Saturday, December 09, 2006

Day 3 - Daegu Spa Valley

I had a nap on the bus on the way to Spa Valley.

There were two options for us. One was to put on swim-wear & go to the indoor heated pool. Another option was to strip & bathe with the Koreans and you could also have your back scrubbed by the ajuma (Korean for aunt). I chose the latter. It took quite a lot of persuasion to get Jing Jing & her Mom to come with me. It's not easy to bare yourself in front of others, especially your teacher.

We each get a locker to keep our clothes & valuables and a small towel. You either cover your breasts or the pelvic area with it, there's not enough cloth to wrap around your butt. It was quite awkward for us, but when you step into the women's bath area, you would not bother with covering yourself.

You guys must be thinking, "Whoa! So lucky to see a whole roomful of naked women!" To tell you the truth, I was the most attractive naked woman there. It being working hours, most of the women were elderly housewives & their young grandchildren. I tell you it was the most depressing sight I have ever seen. The saggy, wrinkly, droopy skin....... arrrgh.... knowing I'm gonna look like that one day, I'm going to show more of my still young naked body to Chris when I get back.

It was very natural for the Korean ladies to walk around naked in the bath house. They would bathe right there, washing their private parts for all to see. There was a cafe & they would sit there in their birthday suits eating or drinking. Nobody would stare, except us foreigners. I didn't dare to stare but I couldn't keep my jaws closed. hahaha.....

Xiao Lian joined us in the hot pool & sauna. She later brought us to the outdoor hot pool. The air was chilly outside but the hot pool was great. It was very relaxing & refreshing.

We tried the scrub-back (25,000 won each, S$42.50). I have to first lie face-up on a bench, the ajuma poured 2 pails of warm water on my whole body, and rubbed bath lotion on my whole body. Then she took a bath scrub and started scrubbing away. She doesn't understand English but she was chanting, " Dirty! Dirty! Dirty!". She made me touched the dead skin she had removed from my body.

Oh my God! I'm so dirty! I do scrub myself when I bathe but yet there is so much grime & dirt! Gosh! It's embarrassing! I must get myself the exact bath scrub she's using. She told Xiao Lian,"Singapore dirty!" Oh my, what's this got to do with my country?

But I had my revenge when Xiao Lian's turn came. She had as much grime as me, so I screamed back,"Korea dirty, dirty! Very dirty!" And Koreans are supposed to have a good scrub every week! hehheh..... embarrassed eh?

It was good after that scrub. My skin felt so smooth & clean! The ajuma didn't scrubbed very hard, it was very enjoyable actually. She washed my face with a seaweed cleanser & specially put on a yoghurt mask for me. She told me to rest in the Steam Room. I was so pleased I wanted to hug her but she was taken aback & started screaming. hahaha....

We spent more than 3 hours at the Spa. I had forgotten to bring my shampoo & bath lotion, I had to buy. Each 20ml of shampoo or bath lotion for 500 won!

Jing Jing went down to the ground level to try the 'Fishy Treament'. There is this pool of fish where you put in your legs & let the fish eat away your dead skin. Jing Jing said it was ticklish.

We had dinner at the restaurant in Spa Valley. It was Pork Hot Pot - again! The little boy celebrated his 10th birthday by cutting the cake that Xiao Lian bought. He gave each member a slice. I had to skip that as I am having a terrible sore throat now.....

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  1. thanks for writing this post! i'm slated to go to this spa valley in april on a tour package and it sounds fun!