Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Quest for Superman

I have many girlfriends who are of or over marriageable age. They are highly educated, independant, hold very good jobs or own their own businesses. Some are so beautiful, even I want to bed them. So what's keeping them from getting hitched?

Maybe their good qualifications and qualities they possess are their problems. Too high standards for the men, probably. Are they picky? I bet.

They want a man who can entertain them, make them laugh -be humourous but not always or else can marry a clown. Remember all important dates. Surprise them on Valentines' Day, their birthdays, anniversaries, occasionally...etc. Serenade them with songs or musical instruments like piano, guitars or flute! Can read their mind, know when to shut up, when to speak. Cannot interfere with their career, they must have the freedom to do what they want. Not willing to go out with guys who travel a lot. Guys must keep them company at any available time and plan the activities.....etc. My eyebrows go higher at every thing they name, I think my eyebrows have disappeared into my hairline. hehehe...

Come on lah! Get a TV set with all the sound systems and get connected to the internet too, if you want to be entertained. Oh, I'll talk about the SEX part next post.

What kind of guy do women really want? It’s been a hot topic for as long as I can remember and incredibly annoying. Should men change from who they are to someone they’re not, just so they could have legal sex? And believe you me, women tend to develop more frequent headaches when they get married. Ask the married men. hahaha.....

To women who always make simple things look complicated, the men are often canned, conformed or classified into: the good (好男人 ), the bad (坏男人), the he-man (大男人) and the new-man (新男人).

The good man is responsible, loving, gentle, respect their elders, obedient - good husband material. They are also honest but a little boring though. Well, there's no perfect man!

The bad man is usually a great flirt, irresponsible, funloving and exciting. He seldom rejects any girl. This man is like a cigarette, you know it is harmful to your health and yet you cannot keep away from it. Girls and women flock to such men. They are addictive.

The he-man was popular once, but hey, with women getting more educated and self-reliant, they no longer need a man who knows how to repair the leaks and change the lightbulbs. Nowadays, women don't like the man giving orders in the house.

The new-man is also called Sensitive New Age Guy (SNAG), they are the women's new best friends. These sensitive and caring guys, can be effeminate. They cook, wash, clean, shop ... they even excel in such chores!

No matter what categories of men we have, many women would ultimately choose the good man to be with, for the rest of their life. A good man is like an Oscar award actor, his versatility as a husband, son, boss, colleague, lover - in the office, in his parents' house, at dinner parties, even in his own bed, he's always changing his roles. He's Superman - the multi-function guy!

Guys, which category are you?
And gals, which category are your bf or hubby?
My hubby belongs to the good-man. Actually I prefer the bad-man. hahaha....


  1. You got Good Man, Bad Man, He-Man, New-Man, how come got no description of Keropok Man? hahaha....

  2. hahaha... keropokman!
    How would you define your category leh?

  3. hmm

    - everyday boh liao, go and take photo... take photo liao, post on his two blogs.

    - force pple to go out with him and eat. nice or not nice also have to eat. and before eating have to wait for him to take photos, wait until food also cold liao still taking photo....

  4. Hmmm... keropok man....

    Lao hong when placed outside for long. hahaha. :P

    I long time no eat keropok liao.

  5. dk, you dun know what you are missing man... how can no eat keropok

  6. so keropokman,
    When we go makan? Both of us will take photo, take photo .... so cannot complain, rite? hehehe....
    dk come aso!

    ya, keropokman,
    put on the shelf too long can lao hong. Quickly market yourself and 'sell' yourself off! hehe...

  7. dk,
    I like to eat keropok too! Let's buy it and eat on Friday at HK tea house.

    You also gonna lao hong too if you are on the shelf too long!hahaha....

  8. when is shilpa coming ah? then we go makan and take lots lots of photos!

    dk should come and join too.

  9. keropokman,
    Shilpa going to Bangcock first then join us. hahaha....

    dk should come also. I thought I make popiah..... ok, and also go out to eat!

  10. WAH... got makan ah? Where where?? I want I want!! :D

    But I mid May not free. Got exams.

    CCDA: I put on shelf very long liao. Now decay liao.

  11. aiyo dk,
    Why liddat? It's mid-May lor! Cheh!

    I know you decay lor! Help you lah。

  12. Ahem ahem, I heard my name being mentioned!! :)

    Keropok, I think the way you put it, you're in a category of your own, haha!!

    I'll be arriving next Monday, but ECL is right, can join you all only the week after 'cos I need to make new IC, open new bank account, call everyone to tell them I'm back (it can take a whole day, haha), then am off to Bangkok lor (not Bangcock, ok, tzk! So cheeky! haha!)

    Would be pleased to meet DK, too!

    As for the type of man, my hubby is definitely a good-man type, which is the inevitable choice after a string of failures with a few bad-men, haha!

  13. If the food is good, I'll come out of my cave and join you all lah. :D

  14. shilpa, u are finally coming!

    make IC, very the fast one, ICA super efficient. open new bank account also easy, wah. lots of euro to deposit ah?

  15. Oops. shilpa is here. hehehe....

    yeah! Let's party!

  16. dk,
    come lah! You can study as you eat lor! Multi-task.

    ICA is efficient nowadays but I dunno abt the banks.

  17. No way am I going to bring my books along lor. Eat is eat. Study is study. Cannot mix 1.

    Should be alright 1. Let me know the date. :P

    Who is shilpa anyway? :P Nvm.. got food can liao. haha

  18. hehe .... dk,
    Tats right. Go for the food and company, with eastcoastlife must be good! I'll email you.

  19. Err... I don't know myself. You see which category I fit into.

    I am responsible, loving,obedient (to wife). Honest (with capital H) and Boring (of course).

    Since my maid ran off, then I have to also take part in your 4th category.

    I have to wake my kids up, bring them downstairs, switch on TV for them, change them into uniform. After sending them to schools, I rush home to iron my clothes, kids clothes, and sometimes wife's clothes. Drop the laundry into washing machine, and hang those (we t clothes) outside. Go to work. If it looks like going to rain, rush home to push the clothes inside.

    Look at the clock. 5pm. Rush home, mop floor, fill up water and flask for kids. 收衣服。

    You say which category I fall into leh?

  20. Huh?
    I'm speechless.

    This is not a man category liao! This is animal category. 做牛做马喔!muahahahahaha......

    sigh... 可怜!

  21. I cannot find my manual anymore, so I can't say which model I am.. Anyway, it's time for an upgrade of RAM as well, and the HD needs defragmentation.. but the peripherals are still in good working condition!

  22. lb,
    hahaha... are you sure? Must send to me for overhaul. hehehe....

  23. ha..not sure what cagetory I fall in ...But for sure now is good man^^

    if get married, may become bad man or new man.....

    superman too far for me.....dying man..

  24. ahhong,
    hahaha.... why become bad-man only when married? Liddat wife suffer, you know.

    Whether you like it or not, when you get married, you have to be superman. :D

  25. dk,
    Cannot email you that lah! Small kid! Go to sleep. :D

  26. ECL, you like bad-man arh!? 男人不坏 ,女人不爱? Or you like Bat-Man? buahahah...
    Superman?...still got spider man leh? New spiderman is one 好男人become a 坏男人!
    Aiya...I think most women like a Wonder-Man(a bit of each of a good man, bad man, he-man, new man!). Cos men also want a Wonder-Woman right?
    Too bad, all these "X"-man only appear in comics....real life....they are just men.
    Hmmm...dunno where to classify my hoobie leh...but for sure not SNAG (except he still helps me do the washing). Don't have to excel...just heowrp can liow!

    Keropok must "sun-tan" first, deep fry then good to eat you know! Buahahahahhah! Don't fry so many at one go lah...so no need to put in Tupperware and prevent lao hong!!!

  27. Super post; it's a guide for me for looking in a girl.

  28. You know what my sinlge lady friend in Malaysia tell me - all the eligible men are either married or Gay.;-)

  29. think i read somewhere that ladies want to go out with batman, but want to get married to Superman.

    Knock me if you want, but I'm proud to say the only household chore my wife does is iron her own clothes, cos that's the only chore I don't do and detest

  30. tigerfish,
    男人不坏 ,女人不爱 - 说对了!

    I like Batman and Spiderman. Serious. :)

    If you ask your hubby to help too much, I think he will say,"You got time to blog how come no time to do housework? I work outside for so many hours, come back also need to help out?" hehehe.... Help a little you tao cheo liao!

    Poor Keropokman, his standards so high, sure kena fry a few times, then become old and lao hong. hehehe....

  31. Captain Picard!
    Which category are you? hehe... Hope you have a clearer picture of what girls want these days. Good luck, you need it. :)

  32. Adam,

    all the eligible men are either married or Gay

    Ya, I hear this all the time but choose not to post this sentence because there are lots of good single guys out there! The ladies just don't know where to look!

    After my marriage then I discover a whole mine of good guys. darn!

  33. Hello Shaun!
    Thanks for dropping in. Welcome. I love your toy collection!

    You are a real-life Superman! Gosh, if my son's wife can only iron her own clothes, I would make my son take concubines or remarry!

    My son can cook, clean, wash - trained from a tender age. So I tell him, even if he doesn't get a wife, he can keep house by himself and just have many girlfriends for the sex part. Want to drink milk, no need to bring home a cow! hahaha....

  34. A lot ppl don't believe that I m going out w my current bf. Sometime ppl will think of 'good' woman have to match 'good' man or this type of man have to go with the same type of woman.
    To me, most importantly is to have trust, love and communication for a couple. And that are what I get from him and he got from me.

    But hor, when a couple goes
    together well, does that mean they have to get married????

  35. wei... i put photos of my belly button and u wont the botb... not fair wor... pictures speaks louder than words... haha... just being sore... mmm maybe my belly button not nice... LOL!

  36. Pauline,
    What's wrong with your current boyfriend? If you are comfortable with him and you enjoy his company, who cares what others think? Unless he's already married.

    And pleasssse, getting along well as bf and gf doesn't mean you will be suitable as husband and wife.

    Consider carefully before you tie the knot, because untying it later would be messy and traumatic, worse if you have got kids.

  37. fida darling!
    You should know BOTB well enough, not to take it seriously. I have given up, just participate to get traffic. :(

  38. Hmmm... I know I'm in one of those caterogies somewhere.... maybe a few of those catergories... depending on when and with whom... (not necessarily with wife, ok?) Lol.

    I know this may not sound politically correct (and I may even get flamed). But bright women or what you call those superwomen could do well if they act "dumb" in front of men sometimees. Especially so if they wanna get hitched. Dun think so? Juz look at ECL! She's so witty I'm almost intimidated by her sometimes; er.. correction.. all the time! ROTFL.

  39. Sure glad I don't have to deal with any of this anymore. You'll have to ask the future wife what category I fit into--I don't like labeling myself.

  40. Chris!
    Oh oh! I have always thought you have another woman hidden somewhere! hehehe..... Bingo!

    I agree that women do have to act dumb sometimes and occasionally let men have their '5 minutes of manhood'. hahaha....

    Hey, I got hitched. That shows I'm pretty dumb, so what intimidation are you tokking about? So farnee lah you, hahaha....

  41. Hello Matthew!
    Thanks for stopping by. Welcome.

    It must have been a great relief to not be playing any more of this chasing game. hahaha....

    How do you like Shenzhen? It's fun teaching EFL in China huh? I have businesses in Shenzhen too.

  42. ECL, I think Stephanie Sun the Singapore Girl sing it best: 我要的幸福。 哈哈

  43. All the eligible men are either married or Gay???

    Shit... I better get married fast, else everyone will think I'm gay. lol

  44. yenjai, you are the first category ....last category is by circumstance

    eastcoast, most ladies look for the first category for husband material....

  45. wah lau..yenjai mou tak teng...must send my hubby for classes with him hor...
    eh hubby/guys..where got change for u one..mebbe the wife changes to suit the hubby got la..like in my case..ehheh...kelian...

  46. Never mind continue to wait there is a highly educated MP who wish to marry finally married. Some couples married late, take your time to find one that bring you happiness. I married at 36.


  47. Another interesting post on the different kinds of men. I wonder if you are like me a wannabe psychologist (or quack!)? Sometimes I wonder what kind of man I am - good or bad, chauvinistic or SNAG, domesticated or wild. Suppose it depends on the general circumstances though my wife will probably tell you that I am quite a submissive and obedient hubby (read boring).

    The question I want to pose though is whether a loyal husband, one whom you "will have and hold till death us do part", need necessarily be a good man. Sometimes, looks and behaviours can be deceiving. As the saying goes "Still water runs deep"

  48. C is a SNAG! My ex doesn't fit in any category, maybe a -ve good man + lotsa gun powder! haha...

  49. wow you definiely have alot of comments in your blog.. ha i'm impressed...

  50. Thought I posted here.

    Me? I'm the nowhere man.

    Unseen. Unnoticed. So glad to have found my missus.

    Without the internet would I be recognized at all.

  51. which category ah?
    combination & mixture of everything..

  52. dk,
    Now get married also no use, many people still think you are gay!

  53. hi just me,
    yalor, many women would choose a good man! You too, right?

  54. eve,
    yenjai is superhusband lor!

    How come you neber let your hubby mix around more with yenjai? I cannot tahan you leh! Let your hubby boss you around. hehehe....

    I'm gonna get killed by your hubby hor. He got gun or not? scalpel ah? Waaahhhh!!!!!

  55. henryleong,
    Hi. Welcome.

    I cannot wait any more. I taken liao! hahaha.....

  56. cool insider,
    I'm definitely a quack lah!

    You are a good-man lor! No way you can be a bad-man lah! A bit of he-man and SNAG, maybe.

    whether a loyal husband, one whom you "will have and hold till death us do part", need necessarily be a good man.

    No. That's why I discover I should go for bad-man! :P

    Sometimes, looks and behaviours can be deceiving. As the saying goes "Still water runs deep"
    You tokking abt yourself? :)

  57. pinkie,
    If C is a SNAG, then you better snap him liao! Dun wait.

  58. Hi theinternetbiz,
    Wah! You so young ah! Thanks for dropping in.

  59. simple american,
    I don't have these categories leh!

    You are none of the above and yet your wife wants you, you lucky man!hahaha....

  60. chen,
    You're a little too greedy liao! You think you buy coffee ah? 4-in-1!

  61. Ya lor, he complains I blog too much leh!....but that has nothing to do with hsework, ok? LOL!

  62. Maybe your beautiful or well educated and successful friends. Learn a tricks or two from my classmates.

    The five persons organised themselves in groups they were not academically bright and went to functions and help each other to find girlfriends. Soon they were married in their teenage years.

    I think your friends can consider to organise themselves in groups and introduce themselves to the guys in functions. What do you think? Got to be flexible, reverse engineering?

  63. Mine's definitely a SNAG, he will not let me touch his laundry because he got special way of doing it, his housekeeping skills are way above anyone's standard, the hangers in his closet are all color coded, hung a certain way, he can cook very well, and everything else that you mentioned.

  64. tigerfish,
    See, I know sure kena complain about your blogging. hehehe....
    I'm sure you're responsible enough to complete your household chores before blogging, rite? No? Oh. hehehe....

  65. Thanks Henry for your suggestion. Wah! Engineering also gets into the picture!

    Your friends married in their teenage years! Gosh! That's too young. Are they having regrets now? hehehe....

    My beautiful n educated friends have no lack of admirers. It's just that they are very selective when they are looking for a husband. What I'm trying to say is, "There's no perfect husband. As long as you feel that the man is good enough to live with for the rest of your life, just take it." hehehe....

  66. Wah! firehorse,
    Congrats for finding such a good husband. He's a meticulous man. It must be hard trying to keep up with him. You are the Superwoman! hehehe....

  67. I had recently found my classmate Mike in the shopping centre after lost touch with him numerous years, I was surprised that he married a swedish lady, he used to be slow academically but catch up through sheer determinations. Then together with another classmate Jason went to Changi for some tim sum.

    I had lost touch with the numerous classmates of my Upper Aljunied Tech Sch. who got married in their teens. If I happen to meet up with them again I will give you the answer.

    But I think some days we will meet again. I hope to shift back to the eastern side, now I live on the western side.

    My favourite places is East Coast where I used to enjoy the sea and the cool breeze.

    When I first met my wife in a outing at Chinatown. She prepare rice and food for me to eat in a craypot dinner. I was 35 years old since age is catching up. I felt the way she prepare the food for me, she can take care of me.

    Before that I went through numerous dates but not successful.

  68. Henry,
    I have lost touch with most of my school mates too! Wonder how are they now? Would love to see them again and talk about the our school days and family life.

    I guess your classmates should be living happily. That's why no need to look for their classmates. lol....

    East Coast is a very nice place. I find the west nice too, but quiet and too far from the airport.

    Wow! Your wife ‘grabbed' your heart with claypot rice. Girls, see, must learn to cook some dishes! hehe...

  69. Thanks for the shout out, eastcoastlife. Glad you enjoyed checking out my toy collection. :)

    >>My son can cook, clean, wash - trained from a tender age. So I tell him, even if he doesn't get a wife, he can keep house by himself and just have many girlfriends for the sex part. Want to drink milk, no need to bring home a cow! hahaha....

    It's great that you've trained your son to be handy round the house. I started to help around out pretty late (16) cos I thought Mum and Dad would appreciate the respite. Got my brother (9 yrs younger) to help out as well, and I'm glad to say he's still continuing to help out with the housework after I moved out and got married.

  70. Yes Shaun,
    Your toy collection is really awesome! Wow! If I ever go to your house, I want to play with them. hahahahaha..... My son is so fascinated with them too.

    awww.... it's so good to have sons or kids like the two of you. It really touches the hearts of parents like me.

  71. you prefer the bad man...hmm therefore you prefer me? LOL

    Unfortunately, you are married already. So behave! haha

  72. btw.. I'll be linking your blog from my site.

  73. Oh, thanks. You're a nice guy. Study hard huh!

  74. I felt that very often women would give themselves excuses for not being able to find someone they love, that is why "super man" appears.

    They are not looking for good man, bad man, he-man, new man or super man. They are just looking for love.

    Love is blind. :)

  75. hello pink hippo!
    Agree with you, love is blind - for the initial period, then when they open their eyes later, they see all the flaws.

    When the girls start looking for superman, their eyes are definitely open. Superman's for keeps. :)

  76. I'm all of 好男人, 坏男人, 大男人 and the 新男人 rolled into one. ;-)

    Got some of each, worr.

  77. Bernard,
    Why so complicated wan?! Decide on one mah! The women very confused. No wonder cannot make decision, becos dun know what species you are. hahahaha.....

  78. my hubby is definitely the good man and also the kayu man!

  79. Hi sweetpea!
    Thanks for visiting. You're so sweet, surely you would find a good man for a hubby. Kayu also got kayu manis wor. hehehe....

  80. Four types of man is far too restrictive, I'm probably a bad new man!

  81. Hi dermot from Dublin!
    I know, there are probably lots of categories, but I'll just stick with the 4 main ones. hehe....

    Ohhh, the bad new man!

  82. Eh, both my "boyfriend" and "husband" are wooden items. :P

    I think I would like a Sensitive New Age Guy. Meantime, singlehood has more merits for now.

  83. oceanskies,
    right, hehehe....
    You dun want a superman?

  84. Hi eastcastlife:
    One of my classmate who failed all his secondary exam married a graduate. He use to go the nearby community centre for dancing classes and met his wife there.

  85. Henry,
    I don't think the difference in educational qualifications of both partners is a major problem in a marriage, if both are in love and work hard to maintain a harmonious marriage life. Best wishes to your classmate.

  86. You said some of your girls friends are successful, got difficulties in getting married. I think it's likely due some negative factors that prevent them from marrying. `If' they really want to marry I don't think there's any problem in getting a partner.

    My friend's sister who is quite ugly married a successful man who brought a car for her. She treat her husband well.

    I saw couples who married in their fifties.

    Lin Chin Xia at 46 still bear another child.

    I heard some of them even in their fifties bear babies.

  87. Henry,
    My girlfriends do not have difficulties getting boyfriends or even husbands, but they CHOOSE not to. They want to be freed from family ties, I guess.

    It's a pity though. All these quality ladies, not wanting to settle down and start a family.