Thursday, December 28, 2006


Chris is a pretty superstitious guy. He believes in fortune-telling, Fengshui, palm-reading....etc. Well, he said he found me through fortune-telling. A fortune-teller in Balestier Road told him his wife would be born in the year of the snake. He was not to marry early. He married me when he was 32, after numerous failed match-makings. He called me his 101th girl.

He would visit fortune-tellers to help him make decisions or picked auspicious dates for certain events. Being a Christian, I hated that but I didn't stop him. He is entitled to his beliefs. What I can't stand was the bogus 'masters' who psychoed (brainwashed) him into paying huge sums of money each time in exchange for better 'luck', which didn't materialise.

I came to know Fengshui Master, Tong Noong Chin from the Chinese newspapers. He was writing articles on fengshui for it then. I find his articles enlightening & practical.
作家,民俗学家,风水师董农政师父。 Master Tong Noong Chin

I made an appointment to see him two years ago, to read my destiny. I was very impressed & in awe because having only met me for the first time, he was able to 'see through' me, accurately reading my character & naming the bad traits I have, just by reading my horoscope! Wow!

Within that hour, I learnt a lot more about myself & how to avoid pitfalls. It cost me only S$88. Later I brought Chris & Jaymes to see him. Master Tong was spot-on again .

Last month I brought a good frined to see him. She gave him the horoscopes of her whole family. Having known them for 6 years, and being very closed to them, I was still shocked to hear Master Tong talked about each & every family member, as if he had known them for years & know them like the back of his hands.

My friend also had the fengshui of her house checked out. They need all the help of the supernaturals because they run very big businesses.

Last year before I moved into my new place, I asked Master Tong to take a look at it. He gave us some advice to counter the bad elements in the house. It has been a peaceful & fruitful year for us.

Today Master Tong is visiting us again to check on the fengshui of our house & to give advice for the new year ahead.

There are a few things to be done. The most important thing to do is to clean up the messy garden because it is causing Jaymes & Chris bad health. We are going to do gardening during the new year holidays!


  1. I'm wondering what he would say about my home!

  2. Hi Connie!
    Master Tong travels overseas for Fengshui consultations too, but it would cost you a lot more! You have to pay for his air-ticket & accommodation.

  3. I read your post feeling impressed by Master Tong. For a moment, I was thinking if I should consult him on my life path.

  4. You can email me for his contact number.

    I'm a Christian but I just have to believe, becos what he says is so true.

  5. Hi, can I know how much did Master Tong charge you for his Feng Shui consultation?

  6. Hi Alvin,
    Thanks for stopping by.

    Master Tong's charges are reasonable, he's unlike some others who charge large amount of money. You can call him for the rates.

    His tel: 6563 3482