Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Bangkok - Day 3

After breakfast we went to Erawan Shrine to bid Buddha farewell.

We then went to Big C Supermarket to buy some made-in-Thailand toiletries & food. I bought Thai Instant noodles. I love the spicy Tom Yum Thai soup noodles. We bought lots of Thai Tea Mix.

We had lunch at Hachiban Ratchadumri, a ramen eatery. I ordered a plate of braised duck meat, 2 plates of Gyoza & Miso ramen.

It was a quick meal as we were going back to the hotel to pack before going to the airport.

The cab to the airport cost 200 baht, we didn't take the toll. Tourists are usually fleeced by cab drivers. Even when a deal is struck, they would make you pay more for the ride. I hate the Thai cab drivers. When I travel by myself or with Jaymes, I usually book a hotel where the airport bus passes by. I hate bargaining & being ripped off.

Our flight was at 2.25pm. It arrived in Singapore half an hour earlier!

Photos from the plane.

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