Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Winter Holiday in Korea

Had a mad day packing my luggage, hehehe..... last minute rush, I'm sure I have forgotten to pack something. I am going for a one-week holiday to Seoul & Jeju Island with some friends & my students. They had booked a 8D6N tour package with Chan Brothers Travel. I hate tour packages, I haven't bought a single tour package for the past 10 years & now I have to travel with a group of total strangers, eat with them & spend a week of my life with them.Yucks!!!

Chris rushed home after work to drive me to the airport. My flight was 10.35pm, so we had dinner at Ajisen Noodle before meeting my friends & students. A staff from Chan Brothers Travel was there to help us check in.

There were 13 of us on this tour. There are two young families who are friends and my group of 6. Later I found out the two families are the Pehs & Tans. My group consists of an elderly couple, my students & their Mom. Ok, it doesn't look that bad.

When it was time to depart, it was hard having to say good-bye to Chris. He would be all alone in Singapore. He's going to be freed from me for a whole week! Anyway, a few friends would check on him frequently and I gave him a log book to sign-in & sign-out daily. muahahaha........

As there was an hour to kill before boarding time, my group went shopping in the duty-free shops. We bought some cosmetics & perfume & left it with the shop for safe-keeping & would collect them when we return.

At 10.35pm, the flight took off. The seats of Korean Air was so hard & uncomfortable, we have to endure 7 hours of discomfort. I have to shift my butt often so I could rest on my fatty deposits. The air-hostesses were young & pretty though. They have such good complexion!

A choice of of Chicken Rice or Bibimbap was served for supper shortly after take-off, I couldn't eat that as I was still feeling full. I was actually feeling queasy. Uh-oh, I think I'm gonna be sick.

Yeah, I did half an hour later. I threw up a few times & had to request for medication for motion sickness. Exhausted from all those puking, I closed my eyes to try to sleep. haiz.... getting sick on a holiday is no joke. I'm having a sore throat. I think I'm going to have flu..........

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