Friday, September 22, 2006

Little Thailand - Golden Mile Complex

I went for a spa treatment this morning. Had a massage & a mud detox. Sharon scrubbed my body with sea salt & then slathered me with seaweed(?) mud. Then I was all wrapped up & steamed for half an hour!

My skin feels squeaky clean & smooth after that. Plus I lost 1 kg! wheeee!

After nearly 3 hours of body pampering, I got hungry. I walked across to Golden Mile Complex, which is also called Little Thailand.

There are many Thai eateries, shops selling all sorts of Thai products, Thai barbers....etc.

You can buy coach tickets to most states in Malaysia or to towns in the south of Thailand.

And a very big Thai Supermarket! It sells not only foodstuff & products from Thailand but it carries products from Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia also! I like its wide selections of sauces, cooking ingredients, condiments.

I called Weng, who's working in one of the office upstairs, to come down for lunch. He suggested Diandin Leluk Thai restaurant. I left it to him to order the dishes but not before requesting for Thai Chicken Feet Salad (S$6).

Sour & spicy Thai Chicken Feet, this is one of my favourite Thai salads!

He ordered Sambal Kangkong (S$6),

Braised Prawns in Dry Curry sauce (S$12) and

Yaks! Doesn't taste like the ones I ate in Bangkok!

Clear Tom Yam soup (S$7).

This soup is a killer! The soup looks clear but it's so spicy!

Eateries that have their TVs on, attracted mini crowds of Thais whenever news of the Thai Coup was on. They were very concerned for their country.

The restaurant also sells a wide selection of Thai desserts. I bought Thai Crispy Pancakes (Khanom Buang) for Chris.

Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant 5001 Beach Road #01-67/68 Golden Mile Complex

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  1. hi
    im a student doing a project on golden mile complex.

    may i know when you visited golden mile complex, is there any specific smell which u dislikes?

    if there is, do you know what is it that causes the smell? if it's the spices, do you know what exactly is the spices?