Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sushi Tei Raffles City

I went to help out at the shop today since Jaymes is away. We knocked off early at 6pm and had dinner at Sushi Tei Raffles City. My first & last visit to a Sushi Tei restaurant was 15 years ago at Raffles Place. A friend, Nicholas invited hubby and I to the first conveyor belt sushi restaurant. We had a great lunch. Then I got hooked on Sakae Sushi and never once went back to Sushi Tei.

Recently I heard about Sushi Tei's wonderful menu spread and its beef hot pot. I wanted to have a Beef Hot Pot but it being our 17th Wedding Anniversary Dinner, I had to skip the beef because of hubby's religion, or else tonight I have to 'make do with fruits'. hehe...

Instead I ordered a Kaisen Kaminabe (S$14, Crab, Prawn, Scallop, Salmon - Mixed Seafood Paper Hot Pot). A hot miso soup base was poured into a paper pot containing mixed seafood, over a flame. The soup was really tasty! The crab meat was really sweet! I love this hot pot.
Their speciality dishes are so beautifully presented I just couldn't resist ordering a couple just to take photos! I had the Coral Roll (S$10) and the pretty Dragon Roll (S$10). The sushi rice was fluffy & tasty. The salmon slices & the huge prawn were so fresh!
We ordered 2 Jumbo Yakitori (S$10). It was a great meal.
After dinner, I went to Geylang to pick up durians to make my durian puffs. Good thing I called ahead to order my durians. I rushed home to bake my cake and puffs. And also get ready the ingredients for the popiah filling for tomorrow. Tun & Chris helped me since I had only one hand now. I ended sleeping at 3 am.


  1. Sushi Teh seems to have good food. Thanks for sharing the photos.

    Thank you and your husband once again for being a fabulous host.

    And I'm sorry that after I left your house, I only began to realise that it might have been too late for you to go for service...

  2. It's ok, PY.
    I couldn't attend Sunday service anyway because I have overseas guests in town & I had to bring them out for dinner.

  3. If you like Sushi Tei, then you should try their paragon branch. Heard that their head chef is there. :)