Monday, September 25, 2006

Punggol Town

After visiting my in-laws in the morning, I decided to go to Punggol Beach. I'm planning an overnight fishing camp for the boys after their exams. Chris has talked about bringing Jaymes for fishing & there has been no action on his part. This time I'm making sure he does what he says.

It's been more than a decade since I last visited Punggol. It has transformed from a quiet. sleepy countryside to a vibrant young town with beautifully-designed government-subsidised apartments, schools, malls ........ It has the MRT line running through the town too.

It was so comfortable on the eyes, seeing all this greenery along the road as we drove towards the beach.

Bus number 82 goes to Punggol Beach.
It was a very hot day. There were many guys fishing under the hot sun at the beach. Punggol Beach is so beautiful & serene. The sand is so white.

Jaymes grumbled when I wanted to venture further down the stretch of beach to look for some good spots to take some shots. He was feeling hot & thirsty.

Lorentz was perspiring profusely but he gamely accompanied me, and held my umbrella up to shade me. Chris was also captivated by the beautiful scenery before him. Although on his mind, he was worried about the afternoon's tea session which he was organising for the residents of Amber NC to meet our MP, he dared not show it in case it incurs my wrath. You see, in my house, I'm the ruling party.

I found some interesting rocks. I made the guys pose for pictures. It was tough because they couldn't understand what I want. They refused to strip too. But we had a hilarious time taking the shots.

Here are some of my shots.

We had a quick lunch before Chris sent me to Orchard Road for my photography workshop.

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