Saturday, March 17, 2007

Bloggers on a deserted island Survivor style

Found this on Sue's blog. A break from my life story.

If you had to live on a deserted island for a year, which 5 bloggers would you bring with you and why?
Tag 5 other bloggers.

The 5 bloggers I would love to bring with me are
She cooks very well and I am sure she will crack her head to serve us a varied menu daily. She has a reputation to uphold ma! Oh, she's a joker. We would grow fat on her cheerfulness! Serious.
She is another funny woman and great cook! Shilpa and I just get to know each other recently and we clicked like we have known each other all through our lives. She loves to watch Hindi films and she could entertain us by dancing and playing peek-a-boo with the coconut trees.
This clown is also a great handy man and I hope not only in the day but night as well huh! And you better be the great f**ker that you claimed to be! muahahaha....
Another man with a great sense of humour. He's needed because of his hands, he's a surgeon. Should be able to stitch anything in a jiffy. Right, Doc?

Last but not least,
How can I not bring him? This little man can cook, bake, wash, go marketing, nag ..... etc. A great maid, no, man. And he has a way with the monkey.

I would love to have all guys but then, I might be too sore to do anything else. HEY, I mean I would be sore having to do all the cooking and washing for the men la! Take your mind out of the gutter! Jeezus........

victorkoo may complain about my choice but it's MY choice, you'll get your chance. He doesn't approve of my choosing a concubine for my hubby. If he were to have a concubine, he wants to make his own selection. As if his wife would allow it. chay!

I am going to tag another 5 of my blogger friends. Please don't feel pressured to 'bring' me. I will just spew vulgarities on your comment page. muahahaha.....

Anyone who finds this meme interesting can also tag your blogger friends with it. Have fun.


  1. Wah ECL, want me to dance, no need to go all the way to the deserted island, mah! Hahaha! But yah, I was just telling my hubby yesterday that you and I seem to have the same character! :)

    Eh, is your friend Victor Koo the same as the one who used to be a famous ventriloquist with his puppet Charlie? Haha, used to tune in to their radio show on Saturdays when I was a kid!

  2. hoho shilpa,
    you're fast!

    At first I thought this Victor Koo was that ventriloquist but he lagi better. He talks through his butt and has a cute side-kick called Chris! muhahaha....

  3. Talk thru his butt? Hey, I gonna see that man! Can the butt sing? Or Rap? hee

  4. Walau eh... dunno to feel flattered or insulted.... Your description of me is not very accurate. It sounded as if you're describing a Robot.

    Alright, alright... u can have all of me. Batteries not included, though. Hahhaha.....

    You gave me assignment again ah? I think the last one i haven't "passed up" leh. Ok, will do so after the popiah session.... Hee!

    Paddy - We'll find out if the butt really sings on the 18/3. Wahahaaha...

  5. aiya Chris,
    Dun make fun of my Engrish leh!

    No batteries then how can you work.... heh heh

  6. wahahaha ok ok I'll do this tml! now going to slp for tml work.... sobz.

    Take care~~! long time no chat chat w u via comments.. heh..

  7. I am Victor Koo, an amateur humorist while he is Victor Khoo, a professional ventriloquist and entertainer. Talking about him, have you heard the radio live quiz in which he asked a little boy what is the female of a cock. The little boy replied, "My mum told me cannot say." However on further coaxing by Victor Khoo, he continued, "You really want me to say ah? Okay, it's CB." The show was cut off immediately for several seconds after that. There was a dead silence (and maybe many red faces too).

    Okay enough nonsense. Here is my homework. I gave up a good sex session to do it, so the popiah better be good.

  8. Okay woman, I did it. I cannot believe you tagged me on a Friday, lol. I did it though, whew! :-)

  9. Alamak! 戴我出来很麻烦的! I only want Mcdonald!
    When must passup? Compulsory or not? *standard qns*

  10. Hi, What's going on there today? I'm just resting and seeing some blogs. Take care and have a good weekend!

  11. ECL, it's me again! Patience, hor? I still quite new to blogging, so dun want to tag the same people I tagged for my last meme, so dunno whether can find 5.. will do it this weekend!

  12. SA,
    I see you are going to have a difficult time selecting your 5 bloggers. :)

    Can't wait to read your post!

  13. yo Victor,
    Really arh? It happened on radio? Kids say the darnest thing!

    Great sacrifice hor, to do my MEME! You will be rewarded!

  14. tigerfish,
    Compulsory! Do it at your own pace la!

  15. Hi Scott!
    Thanks for visiting. Hope you had fun!

  16. shilpa,
    Thanks for responding. Do it at your own time. Can't wait to read your post. Must be hilarious too!

  17. Victor, you dunno how to multi-task arh? Or couldn't keep it up all nite to do the meme? Hahahaha... I juz can't resist the jab...(pun intended). ROTFLVL.

  18. Hey! Thanks for passing me the meme - I'll try to do it ASAP (just completed one just now ... man, I am high on 'tag debts', lol).

  19. Whoa narrowband!
    Glad that you are doing it! Thanks.

  20. Eastcoastlife: This is quite a difficult meme to do... I can't quite imagine myself choosing to live on a deserted island.

  21. oceanskies,
    It's fun! I would love to live on a deserted island. I don't eat much anyway, so not worried about the food part.

    I can't blog then :(

  22. Man, I am going to take video of it if the butt can sing. Then youtube it up! hahah.

    Maybe tomorrow can use the butt do popiah. But I am not going to eat. You can treat the host to eat. hahaha!

    See some of you tomorrow!

  23. BTW, going to tag you too once I get time to blog more.

    But I just blogged about eating popiah tomorrow and if others dont see any of the new entries most likely been poisoned! haha


  24. ang mo kio arh!
    The way you make fun of the amateur humorist, the one who put poison in your popiah is not me orh! hahaha.......

  25. Wowww... it's such a great honour to be on your list :-) Thanks.

    Wokayyyy.... I've done it at last.


  26. Ha Ha, I was also tagged by the same meme. I found this one fun to work on, makes me think a little deeper.

  27. Hi Doc!
    So disappointed to read your post :(

    How come liddat arh? Re-do! hehehe....

  28. firehorse,
    haha.... you have so many blogger friends, sure headache wan la! Must think carefully you know, who would give you the most pleasure!

  29. Man with talking butt is known as a pharter. p. u.

    turnip is blech! just as bad is rutabaga. is like eating splinters.

  30. Hi captain jean-luc picard
    Must be hard selecting who to bring with you becos you have so many good choices!