Listener has to participate.

  15. dk,
    Dun criticise other people lah. Young mah, some more nobody teach him how to handle hot chick wat?

    But then hor, this guy damn dense lah. 7 failures already leh. Still so tut!? Big loser. aiyah, no hope.
    *Drop stones while guy fell into a well*

  16. tigerfish,
    Ya lah. He so smart, dun listen to me. Some more call this a pang pui post. cheh.

    My son is like his father, too straight.

  17. day-dreamer,
    It's ok. You still too young to understand. :)

  18. I ... I ...

    What ... in the world ... does he talk until 4am?

    Please, if no action is foreseen, should be a gentleman and send her back at 11 pm. At least she might have 2nd chance for the night ^-^

  19. eve,
    Ya lor. Better go back sleep. Also let the girl go back sleep mah, if dun want do anything else. Some more in the wee hours of the morning, at the riverside, so cold. Dunno how to hug her. tsk tsk tsk......

  20. yenjai,
    That's what I thought too. Great minds think alike huh. :)

  21. Ya lor... fail 7 times liao still so kum rite? Should just go be a monk lah. hahaha

  22. aiyoo dk,
    Why let him be a monk? Sayang. I'll recommend him to a duck shop, let the professionals train him. But first must lose some fats.

    You think I got chance to use his service anot!? wahahahahaha.....

  23. *rolling on floor laughing out loud*

    I love your PPP definition! ... and Jaymes definition makes me fall off my chair again.

  24. Hijack Queen,
    hahaha.... Jaymes is a little too much sometimes.

  25. I really enjoy reading this Pang Pui Post, make me wanna Pan Sai, Good one

  26. monkeywong,
    Hi! Welcome.

    Thanks for dropping by. Come back tomorrow for Part 2. :)

  27. Haha! Your comment moderation is on hor, I pimp post but you approve lor! LOL!

  28. Ya lah Cobalt.
    Must give you face mah. And must give the sleep button face mah. hahaha.....

  29. JIALAT eastcoastlife!It is pretty obvious that who is he.I believe HOT chicks wouldn't want such sucker!!!

    Patrick joo

  30. Cobalt: Why cannot see the face of the loser 1? Face cover until like that, how we know who is he?

  31. Patrick,
    I dunno leh. Although I'm not a HOT chick, I also dun go for him.:P That's why must wake him up. :)

  32. dk,
    Ya, I agree with you. Want to show, must show face mah.

    ei dk, how come your avatar the same as the one cobalt linked ar?

    hahaha.... I friend enough, neber gib name hor!!!

  33. Hehehe ... When reading this post, somehow I know who you are referring to. I dunno why.

    Tell him too bad I am married. Otherwise I date him liao. I like man who can communicate with me like there's no tomorrow. That is how my hubby dated me last time. Hahahahaaaa ...

  34. Oooo lilMrsT,
    You pity him, right? You are such a nice lady, unlike me. hehehe....

    Well, at least he should feel consolation that some ladies do like his type.

    So go for failure No.9, XX!

  35. CCDA: My avatar where got same as the one cobalt linked? Your eyes ok or not? Need to go checkup?

    I introduce you a very good optometrist. Go to Fan Mei Yeen optometrist.

    Tell him you are DK's friend, he will give you discount 1. :D

  36. dk,
    ei... your friend ar? So co-incident! How you know him ar?
    I sleeping with him wor.


  37. Hi giddytiger,
    Yes, PPP. By eastcoastlife. :D

  38. *clapclapclapclap*
    Can sell story to Mediacorp liao! ;)

  39. Wow Angel,
    And you would be my loyal fanee! hehehe....

  40. I have lots of blank spots on my calendar! No dates! No plums! Just a few fresh figs..
    Too right! Get right to the point and pom chak chak ~ wasting time and money and career talking till 4am in the morning! By that time, can have three babies already! LOL *tongue in cheek, ok?*

  41. ECL gives good and practical advice :p

  42. I roughly can guess who is that HOT chick..she is one of the pingster right?!! Didn't know she is so hotttt & hiong..LOL

  43. Who is this boy siah! Heh, I won't mind meeting him leh..

    Poke poke ECL, intro intro leh. Nowadays very difficult to find guys who are so cute and naive liao! Heh!

  44. wah so power, on and off go out with chicks....

    I think I need to gain weight (fats) liao, nowadays fat guys are in hot demand.

  45. Wah lb!
    3 babies! hehehe....

    I prefer fresh figs...

  46. arzhou,
    hahaha.... glad that you agree with me. :)

    Hope you are feeling better after being sick from all the partying.

  47. Iris,
    No problem! I would be glad to introduce him to you. He's really cute. Naive, dun worry, he's not. :)

    Both of you are a good match.

  48. chillycraps.
    This guy so powerful hor. Maybe becos he got extra fats .... hehehe...

  49. Am I correct to say that I spotted someone trying to 恶人先告状 here?

  50. It's always better to be outright frank on one's intention even if it's sheer attraction. Like "I'm sorta attracted to you but there ain't any expectations. We'll just see how it goes..." It really helps to give a rough idea what both parties are up to and we can see the reaction of one another.

    But one year without gf won't die what?! I'm single for 2 yrs+ still alive and kicking in one piece. LOL! But to chat a girl for that long? Gosh... I'll fall aslep before she does. I think I will be better off cuddling with her under the stars and sing "fly me to the moon". LOL!

  51. I am feeling much better already. Thanks for asking. I shall be asking you for advice too in the future! :p

  52. Ed,
    I do agree that if one doesn't have the intention of committing to a relationship, it's better to let the other party know. Don't mislead and deprive the other person of his/her chances of getting to know someone.

    Of course nobody would die from not having a gf or bf. Undersexed that's all. hahaha......

  53. The girl might had just breakup with his former boyfriend?

  54. arzhou,
    You sure you want to ask for advice. You want to be exposed like this blogger? hehehe.....

  55. hmm, could it be, not the guy dunno the girl wants to ahem, but it's the guy "cannot"?

    aka "鸟不起"...

  56. ah pleazzzzz lah, chillycraps!
    You look at him! You maybe cannot, but I'm sure he's strong like a bull!!!

    This is a personal attack already hor!

  57. Ya lor ya lor.... I agree with cc. Maybe the guy really cannot leh?

    You never know rite? He quite a loser lah. Don waste your time on this useless fellow.

  58. oi dk,
    Why hantam people until liddat!?Loser doesn't mean he also impotent. You all make people very sad, you know. Later he go commit suicide, how?

    I must call him out tonight for supper to console him. :)

  59. CCDA: why? you wanna talk to him until 4am also ah? haha

  60. "You look at him!"

    err... who's he?

    ok ok if he's reading this, sorry.

  61. dk,
    People who know me well, know that I don't talk much. I am more of a doer, go-getter. You think he can fly from my clutches? muahahahaha.........

  62. CCDA: he really reading this ah?

    Hello Mr LOSER!!

  63. You angry for what? Not scolding you mah. Scolding that guy. :P

  64. dk,
    That guy is my friend. Anybody who scolds my friend, scolds me too.

    But if you all want to whack him, I can't do anything also lah. hahaha....

  65. aiyoh, DK you jialat liao lor..everyone knows your weakness liao lor.. Oops!

    I teach you lah, next time be more daring lah, don just talk!

  66. Hahaha, I like Jaymes's version of PPP. Though it may be pang pui post but to read it is 'eh sai' and not 'lau sai'.

    So, this man rich or not? How old? I am trying to think if I know of any girl/woman for him. :P

  67. Can I vote? I wanna vote for you... Muahahaha..

  68. Hi Judy,
    hahaha.... it's trash lah. I'm surprised people prefer to read this than my whistle-blowing. duh.

    This young man is less than 30. Tall, pleasant-looking, eager to learn, humourous, fun-loving, humble, holds a good-paying job. :)

  69. Bernard,
    Of course you can vote. Sign up at

    Thanks. :)

  70. omgwtfbbq.... the long awaited scandalous post of our good friend come out liao.... gg to him!

  71. hahaha highwayblogger,
    Yes. You waited how many days ar?