Friday, November 17, 2006

Kim's Cuisine

After his work, my younger brother brought his elder daughter Jas to our shop for NeuroVision Powervision Training Program. Later he and my family went for dinner. As some road were closed due to US President Bush's visit to Singapore & also we couldn't fit into one car, I suggested we dined at a restaurant nearby. We walked to Beach Road where there were some Chongqing steamboat eateries.

The 4 steamboat eateries were so packed with diners. There were many people standing at the side waiting. The kids were hungry so we decided to eat at a Chinese restaurant.

I remembered Kim's Cuisine. It served a good set meal the last time I was there. So all of us walked to Kim's. There weren't many diners, so we got a table inside the restaurant, away from the smokers.

I did the ordering. All except Jaymes wanted to eat crab. And we skipped the seafood, much to Jaymes' disappointment because of the high cholesterol. I ordered Braised Pork Chops (S$10), Thai Sauce Chicken (S$12), Kim's Special Tofu (S$6), Fried Sambal Sweet Potato Leaves (S$8) and 4 plates of the very famous Kim's Hokkien Prawn Noodles (S$4 each)!The kids enjoyed eating the Braised Pork Chops. It tasted sweet and sour. The Thai sauce for the deep fried chicken was not very spicy and it was very appetising. Jas kept spooning it over her rice!

The homemade Special Tofu was wonderful. The sauce for the tofu was flavourful too. A healthy dish which the adults enjoyed. There's another version with Thai Chilli sauce.

The fried sambal sweet potato leaves was Chris', my brother's and my favourite. My brother and I remembered that when we lived with our grandmother, she would frequently asked us to go down to the vegetable plots to pick the sweet potato leaves. We hated doing it and would always get into fights over who should go. And at the dining table, we would fight again over the dish. Kids!

No gift for guessing the winner. I would always be the one in tears because my brother really hit hard. Plus I would get scolded by my grandmother because he was her favourite grandson.

The best dish came last. We were thinking of cancelling the fried noodle because we were so full after the dishes. But since this is their famous dish, we decided to eat a little and maybe packed the rest back.

Once we tasted the noodle, there was no way we could stop! Chris and I shared a plate of it. My brother and Jaymes ate a plate of noodles each. Jas managed to clean off half a plate of it by herself. Gosh, it was so delicious that we almost swallowed our tongues along with the noodles. There were bits of crunchy deep fried pork lard at the side. Cholesterol was the last thing on our minds then! The sambal chilli that came with the noodle was heavenly!

We could barely walk after that. It was a great meal.

Kim's Cuisine
101 Beach Road #01-01 Kimetal Building Tel : 6336-1721


  1. The Hokkien noodles.. look like those i had when i was a kid.. ;)

  2. Looks delicious. I will try to make one of this and will give a feed back to u:-)

  3. Hi mamabok!
    Missed the noodles? The food we had when we were kids are more sinful.

    Hello lfc fan!
    Thanks for visiting. Chris is thrilled to discover your blog.

    Should you want the recipe for this fried Hokkien Prawn Noodle, I have it.