Thursday, December 28, 2006

Jaymes is back!!!

I rushed to Singapore Changi Airport after Master Tong left my house. Jaymes' flight from Kansai Airport landed at 5pm.

I waited at Belt 33 of Terminal 2 unaware that Jaymes has already landed & was waiting at Belt 35. Lion Stephen called me & I ran over. I thought Jaymes would be very happy to see me & was expecting a hug but he just said, "Hi Mom!".

I was to host 3 Malaysian boys in my house tonight. Two of them arrived together with Jaymes & we had to wait for the other one who was arriving from Narita Airport, Tokyo.

While we waited, Jaymes was having a fun time with the Youth Exchange members. I was surprised that he was so comfortable with them, considering they didn't spend much time with one another in Japan. They were all scattered in different towns & host families.

Jaymes picked Donald, Bryan & Nigel to stay with us. But Bryan's parents came from Malaysia to fetch him. And Nigel's Dad has asked Lion Ivy to accommodate him. So I was given Sebastian & Alex.

Nigel was so moody when he heard that he would not be with Jaymes & Donald. So I had to ask Ivy's permission to let him stay with us. Jaymes then brought them back by taxi while the other two boys & I waited for Chris to pick us up after work.

I fixed a quick dinner while the boys bathed. They had arranged to go karaoke singing with the others. The boys were reluctant to leave Japan. They have so many stories to share. Each of them brought back wonderful memories, lots of gifts & an unforgettable experience.

After dinner, Jaymes brought them to Parkway Parade to meet the girls for a karaoke session. They returned around twelve midnight. It was raining heavily, so Chris & Tun had to bring umbrellas to the boys who were waiting at the bus-stop.

Jaymes came up to say goodnight. It was great to see him again. He has put on weight & grown more matured. Chris said when he gave the umbrella to Jaymes, he noticed that Chris was coughing terribly. He placed his arm on Chris' shoulders & said,"What happened to you? You must take care of yourself!" Chris said he felt warmth despite the cold, wet rain.........


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