Thursday, July 12, 2007

I have money!! 我有钱嘛!!

In my business, I meet many wealthy clients, some so filthy rich, they can pay cash deposit of US$300,000 or snapped up a S$3.2 million 99-year apartment without batting an eyelid. I really got a shock when I realised that I had walked around Raffles Place with him carrying a suitcase of cash! Many of these rich are humble and nice people, but I tend to get a few rich snobs who think they own the world.

I'm not one who would fawn over the rich or powerful. I really don't care. These people seek my services because they know I'm the best. I don't conceal anything from them, everything is in black and white. I don't mince my words, I'm a blardy frank person. Take it or leave it.

The rich snobs have been pampered almost everywhere. Every one seems to be at their beck and call! In their countries, if they need to renew any license or permit, they get civil servants to go to their house to do that for them! Personalised service. Wow! When they come here, they expected me to wait on them hands and knees. Fat hope.

They would say, "I have money!"

- when their kids couldn't get into Raffles Instituition or Hwa Chong (top schools in Singapore);
- when the restaurant ran out of stock of their favourite fish that night;
- when Singtel couldn't come fix their son's broadband in the middle of the night;
- when they have to queue like the rest at Singapore Immigration to extend their Social Visit Pass;
- when SAF didn't approve their son's NS deferment.

The rich snobs think money is omnipotent. Even their children started behaving like them after a while. Their eyes are right at the top of their foreheads.

There were a couple of times where these rich men came to make enquiry. After spending time explaining and showing them around, they started bargaining. I showed them the door. They came back some time later. I upped my fees by 25% because they wasted my time the first round. They have money. ^-^


  1. well.... money can make the world and brain spinning! one cannot be too rich as most likely will become proud and look down on those not so rich!

    yes, with money you may not do or get anything you want, but without money, it would be nightmare!!

    that's my thinking! 2 cents worth!

  2. I like your style. You give and you expect the best. No BS about it. You are like a breath of fresh air. Keep up with attitude and make us all proud

  3. Leonard,
    I have a love and hate relationship with MONEY.

    I try to make as much money as I can to provide for my son. And after seeing how money can buy me the best doctor and medical facilities, I can't say I don't love money. :)

    What I hate are the rich and powerful who used money to suppress the weak and poor.

  4. Hi Teacher Dave,
    awww..... thank you.

    My style and no BSing didn't get me far though. Having good moral values don't get people far these days.

    Whoever's more cunning, manipulative, better at cheating and can cover his tracks well, wins. I'm no fight to such winners who are a dime a dozen. ^-^

  5. LOL.. well done ECL! Treat them as carrots since they are so snobbish!

  6. It's great that they have money. My wish for them is that they can learn to use their money wisely to benefit themselves and the world around them.

  7. ..and so do you now! I mean, from them la


  8. kev's walkabout,
    Cannot treat them like carrots lah. That's unprofessional. mwahahahaha....

  9. oceanskies,
    Nay, to benefit the world and the less fortunate around them is the last thing on the rich snobs' minds.

    For such people, I make sure they benefit my pockets.

  10. mott,
    hahaha.... didn't benefit that much, a little lah. ^-^

  11. U got money, so what!
    Money can buy love mer?
    Sometime I really 'petahan' those rich fellas especially those who inherit d money from parent, even are well educated, but their attitude are really XXXX , show off in term of girls, cars .... treat others like dog!!! come on men, if not because u got d $$$$, u have nothing! Money makes people loss!
    But, unfortunately we live in a money face world, and everyone want s to be 有钱人!

  12. They came back some time later. I upped my fees by 25% because they wasted my time the first round. They have money. ^-^


  13. MonkeyWong,
    I have seen examples, Money can buy Love! Well, not exactly, but this rich boy and girl used money as bait to marry the person they like. Maybe they only got the body and not the heart, but they won. They broke up lovers and got their wish.

    In this world is liddat, whoever has more money and power, he talks louder. Not happy, we can try to earn more money than him or be more powerful than him.

    The haves will call the have-nots, losers. And should the losers make noise, the haves will tell them, "Get out of my elite, uncaring face!"

  14. That is not up the service 25%

    That is 'the initial consultation charge, redeemed'

    That is rightfully yours

  15. Rich people who are humble and generous deserves my respect.

    Those you mentioned? No thanks. Money is not everything. Don't think you can insult people with your $$.

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  17. So, are you saying 'Money does not talk'?

    I always thought 'Money talks'. Anyway, what do I know after all I have money....NOT! Hahaha.

    I have seen people who are wealthy and behave like they can rule the world. Not very nice.

    Though my dad believes that money makes the world go round but he also taught us to be humble and to help people at all times.

  18. day-dreamer,

    There are rich people who are humble and kind. They give generously to those who are less fortunate, and they choose to remain annoymous.

    Yet there are the rich who would try to gain mileage or the most recognition from their miserly handouts.

    What is not acceptable from these people is their mindset. They think that anyone who is not their equal are not worth their acquaintance. Then they proceed to deride or humiliate them. They justify their actions through their great wealth.

  19. Judy,
    Money talks. Whoever says Money doesn't talk is living in another planet. Power talks.

    I know these two powerful tools very well, as some rich and powerful have succeeded in using them against me. :)

    Our parents are wise in their own ways. Things were simpler in the old days. The future is so scary.

  20. ECL, I like your last 2 sentences. I cannot help laughing & I find it so true. U really "can" leh... !!
    GOOD :)

  21. Nice post! Money comes and's wealth can change in an instant. What's important is behaving the same way when you are rich as when you are poor :)

  22. to be not in want is better i think. too much money makes the brain think differently. seen too many such people around. not a nice sight sometimes.

  23. Ok...if their money does benefit your pocket, I shall similarly wish that you will be wise with the use of the money. I do see you have been. :)

  24. you should have UPPED more, woman!
    since they got money, 有钱没地方花.

  25. money isn't everything, but it sure is nice to have some.

    next time up the fees by 50%... might as well help them spend their money!

  26. Hi Janice!
    Thanks for dropping in.

    haha... I can lah!

  27. Hi yee hung,
    Thanks for stopping by.

    What goes around, comes around. The future is very unpredictable. I have seen the rise and fall of many wealthy and successful people. I myself have been through that.

    I'm thankful for the many good friends I have.

  28. Yes misti,
    You probably have seen a lot of such people. It's depressing sometimes, but we don't live for anybody. Never let anyone put us down. We are the best!

  29. oceanskies,
    You know what I have been doing with my money.

    I don't buy flashy cars nor maintain a luxurious lifestyle. I have a pretty simple lifestyle. :)

  30. tigerfish,

  31. Wah! May,
    You so hiong! There is a certain market price, cannot charge too high or else I die first! hahaha.....

  32. hahaha...clever of you to mark up the price...they got money. LOL.

  33. miche,
    yes... they have money, they didn't mind paying the penalty. :)