Monday, February 12, 2007

Jaymes' Valentine's Day Fund Raising

Leo Club of Singapore Central is having a Valentine's Day Polaroid Photo Taking to raise funds for organising charity events for year 2007.

Jaymes and the boys have been busy helping out for the past two weeks.

Last week, they spent 2 days making 300 photo frames to hold the Polaroid photos. And for the past two days they were at Orchard Road and The Esplanade, trying to persuade shoppers and pedestrians to take a Polaroid photo.

Jaymes was quite disheartened last night when he returned home, because the 10 of them only managed to raise S$50 for a whole day's work. This morning, he had wanted to throw in the towel but I told him that he has to complete his task and he cannot leave the others in the lurch. One person less is not only going to cause a drop in morale but also less funds to organise charity events this year.

I know the NKF trial and the Youth Challenger revelations have really pissed people off and many are not donating because they are afraid the money will be misused. I told Jaymes to be prepared for lots of rejections and not to take it personally.

He finally went with Walbert & Lorentz to The Esplanade. Chris and I went later to give them our support. We both took 2 Polaroid photos for S$10. Each of us will keep one photo in our wallets. 1 Polaroid Photo costs S$7 and it comes in a handmade photo frame.

Tonight, the 8 of them collected S$164. It was better than yesterday.

On 14th February, Valentine's Day, they would be at The Esplanade again from 7pm to 10pm to take Polaroid photos for interested couples. If you happen to be there, please give support to these kids. I will have to postpone my V-day celebration to help them out too. So see you there!


  1. hello! =D

    thank you so much for this.
    supporting and helping out!

    happy Vday!
    Leo Jeffery

  2. u are such a darling, to actually go down and support your son.

    i will do that when i get married and have kids too! =)

  3. Hi simplyetel,
    That's what parents do, right? Not just financial support but also moral support! I support my husband, relatives and friends too!

    I'm sure you will be a very good wife and mother.

    * Hugs *

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  5. Hi charmingboy,
    Thanks for visiting and your compliment.

  6. That was one of the best Valentine's Day story I ever heard. Its so heartening to hear of parents like Chris and yourself supporting your kid Jaymes when he is down. In a way, I hope that my wife Tina and I could also be there for Ethan when he needs us as long as our minds and bodies are still able to help. Obviously (and you can see that in my blog) he means a lot to us. And I can see you do love Jaymes dearly too.

  7. aw shucks.... I should have enter this for the V-day contest! :)

    I can feel the love you have for little Ethan, I'm sure you & Tina are great parents too!

    The kids these days are so neglected & lost, we have to show our concern and love for them through our actions.

    I spent so much time on my business that I missed a lot of my son's growing years but I am glad that he didn't turn out too bad!

  8. Mummy,
    mai jor fei meh ah? choe lei san ha sum la, mo kam lo hei la! seng yat lao, oi hoi fay lou ka!

    I'll pick you up at the airport. You need to see the lawyer on the second day. Stay at my place hah. I found Sam for you, he'll arrange a guy 24h on standby.


    Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

  9. Brandon,
    I'm only a few years older than you, so don't call me Mummy!!

    I dun need a bodyguard. I have a few meetings to attend. I'll email you my itinerary.

  10. sweet~
    too bad i wont be able to show my support. =(

  11. darling, simplyetel is me la

    - elaine from

  12. Elaine, I know it's you la! I thought you won't like to be called your real name so I use your nick.

    Unlike some ppl, tell them my real name and they use it despite my wanting to use eastcoastlife. 气死人!

  13. Thank you. They collected a total of S$500 for the 3 days.