Friday, January 12, 2007

For the 2 fun guys....

I'm being watched.

I don't know if someone's stalking me.

But there's the paparazzi,

when I'm no celebrity.

Every time a strange man walks in

I wonder if it's him.

While engaging him in a chat,

I secretly reach for the baseball bat.

Mention the C or the V,

Immediately you get it from me.

Not the punch.

Lunch !!
I'm not making poetry, I'm making rubbish. muahahaha........


  1. Paranoid already rite, Jayne. Hee. No worries lah.... if I ever drop by your shop, I'll definitely be gracious to go right up to you and intro myself one... I'll not be like Victor, acting so sneaky.... hehehe..

    Woa, this poetry thingy has rubbed some of us off hor? LOL.

  2. Chris, how could you ever act without me? Some friend!

    Did you miss the lust, I mean last part of ECL's poem? She's offering to buy us lunch leh. How can I possibly resist an offer like that?

    We should drop by the shop together during lunchtime real soon. But you go in first. For I don't know what she might be hiding behind her back. You see, I don't know how to play baseball. Besides, your skull is thicker than mine.

    Woah ECL, that is a very well- composed poem in retort to ours. We're gonna have lots of fun.

    BTW, does anyone know whether the Russian ex-spy who died recently of plutonium poisoning had ingested the highly radioactive substance by eating a free lunch?


  3. Hi guys,
    IQ low huh?
    See baseball bat.... hit you cold, then have you for lunch!
    Not buy you lunch.... muahahahah.....

  4. My! That would be an extremely DELICIOUS lunch, I can assure you that Jayne.

    So, who's gonna be the appetiser? The V? Or the C?

  5. Two at the same time!
    hmmmm, the young one can BBQ, the old one make herbal soup!kekeke.... I hope you two don't smell!

  6. Young and Old .... hmmmm... better leave out the old meat, Jayne. Very tough one... macam old turkey meat... worry your teeth can't handle ....wahahahaha..

  7. If you know how to cook it right, the herbs in the soup can eliminate whatever obnoxious smell or rather, odor de naturel the older one may have, just like how the herbs in a bowl of Hainanese herbal mutton soup work in the same way. I don't know how the BBQ one would taste like though. Eat at your own risk hor.

  8. I'm not that old that my teeth cannot take tough meat, ok? I am 'iron teeth' 铁牙!

    I'm waiting lor! Don't let me go hungry for too long! More suffering for you!