Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Remy Ong, Go! Go! Go! 加油!

Passports won't buy gold medals

I'm not surprised that almost all of the gold medals are likely to come from athletes born in Singapore. Singapore-born athletes love their country & would do their very best to bring honour to it. Expecting paid foreign athletes to do this for us is just fat hope. Officials are giving excuses & talking cock for their non-performance.

"These athletes often end up second-best to their former compatriots.... and if they were the best they would have been in those national teams." Why pay good money for second best then? Why take other countries' discards? Why can't we spend the money on developing our own people? Our people have the passion and are more determined to bring glory & honour to Singapore. To the Singapore Sports officials, you are not spending your ah kong's money, it is the people's money. And when taxpayers' money are not spent for the right causes, we people kena GST hikes, on excuses of helping the needy.

Singaporean bowler Remy Ong won a gold medal at the last Asian Games at Busan in 2002. The other 4 gold medals came from bowlers Sam Goh and Lee Yu Wen, and bodybuilders Abdul Halim Haron and Simon Chua. All are Singaporeans.

Heavily-funded sports, badminton & table-tennis are getting a total of S$5.5 million dollars a year but the officials don't expect any medals. So it is very natural for the foreign paid athletes to not perform, so why should they try hard? They still love their own countries at heart. They expect to return to their own countries when they can't contribute to Singapore. So you think they would do anything silly to jeopardise that?

What Singapore-born athletes lack is a chance to prove themselves. Singaporeans have the right to represent their country, but their rightful places are given to foreign athletes who really don't care a shit what they are supposed to do.

Remy Ong, I'm cheering for you! 加油!加油!加油!


  1. Hi Eastcoast Lady,
    I knocked on your door but didn't hear any response! Great blog you have here and I'm joining you to wish ur country's athletes sweet wins. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Best wishes!

  2. Hello Oily Sam my friend!
    Oops, kinda busy lately, sorry.
    Thanks for dropping by. And a big thank you for your kind wishes.