Thursday, April 05, 2007

Girls in China are considered worthless!

Chun spoke constantly of the village where she came from. It is 5 hours' drive from Shenzhen. Chun is the eldest child of a farmer and housewife. She has another two younger brothers and a sister. She has another younger sister who was given away. The other one was almost given away too.

Chun said her mother was getting ready to send her youngest sister away when suddenly it rained. And it was pouring cats and dogs. By the time the rain stopped, it was night time. So her mother decided to keep the baby. And Chun felt that it was God's will because this little girl grew up to be bright, beautiful and filial. She was a great help around the house.

Because of China's one-child policy, parents were not allowed to have more children. And it being the tradition, boys are usually favoured after girls. For the poor farmers, having boys could help them in their farming of the land and bring in extra help when they marry. They lose a family member if they were to have daughters. And they feel that it is a waste of money to bring up daughters who would belong to another family when they get married.

Chun used to witnessed horrific deeds when she was young. Baby girls, only a few days' old, were left on the highways to be run over by cars and trucks. She was curious and had actually went to take a look at a baby who was run over by a car. Her tiny body was flattened into a bloodied mess!

In the village was a woman who gave birth to 5 daughters. She gave away all her daughters. Finally when she gave birth to the 6th daughter, she brought the one-day old baby to a stream behind her house one night. With a knife, she severed all the veins of the tiny baby!!!! She wanted to cut off the 'line of daughters' she was destined to have. (断筋脉 - 无知愚腐的迷信!) Oh My God!!!! What a heinous crime!

This is horrendous!!! I couldn't believe my ears. A tiger may be ferocious but they don't eat their own cubs. (虎毒不食子!)

I wanted to know if the woman was arrested and hung. Chun said it was common for villagers to act this way, so nobody was reported. There would be the occasional dead baby in the stream, some quietly buried their baby girls in the field as fertiliser..... The villagers know what is going on but because almost everyone does it, so nobody finds it wrong. And the woman finally got her son, on her 7th attempt.

I finally realise what I would want to do for the rest of my life. I want to save the many girls who are not given a chance to live. To help the girls and women who are depraved of their rights as a human, depraved of an education and denied a normal life.

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  1. Hi sweetheart!

    I'm always so appalled to hear about this and hardly can find the words to express my sadness that baby girls are murdered like that.

    Children are so precious to me and I would do anything to protect them!

    Much love

  2. Hi Tisha,
    It is appalling! And it's happening in this part of the world.

    Hope more people would come forward to help them.

  3. and now china has so many boys..

    so where are they going to find their life partners?

    will they be gay, my daughter asks me one day

  4. yes, you're right, just me.

    There are too many males in China. Some will be gay, most are not. Many men can't find wives, so some resorted to kidnapping women and there are lucrative women trafficking buinesses.

    So the women have more choices and become more materialistic....

    It is a big blardy mess now.

  5. In a different world, in a different society, things that are appalling to us, may just be 'normal' to others. It is not right, of course, to us, but so many factors, so many excuses, so much poo.... The world is all messed up. *continues ranting to myself ...*

  6. yes yes LB,
    So are you dropping by Singapore? I have no extra hammocks because my house got no trees. I have extra beds.

  7. A way of life that is not know to many of us. It is by any standards, deplorable. I hope and pray that enough of people in this world pray, concentrate and send out loving energy so that this tradition of female genocide be erradicated. There is never a good reason for a life to be termintated. I praise you for your efforts. Every time I see a woman from China, I will have a different outlook, knowing that she was one of the fortunate ones. I can only say to you, my friend, you are the saint.

  8. Teacher Dave!
    You're back from your vacation. Must be a great one, huh?

    Please.... I am no saint. Any normal person would have felt disgusted at such an inhumane thing.

  9. Sounds like you have found a purpose to work towards for the rest of your life. Wishing you success in what you care to do.

  10. Hey oceanskies,
    Yes, it's time to give back to society. Not that I didn't but to set up a charitable foundation to do this, it is a great task.

  11. What an awful thing to have happen, and that it be judged a common occurance. China will not want to present this side of life when the Olympics come.

  12. This is nothing new but nevertheless, always sad to hear more news like this.
    Lately, reading Lisa See's books, 'Snow Flower and the Secret Fan' and 'On Gold Mountain' really made me appreciate my Chinese heritage.


  13. I did not know this is still happening I thought they have come a long way away from this type of mentality

  14. Hey, Eastcoastlife, have you heard of social entrepreneurship?

    Since you already have the experience of being an entrepreneur, rather than setting up a charitable foundation and learn things from the scratch, why not use the skills you have already been building to start something that can benefit others and give them a livelihood?

    I have put up some links on the introduction to the subject of entrepreneurship here

    Hopefully you are now quite free to get excited and start thinking of feasible ideas.

  15. And in addition to giving them a livelihood, you teach them the spirit and skills of being an entrepreneur?

    So that instead of ust teaching people to fish, you teach them to grow more fish!

  16. OMG, I'd adopt the baby girls if no one wants them. Horrific!

  17. I'm not surprised. 女人就不是人 meh?
    Sad...but true.
    Lucky in Singapore, it' not liddat, but of course, there's always some inequality wan lar! 男女平等...don't exist!

  18. how barbaric. the practice is well-known to Americans. which is why so many couples try to adopt chinese girls. china has such a great history; too bad it includes infanticide.

  19. This is rather rampant in those rural areas .. very sad.

  20. Captain Picard,
    China will never admit that such things happen in their country, much less to allow such things for tourists to see it.

  21. Oh Judy, you're a Chinese too!

    We chinese have 5000 years of rich history, there are lots of good things to be learnt from it too.

  22. Oh firehorse,
    You will be amazed at the incredible things that are happenings in China! I was stunned.

  23. Hey oceanskies,
    That's what I'm planning right now. Still in planning stage. Once I'm ready, I'll announce to the whole world!

  24. dieselfire,
    Glad that you offered. I'll keep you in mind.

  25. tigerfish,
    Such inequality not only exists in China, but India, Indonesia, Middle East,Africa.....etc. We as the lucky women who are so blessed should do something for our less fortunate sisters.

  26. Hi anonymous,
    Men from the olden days didn't think much of women. The wrong teachings were passed down from them and also taught in schools. Women in the past had very tough lives. Many were forced to commit suicide or killed. I guess such things do still happen in the world.

    The thing right now is, how to prevent such things from happening in this new millenium?

    I can't save all the poor baby girls but a small number is still better than none.

  27. Paddy,
    yes, more rampant in the rural areas. Act of man.

  28. Oh, if you would like someone to bounce ideas with, I can lend you some ears for some moments.

  29. Women are so beautiful and pure, why would anyone want to kill them?. This is sad, but made me appreciate even more the life i have and those that are with me. Thank you so much for sharing eastcoast ;)

  30. Very sad. Wrong type of believe driving wrong behaviour.

  31. So the men can come to America and take some blondes for their wives... and in a few generations China will look like Scandinavia.

    But American families want to adopt the Chinese babies so PLEASE don't kill them!

    The poor ones who were killed... God will love them!

  32. Hey oceanskies,
    Need your ideas in this area since you are in this line. Will catch up with you one of these days. My Max Brenner chocolate arh?

  33. Hi Alan!
    A big welcome to you.

    I hope everyone would appreciate the life they have too and share their love with the less fortunate.

  34. Hi fleck,
    Yes, it is very sad. You have a daughter, you know how sweet and adorable a girl can be. I wish for a daughter but couldn't give birth to one :(

  35. Heiya, Dwayne!
    Some Chinese men married Russian girls!

    We hope there will be less killing of baby girls. We hope by settiing up more girls' shelters would solve some of these problems. I hope. Of course, adoption is another solution.

  36. Sure...let me know when would be convenient for you. Generally, I would be free on weekends. Wednesday evenings in the month of April would be good too since I have no orchestra rehearsal in April.

    Yup, Max Brenner...but I thought you wrote in your profile that you cannot eat chocolate because you are on diet? Eh, nevermind, you can't eat chocolate, but I suppose you can drink or suck chocolate right?

  37. I better qualify that I am not in the line of social entrepreneurship, but I do work with a fair number of people whom I suppose would fall under your group of targetted beneficiaries.

  38. Tats right, cannot eat chocolates but can drink and suck!!! hehehe....

    Actually a doctor just told me it's ok to eat chocolates, won't grow fat becos of tat! If I grow fat becos of eating chocs, he would suck away my fats! liposuction huh!

    I just need to know more about the type of help I can offer. Money will be easy to get but how to effectively use it to help the target group. I want to hear your views.

  39. Things are never as good or bad as they seem. Having lived in China for several years now, I can assure you that the gender imblance is real - especially in the countryside - but the middle class are now much more accepting of having daughters and in some limited cases daughters are seen as more valuable -- they will each have a ton of boys after them!

  40. Hi boydr.jones,
    Yes, for the middle-class & educated families in the city, they accept daughters. But that is still few compared to the majority who wants boys.

    The women in China do have no lack of men wooing them. :)

  41. Sure. My pleasure. Just contact me when you are ready.

  42. oh oceanskies,
    That would be great! Thanks.

    I promise, talk about work only.

  43. There are so many avenues for babies to be adopted... just like how Angelina Jolie adopted children on top of her own.

    Must death be the only option? This is really saddening.

  44. Yes, that's right, Ed.

    But those Chinese women have no choice, really.

    Since you love kids, ever consider adopting one?

  45. This is awful. I've known about as I study the Chinese history and current events. From a human point of view this is what happens when governement tries to be greater than God by dictating how the family is to be established with the number of children. What will China do when there are no daughters to be wed to all of these sons?

  46. SA
    Yes, it is.

    No one should try to interfere with the Law of Nature. These baby girls are sacrificed for economical reasons. Chaos will reign will more men can't get a wife. I believe importing brides from less developed countries will be the government's solution.