Friday, May 25, 2007

Guys don't talk SEX !

I was pleasantly surprised by the feedback from male readers on my post, 'Sexual Fantasies of women' that when guys get together, they don't talk about SEX. They brag about their sexual powess and conquests but don't discuss how to have better sex or how to please their partners. ewwww.......

Sex is not only necessary for the survival of the human race, it is also a major contributor to the quality of male and female life. Scientific knowledge of male sexual problems and impotence has dramatically increased. And where men cannot satisfy the women, technology can do so nowadays. We are talking about sex toys and they are getting better each day.

(I have a good friend who just returned from the US and she brought some interesting sex toys which I'm gonna show my other girlfriends this weekend at our Slumber Party. I'm thinking, should I blog about it? Jaymes, my son, has vehemently objected to my posting it. hehehe..... )

So you guys out there, if you think sex is just a bang-and-go thing, you are gonna be left with seeking sex from hookers one day. Loveless sex, no feelings or emotion involved.

The little blue pill, tongkat Ali or some tribal concoctions can only get your dick a raise, the styles and variety are crucial to a fulfilling sex life.

Men accuse their partners of playing dead in bed when they are the ones who have no imagination nor creativity. And they never bother to ask the women if that is how they like it. Most women are too shy to tell you guys what they want due to their upbringing. Ok, if the women do tell, they would be judged as loose and having much sexual experience.

So guys, do yourselves a favour, go pick up some love-making skills and blow your women off! Talk about it, discuss it and read up on it. Please keep off porn because it doesn't do much to your sex life, trust Aunty here. hehehe....


  1. I object to your son's objection! Haha! Share-share maaa... ;)

  2. angel,
    hahaha... I see how first. Must be sensitive to his feelings. The poor guy gets teased in school every time I write a controversial post!

  3. Though I would like to say show it show it, I do realise how difficult it is for Jaymes.
    We should respect his feeling.

  4. Yes, he is feeling a little sensitive at his stage now.

    I'm thinking of making password-enabled posts for more matured themes. I'll see how.

  5. heaven forbid if he ever needs to poop while having sex!! LOLOL!!

  6. hahaha... May!
    Make sure both of you clear your bowels before sex lah! So guai sei ma fan wan!!! hehehe.....

  7. LOL at may!!!! Hahahah!!! *oops*
    This is an interesting topic, bu I am in a rush, so I cannot collect all my thoughts of wisdom together... *sigh* Ok, wait for Penang..

  8. "....and blow your women off"

    Huh? What? i thought they are the ones suppose to blow? no?


  9. Sex for the experience of sex is one thing that we all have at one time or another. Sex for the fullfilment of love is Bliss. When you express your love in sexual ways and you show how much you love the other person by a touch a kiss and tender loving sex then you have discovered life.

  10. I've been referred to as a sex toy can I come to the show and tell!!

  11. Yeah!!!
    Getting all excited to meet you in Penang. I have lots to tell you.

  12. cocka,
    You how long didn't surf porn sites? New styles out already! tsk tsk tsk....

  13. Eastcoastlife, if Jaymes has specifically made a request, I think he feels glad that you have been keeping to it. :)

    Oh, so the gist of this post is guys and ladies think of sex from different angles?

  14. Teacher Dave,
    Most women are contented with frequent cuddles and snuggling close together, whispering swet nothings to each other. A guy who can make a woman feel love is a rare find.

  15. hahaha Tom!
    Wow! A sex toy that talks and can feel. I would love to have you! Could you take the earliest flight to Singapore? See you on Saturady night!!!

  16. oceanskies,
    I didn't promise him not to post but I would not do anything to hurt him. I will show him my post and see if he would approve it. hehehe.... My Private Censor.

    No, the gist of the post is that I think guys should try to make sex enjoyable for their ladies or else they would find themselves redundant one day. :)

  17. Its not how big your erm... nostrils are.... its how much gold you can find in it


  18. Sex toys are a threat to men. I must never come to a day when such paraphernalia become a preferred choice. OK now how do I begin... ahah...

    Ex and I did conduct a "research" on these things. Interesting! :)

  19. That's a good list. You're right. Both guys and girls have to contribute well to make it a good experience.

  20. Not surprising. As men, we don't discuss emotional issues. The topics are sports, sports, work, cars, and beer.

  21. fida,
    gross example. tsk tsk tsk....

  22. narrowband,
    aha! You realised sex toys are a threat to you guys huh. The gals can get much pleasure from them without you guys liao. hehehe...

  23. Captain Picard,
    Glad that you agreed. hehe....

    Wonder what sex toys are available on Star Trek. :)

  24. Ed Lau!
    Happy to see you!

    The topics are sports, sports, work, cars, and beer.
    awww.... ain't that boring!? Usually the topics are discussed in this order? :)

  25. *waiting eagerly for the post*..kakkakka...

  26. Interesting topic, but always misunderstooded?

  27. I doubt sex can it be discuss openly and as freely as it need to be and able to get all the answers right?

    For me I felt that ladies are the disadvantage half, for numerous reasons one way or another, might be due to cultural, upbringing or accessibilities.

  28. henry,
    You will be amazed at how freely some of our ladies are able to discuss healthy sex topics. I think the women has a right to enjoy sex as much as men.

  29. I don't doubt about it that the more educated a lady, the better she can had access to info.

    As such that the Japanese ladies are highly educated and more adventurous.

    In reports seem to indicate they prefer to foster pets than the next generations.