Friday, December 29, 2006

Hosting East Malaysian YE students

Jaymes sent Alex & Sebastian to the airport this morning. They are returning to Sarawak with another 11 students.

Chris & I have to go to work because we have quite a number of appointments. So Jaymes brought Nigel & Donald sightseeing. He brought them to Orchard Road to window shop. Then they went back to Parkway Parade to buy ipods. Jaymes brought them for dinner at East Coast Road, the famous Katong Laksa. It was a little too spicy for Nigel.

Chris & I came back late from work. The boys were playing board games. They chatted with us as we were having dinner. They sure do have a lot of hilarious stories to tell due to the cultural differences.

As Nigel didn't eat much for dinner, we brought them out for some supper at Dunman Food Centre. Donald tried cha kuay teow (Singapore Fried Noodles), while Nigel & Jaymes shared a pot of Frog porridge. I also ordered pork & chicken satays & BBQ chicken wings. The boys enjoyed the food.

It was 11.30pm when we got back. The boys played for a while before retiring to bed. Nigel & Donald have to be at the airport tomorrow morning at 6 am. They are flying back to Sabah.

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